Dragon Tales - Season 2

PBS (ended 2005)




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  • Let's Start a Band
    Let's Start a Band
    Episode 25
    "Let's Start a Band"

    Nina, the babysitter, introduces herself and says that sometimes she thinks morning comes too soon. However, she says that the sooner she gets up, the sooner she can see some special friends, who really know how to get up with some pep in their step.

    Musical #1: "Wake and Say Good Morning"

    Nina says that there's nothing better than singing dragons to get your energy going. She promises lots of surprises and introduces the viewers to Sam and Jennifer, two young kids who just moved to the neighborhood. Sam and Jennifer are just sitting around. They say that they're bored and there's nothing to do. Nina asks Jennifer if they watch Dragon Tales and Jennifer says that they do. Everybody does. Nina says that she knows what the dragons would tell them to do if they're bored:

    Musical #2: "Doodli-Do"

    After the musical, we see the Sam and Jennifer were trying to dance along with the song. However, Jennifer trips and jokes that she "tripped like a tripping bear." Looking for more things to do, Nina sees some other kids that she babysits. She suggests they go play with them. When Jennifer suggests that maybe they just "Doodli-Do" again, Nina asks if she's shy. Jennifer admits that she is and Nina says that she knows a certain dragon who would feel the same way:

    Musical #3: "Cassie"

    Nina says that even though Cassie's shy, she knows that Cassie would work up the courage to go over and meet the kids. She says that what to say is the easiest thing.

    Musical #4: "The Hello Song"

    So they introduce themselves. Sam and Jennifer meet Tiffany, Marcus, Blake and Brittney. At first they're not sure what to play. A number of games are suggested: hide-and-seek, hopscotch, kickball, freeze-tag and bike-racing. Then, there's one suggestion that everyone likes: "Be a Dragon." Nina comments that if you live in their neighborhood, you've got to be into dragon games.

    Musical #5: "Be a Dragon"

    Musical #6: "Shake Your Dragon Tail"

    During this Dragon Tune, the animated segments cut to scenes of the kids dancing along with the music. After the song ends, they decide that it would be a good idea to start a band. Marcus, however, complains that they don't know the first thing about music. Nina says that maybe they actually do know the first thing about music and has them clap their hands and stomp their feet.

    Musical #7: "Clap" (a.k.a. "One-Kid Band")

    Nina announces that it's time for one of her surprises. She introduces Dan Zanes, who she says is "a real professional singer and musician." Dan Zanes performs his song "All Around the Kitchen," which is available on the CD "Family Dance." The kids join in and sing along. Dan Zanes explains that he say that people playing music together were having the most fun and he wanted to do that too. He has Tiffany play the banjo, while he joins in on the harmonica. He says that he bets you can do anything music if you try.

    Musical #8: "Betcha Can"

    Musical #9: "Try"

    Nina takes the kids to the park, where she has another surprise: a musicain named Harry. She says that she's seen him at the park before, so she made sure they "accidentally ran into" him on purpose. Harry plays the drums and cymbals and has the kids give it a try. When Marcus suggests that it probably wouldn't be possible for any of them to have a giant drumset in their homes, Harry shows them that they don't just have to play drums. He has them make music by beating on garbage can lids, tree branches, fences and more.

    Musical #10: "The Wiggle Song"

    Harry leaves, saying that they have some great drummers. A deliveryman comes, with a uniform that has a Dragon Tales logo. He gives the group a package from Zak and Wheezie and has Nina sign for it. They open it and find that it's a seemingly never-ending trove of musical instruments. They all grab one and play a nice instrumental piece with piano accompaniment. Another group of kids hears them playing and asks if they can dance while they play.

    Musical #11: "Dance"

    Musical #12: "The Ord Shuffle"

    Jennifer complains that has trouble remembering the words to songs. Then, Erkyah Badu appears with her son, Seven. She's scatting. (Singing, but just using random nonsense words.) Nina introduces her as "a singer and actrees and one of my all-time favorites." Erykah suggests that Jennifer just sing a silly song. Instead of singing words, just try singing sounds that make you feel good and smile. She scats again and the kids join in and love it.

