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  • Seriously, this show is under-appreciated. This was one of the few good shows that you'd see on PBS these days.

    Dragon Tales shows Max, Emmy (and Enrique in Season 3) as they interact with their dragon friends that they met through the help of a magical dragon scale.

    For those of you who haven't seen this show, don't let this draw you away from the show, because it actually is better than it sounds.

    Max, Emmy, or one of the dragons will often learn a life lesson in one of the episodes.

    In addition to that, this show also has a good share of humor. Wheezie, one of the dragons, often supplies the humor of which I speak. My Way or Snow Way is a perfect example of an episode that supports my statement.

    Dragon Tales also includes a segment in the show called "Dragon Tunes" where a song is always played. Some of those include "The World Goes Round and Round," "Stretch," and "Hum."

    Also, the background music in the show is lively and even enjoyable. If you're forced to watch a bad episode (the show drops in quality, IMO, in mid 2nd Season), paying more attention to that music often helps.

    Final Show Grade: A