Dragon Tales

PBS (ended 2005)





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  • Think of this as the dragon version of Barney


    As if a dinosaur couldn't have turned into an idiot,PBS Kids decided to make dragons into idiots. This show is about 2 kids named Max and Emmy,who find some type of crystal,which transports them into some type of world with dragons. Oh,and the dragons are nice. Are you kidding me? Nice dragons?! If the giant dragon from How to Train your Dragon was in here,he would roast all of the characters. My first issue of this show is,of course,the characters. There is not one likable character at all. Max is annoying,Emmy is just like Max and constantly says "Defenitly". Cassie and Ord are just annoying,and Wheezie and Zak are just jerks who constantly fight all the time. The animation is OK,but not good either. This show is also led by musical numbers,which are terrible. The voice acting is just worse. Emmy never shuts up about saying "defentitly",Cassie sounds like a whiny 5-year old girl,and Org sounds like a drunk man. Overall,this show is horrible,and should be avoided at all costs.