    Musical #13: "Silly Song"

    Erkyah says she can think of another great way to use their voices without singing any words.

    Musical #14: "Hum"

    Erkyah says that it's been great and leaves. The group is one big band now and Nina comments that music sure has a way of bringing people together. Then, Max, Emmy and the dragons are animated into the special. The kids pair off with their favorite dragons, including Jennifer with Cassie. The dragons don't actually speak, but they help with playing instruments as they all play "Count on a Friend."

    Musical #15: "Count on a Friend"

    Nina thanks the viewers and says to remember that music makes the world go round.

    Musical #16: "Round & Round"

    After the "Round & Round" song, the kids all say "Loooove it!" as a dedication appears in white lettering on a black background:

    In Loving Memory Of
    Nina Elias-Bamberger

    This is immediately followed by the credits, with the instrumental piece playing the background and then sponsorship messages.moreless
  • Puzzlewood / Let's Dance

    Max and Emmy are at home working on a cow puzzle in their playroom. Max is having a hard time finding a particular piece and wants to give up and play with something different. Emmy begins to encourage him to keep trying, but then the dragon scale glows, calling them to Dragon Land. They drop the cow puzzle without further comment and head off. In Dragon Land, they find themselves in a forest called Puzzlewood. It turns out that it's the dragons' first time playing there, but they got lost and now they don't know how to get out. They can't fly because there's large branches blocking the way. It's suggested that they see if they can find anybody who lives in the forest who they might be able to ask how to get out. They find a dragon fairy and ask her. She explains that there are three doors and they have to solve the doors' puzzles. She leads them in the direction of the first door. The first door has the face and voice of an old lady and she asks them to find a flower that has five petals and three leaves. They go flower-hunting, at first bringing back a flower that has five petals and five leaves and one with three petals and three leaves. Neither of these were what the door asked for, so this time they try to remember that there's a three and a five. They find the flower and use it (a Rosy Posy) to successfully open the door. They soon come upon the second door, who's a guy with a glasses. He wants them to find his favorite rock, which has two green stripes and green spots. Once again, they at first bring him rocks that don't match his description. Then Cassie draws a picture of the rock in question and by using the picture, they're able to find a rock that matches. They head for the third door with a old guy, but with a funny voice. He has a favorite mask and directs them to Ms. Tree, a tree on which masks grow. She has a picture of his favorite mask. She shows it to them and they search and finally find one that they believe matches. They take it back to the door, but it's not his favorite mask. Max realizes what the problem is, although they found one with triangle eyes and everything else that matches, the triangle eyes are upside-down of the way they should be. They pick one that matches (a happy sappy mask) and unlock the final door. Max and Emmy return home, where they try again on the cow puzzle. This time, Max takes a careful look at the and shape of a puzzle piece and manages to find the correct space for it.

