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  • Cute and under appreciated

    I'm an adult but I can admit I've watched every episode on Netflix. (I'm paying for it so I figure I should get my moneys worth LOL)

    Anyway I like it because of the lessons in every episode. Every episode has the two children in it and 1 or all the dragons in it. I always liked in the short fifteen minute episode the friends go an adventure and manage to get into trouble. But they always find a way out by solving it together. I like how in some episode the dragons badges glow when they accomplished a challenge. It just shows growing up is never easy but you can't give up. Like Quetzel said in the school episode 'When you're stuck don't give up try something new' that was one my favorites because it was cute that a 6 yr old and 4 yr old were pretty smart to breathe fire and fly human style.

    I don't get why people are bashing it because the dinosaurs are kind. Hello? I'm pretty sure Barney is a T-Rex and that dino would probably ate the kids. I mean look at the land before time movies those sharp tooth dino's look like Barney's ancestors and were pretty evil.

    I say you should watch and appreciate the adorableness of the show. Its cute because it shows you that friends come in all different shapes and sizes and true friends accept and love you for who you are and will always help out when the need arises.