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  • Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales, Oh crap it\\\'s time for Dragon Tales, Come along and shoot my hand and we will die in Dragonland.

    I'm sorry but this show is absolutely the worst show I have ever seen or had the disappointment of seeing at a young age, the show is about some 2 little asian kids who find a magical book and fly to Dragonland.... Excuse me? Dragonland? Oh yeah writers very creative, could've called it something more creative but no Dragonland is alright.... NOT.

    a DRAGON is a vicious creature that lived in the Medievil times and Ancient China and ate people alive and breathed fire out and burned people alive, not become friends with 2 asian kids and teach them the freakin' alphabet.

    If you mysteriously happen to find a dragon (not like anyone would) and you asked them if they could take them to Dragonland, you would be burned alive, eat layer by layer of skin and devoured by the menacing creature and be digested in his stomach until some JACKASS comes with a sword screaming "FOR CAMELOT!" and kill the beast, but you would still be dead.

    And if I happened to find a book that would take me to Dragonland I would give it to Dick Cheney for Target Pratice next time he goes hunting so he doesn't have to shoot another person.

    Seriously, whoever created this show is absolutely the stupidest person on earth, And the person who made the theme song, what the hell were you thinking! Honestly that's got to be the worst theme song I have ever heard, everytime that damn song gets stuck on my head, I turn on some Metallica and Slipknot music and let the sounds of Heavy Metal guitars and Screaming get rid of it.

    This show is just..... a disgrace. PBS is a brain-dead channel that nobody watches. And I hope that they will finally come to their senses and figure out that... "Wow! Our shows do suck!".

    I made a point, and I hope all Dragons come and eat you alive.

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