    "Let's Dance"
    Max and Emmy's Mom is baking cookies. Max and Emmy love cookies, but they know they have to wait until they're finished baking before they can eat them. They decide to do something fun to pass the time - head for Dragon Land. There, the dragons are playing with peekaboo flowers - flowers that will play peekaboo with you. Wheezie scares them with her loudness, but Cassie manages to get them to play by being quiet. The dragons invite Max and Emmy to play, but then in the flower patch they see one of the peekaboo flowers walking. Ord didn't know they could walk. It turns out that this peekaboo flower is attached to the hat of Greta the Gremlin. She's carrying three magic boxes and explains that they each contain a surprise inside. She offers to show them to Max, Emmy and the dragons, but then a strong wind gust blows her wait away. Everyone goes chasing after it, except for Zak and Wheezie, who Greta asks to hold the boxes. She heads off after her hat, leaving Zak and Wheezie there by themselves. Wheezie's fascinated by the boxes and is soon after them, trying to open them. She nearly gets into one, but Zak pulls them away from her and then suggests a game to pass the time - making up a story. This works for a while, but then Wheezie incorporates the boxes into her story and grabs for the first box sooner than Zak can stop her. She opens it. It's a music box and it causes her and Zak to start dancing. Wheezie enjoys this at first, but Zak doesn't. They soon realize that as long as the music is going, they can't stop dancing. They try to close the music box, but it's stuck open. They head for the School in the Sky to get Quetzal's help, but he's inside, on the second floor and thinks that they're just waving to him. Finally, the music slows down and stops and they're able to close the box. Pretty soon, however, Wheezie wants to find out what's inside the other boxes. Zak hides them out of her site and they play a game of Juggle Ball to pass the time. Then Wheezie loses her balance and falls upon the boxes. She's thinking about then again and pretty soon out comes the second surprise. It's a "tickle twinkle," an animated spiky-sphere of bright pink light. It moves all up and down Zak and Wheezie, tickling them like crazy, until Wheezie manages to use her quick reflexes to trap it back in the box. The gang arrives, having found Greta's hat. Wheezie is forced to admit that she peeked at two of the surprises. Greta returns and she's upset at Wheezie for opening the boxes without her permission. However, Wheezie has yet to open the third box. Greta lets the entire gang pull a streamer out of it. She then says the magic words "gribbity gree" and everyone pulls on their streamer, producing a maypole that twirls everyone around in the air. Wheezie's glad she waited to open the third box, otherwise they wouldn't have known the magic words. Back in the playroom, Max and Emmy are still waiting on the cookies. They're probably done by now, but they're still too hot to eat. They decide to make surprise boxes like Greta's and they wonder what they'll put in them. Mom calls them into the kitchen and they realize the answer - cookies.

  • The Grudge Won't Budge / Putting The Fun In Fun Houses
    "The Grudge Won't Budge"
    Max is looking for some cold fun. However, there's none to be had outside the playroom. That's not a problem, the dragons are all going to Dragon Ice Park, so Emmy and Max go to Dragon Land to join in the fun. There, they find that Zak is upset with Wheezie. It seems that she was being careless and ended up breaking his prized snoot flute. Emmy doesn't understand why Zak's still upset with Wheezie. Didn't Wheezie apologize? She did, but Zak's still angry. She never should have been messing with it in the first place. Zak doesn't seem to be in the mood to forgive Wheezie, so the matter is dropped for the time being and everybody heads to the Ice Park. On the way there, Zak and Wheezie have some trouble with their flight. Wheezie thinks Zak's playing some sort of game, but Zak denies doing anything. Everybody else arrives ahead of Zak and Wheezie at the Ice Park, where they see an odd and disturbing sight: the frozen form of Quetzal. They're worried that something bad happened to Quetzal, but then he steps out from behind. The ice block isn't Quetzal after all, it's just a sculpture. Quetzal calls it "Self-Portrait." Well, he did, until Wheezie and Zak come crashing into it, causing it to fracture and then crumble. They still don't know what the problem is, but Quetzal does. He sees that Zak is holding a Grudge. The Grudge comes out from hiding behind his head. Quetzal tells him that the only way he can get rid of it is to talk things out. The Grudge blows Quetzal off, he wants to know who Zak is going to listen to: Quetzal, or his own feelings? Quetzal goes off, saying that he hopes Zak decides to get rid of the grudge soon and noting that he'll have to work on a new sculpture: "Self-Portrait #2." Everybody decides to have a fun on the ice, but the Grudge continues to weigh Zak and Wheezie down, making it difficult for them to skate. (Although none of the dragons have any skates on.) The gang all tries to pull the Grudge off, but that doesn't work. It would seem that it's up to Zak to get rid of it. He tells it to go away, but inside, he's still mad at Wheezie, so that doesn't work. The gang remembers what Quetzal said, that Zak needs to "talk it out," although at first Ord thinks that Quetzal said "walk it out." Zak talks it out. At first, he just says he's angry, which only serves to make the Grudge even more excited. But Emmy gets him to keep talking. Zak says that he's also hurt. He feels that by breaking his snoot flute and being so careless, Wheezie showed that she doesn't care about his feelings. Wheezie speaks up. She does care about his feelings, in fact, if she didn't, she wouldn't have been trying to fix the snoot flute all day. She shows him her efforts. It's not really fixed, but it's obvious that Wheezie was trying and she did care. Zak finally forgives Wheezie and the Grudge falls away, griping that he thought that he had finally found a place to stick around for a while. With the Grudge gone, they're finally able to have fun.

