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  • It Needs Fine Tuning.....

    Dragon Tales is about this dragon who wanted to play with human friends, so she took some of her scales and hid them in several locations, and whoever finds them can come to DragonLand...

    This is a good idea, but why are Max & Emmy the only kids that we see there?? ( Unless they changed this recently ) If there is more than one scale, then there should be more kids, and also, it seems like there aren't many Dragons...
    What happened to that Dragon, and those other kids??

    Max, Emmy, and especially Max, can be very annoying sometimes. They have the same expression alot. Zac & Wheezie have an entire family that have two heads. And the strange thing is that this can easily be corrected without harming them or anything. All they have to do is rub two rocks together, and they can seperate easily. And they want to be stuck together. Who would want to do that?!

    I don't know if anybody has noticed this, but some episodes they all sound completely different. And in some episodes the music is very dramatic.... And also some episodes are better than others... They make the Dragon Scale glow differently sometimes, and then those flying dragons on the wallpaper are shown differently sometimes... And it is nice whenever they have more dragons in some of the episodes. And several of the places in Dragon Land seem very interesting.