Dragon Tales

Season 2 Episode 22

Room For Change / The Sorrow and the Party

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 24, 2002 on PBS
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Room For Change / The Sorrow and the Party
"Room For Change"
Emmy and Max are playing with toy cars and trucks. Emmy's car breaks down, so Max offers the services of his tow truck. Then, the dragon scale glows, they're being called to Dragon Land. In Dragon Land, they materialize outside Cassie's cave. Ord comes for them, they need to come in because something bad is happening to Cassie. Inside, Cassie tells them the bad news. Her family is about to hatch a couple more eggs and she has to move out of her current room and into a new bigger room, so that the babies can have her current room. Cassie doesn't want to move. She likes her current room. Everybody agrees to help out. They go to check out her new room. It's large and dark. Well, it's dark at first, but that's before they open the blinds and turn on the friendly looking light. Cassie's still worried about it and then they realize that it would look a lot more familiar if all of her stuff was in there. They bring in her bed, her stuffed animals, her books and everything else that she's used to and she admits that it's not quite so bad anymore. She still misses her old room, but is getting comfortable enough with the new room to try and find a place for some of her last remaining books in the new room. Doing this, she finds a door, which, upon opening, she finds leads to a secret room. She decides to make this into a special place to read to her younger brothers and sisters and starts to read "Little Red Riding Hood" to Kiki and Finn. Ord, however, keeps interrupting, talking about what it's like to go to his grandmother's and so Cassie decides to let Ord talk about that instead, since Kiki and Finn have heard "Little Red Riding Hood" a thousand times. Max and Emmy go home, where Max starts searching around. He's searching around for secret rooms, which Emmy thinks is silly, until Max calls out, apparently having discovered something in the living room.

"The Sorrow and the Party"
Emmy is making things out of clay and having a good time. Max, not so much so. He's moping at the playroom window. He says that Emmy's clay creation reminds him of cake. Emmy realizes why Max is upset, he wasn't invited to his friend Brian's birthday party. Emmy tries to cheer up, she offers him a trip to Dragon Land. Max is hesitant at first, but Emmy is very persuasive and manages to convince him to come along. At Dragon Land, the dragons are planning a nature hunt. They're surprised this doesn't excite Max much; Emmy explains that he's upset about not being invited to the birthday party. Quetzal "overhears" and suggests that though it's okay to feel sad, the nature hunt might help to take Max's mind off his sadness. He presents the Max, Emmy and the dragons with three things they have to find - a bow blossom, a rainbow rock and a hopping bean. Ord also has something in mind that he wants to find - dragonberry bushes. They take off on the hunt. Max tries to get into, but everything reminds him of the party. The bow blossom reminds him of the bows on presents. Cassie tries to comfort him, relating a story about a time she felt left out, but it only makes Max feel worse, especially when she talks about singing and he realizes that they're probably singing "Happy Birthday" at the party. Still, as the hunt goes on, Max does start to cheer up, as he finds a rainbow rock (which Ord was sitting on) and then has fun hopping like a hopping bean while trying to catch it. Back at the School in the Sky, Quetzal notes that there's no magical cure for sadness, but Max agrees with him that it starts to fade as time goes on. Back in the playroom, Emmy crumples up her clay cake. Max says that she didn't have too, he's not upset about the party anymore. But that isn't on what Emmy's mind. She wants to make a bow blossom, a rainbow rock and a hopping bean so that she and Max can have their very own nature hunt.moreless

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