    "Putting the Fun in Fun Houses"
    Max and Emmy are cleaning up the playroom. Well, Emmy is at least. Max seems to want to just play. Emmy complains that they're supposed to be cleaning, but then the dragon scale glows. The dragons are calling them, so Emmy decides that they can put off their cleaning till later. In Dragon Land, the dragons lead them to the amusement park. There's a new attraction, although they don't have any idea what it is. So they'll all be surprised when the get there. It turns out that the new attraction is a funhouse. Everybody picks partners and heads in. Cassie heads in, but then she finds that she's missing her partner. Ord doesn't want to go into the funhouse. He heard Emmy saying that it's dark in the funhouse and there are scary things and he doesn't want to go in. Everybody tries to help, using different strategies. Emmy figures that if they go in holding hands, it won't be so bad. Ord gets through one portion of it, some tickly streamer paper, but then runs out when he sees himself in a funhouse mirror. Ord figures that maybe if he covers his eyes, he won't be so scared. He tries again, but this time ends up running out when he gets to a part that simulates a thunderstorm. He wants to go in with his eyes closed and his ears covered, but Zak notes that if he does this, it's pretty much like he's not even going in and it wouldn't be any fun. Wheezie has an idea, what if everyone were to go in first before Ord, and then they could tell him exactly what happens, so he won't be so scared. They do this, but he's still too scared to make it all the way through. Ord comes up with his own idea, since he's too scared of this funhouse, they could build their own funhouse. That way, they'll know exactly what's in it. Zak and Wheezie volunteer their knuckerhole and the gang goes off to gather materials. Arlo the garbage dragon helps out, letting them have the pick of the dump to get what they need. They build the funhouse and Max accompanies Ord on trip through. There's squishy pillows, a blast of cold air, a slide and more. Ord loves this funhouse and he's not scared. He tries to return to the amusement park funhouse, but he's still too scared of that. So everybody returns to the funhouse they built, to go through it again. Back in the playroom, Max suggests that he and Emmy should build their own funhouse. Emmy agrees, just as long as they can clean it up before Mom can complain about it.moreless
  • Room For Change / The Sorrow and the Party
    "Room For Change"
    Emmy and Max are playing with toy cars and trucks. Emmy's car breaks down, so Max offers the services of his tow truck. Then, the dragon scale glows, they're being called to Dragon Land. In Dragon Land, they materialize outside Cassie's cave. Ord comes for them, they need to come in because something bad is happening to Cassie. Inside, Cassie tells them the bad news. Her family is about to hatch a couple more eggs and she has to move out of her current room and into a new bigger room, so that the babies can have her current room. Cassie doesn't want to move. She likes her current room. Everybody agrees to help out. They go to check out her new room. It's large and dark. Well, it's dark at first, but that's before they open the blinds and turn on the friendly looking light. Cassie's still worried about it and then they realize that it would look a lot more familiar if all of her stuff was in there. They bring in her bed, her stuffed animals, her books and everything else that she's used to and she admits that it's not quite so bad anymore. She still misses her old room, but is getting comfortable enough with the new room to try and find a place for some of her last remaining books in the new room. Doing this, she finds a door, which, upon opening, she finds leads to a secret room. She decides to make this into a special place to read to her younger brothers and sisters and starts to read "Little Red Riding Hood" to Kiki and Finn. Ord, however, keeps interrupting, talking about what it's like to go to his grandmother's and so Cassie decides to let Ord talk about that instead, since Kiki and Finn have heard "Little Red Riding Hood" a thousand times. Max and Emmy go home, where Max starts searching around. He's searching around for secret rooms, which Emmy thinks is silly, until Max calls out, apparently having discovered something in the living room.

    "The Sorrow and the Party"
    Emmy is making things out of clay and having a good time. Max, not so much so. He's moping at the playroom window. He says that Emmy's clay creation reminds him of cake. Emmy realizes why Max is upset, he wasn't invited to his friend Brian's birthday party. Emmy tries to cheer up, she offers him a trip to Dragon Land. Max is hesitant at first, but Emmy is very persuasive and manages to convince him to come along. At Dragon Land, the dragons are planning a nature hunt. They're surprised this doesn't excite Max much; Emmy explains that he's upset about not being invited to the birthday party. Quetzal "overhears" and suggests that though it's okay to feel sad, the nature hunt might help to take Max's mind off his sadness. He presents the Max, Emmy and the dragons with three things they have to find - a bow blossom, a rainbow rock and a hopping bean. Ord also has something in mind that he wants to find - dragonberry bushes. They take off on the hunt. Max tries to get into, but everything reminds him of the party. The bow blossom reminds him of the bows on presents. Cassie tries to comfort him, relating a story about a time she felt left out, but it only makes Max feel worse, especially when she talks about singing and he realizes that they're probably singing "Happy Birthday" at the party. Still, as the hunt goes on, Max does start to cheer up, as he finds a rainbow rock (which Ord was sitting on) and then has fun hopping like a hopping bean while trying to catch it. Back at the School in the Sky, Quetzal notes that there's no magical cure for sadness, but Max agrees with him that it starts to fade as time goes on. Back in the playroom, Emmy crumples up her clay cake. Max says that she didn't have too, he's not upset about the party anymore. But that isn't on what Emmy's mind. She wants to make a bow blossom, a rainbow rock and a hopping bean so that she and Max can have their very own nature hunt.moreless
  • Make No Mistake / The Balancing Act
    "Make No Mistake"
    Max has a clapping CD and he's playing it obsessively. He's playing it in anticipation of the applause he'll get after performing the lead role at the School in the Sky play. Emmy gets tired of it and turns it off. She says it's time to go to Dragon Land. They get there, where Quetzal is having them do a rehearsal for the play, entitled Paint Your Dragon. Max overhears Wheezie correcting a mistake Zak made in one of his lines and gets nervous. What if he makes a similar mistake? He'll be embarrassed in front of a whole, huge audience. Cassie tells him that it's okay to make a mistake during rehearsal, it's only practice for the real thing and it lets you know what you need to work on. Max, however, gets afraid and vows not to make any mistakes during rehearsal. He makes one anyway and freezes up. When it's time for the next act, Cassie finds him hiding backstage. And then, when it's time for the play, Max is nowhere to be found. The gang searches and searches and finally finds Max atop Mama Mia Portabello, a giant mushroom with an Italian accent. Max explains his fear of making a mistake. Everybody tries to help him. They say that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Ord says that he makes a lot of mistakes, sometimes they can even be funny. Mama Mia chimes in too - she has a cousin who's a famous movie star and he's always "makin' a mistakes." They manage to convince Max to give the play a chance. At the stage, Cassie points out a mistake to Quetzal. She notices that the mountains in the backdrop are red, aren't they supposed to be the Blue Rock Mountains? Quetzal says that Cassie is right, his mistake, so now they're the Red Rock Mountains! This has a big impact on Max --- Quetzal made a mistake. He goes ahead with the play and ends up making a mistake anyway. He's worried at first, but then Ord makes an even bigger and goofier mistake. Nobody notices and Max realizes that making mistakes isn't something to fear. Back home, Max turns back on his clapping CD. Emmy heads to the playroom window for a "Why me?" look.

    "The Balancing Act"
    Emmy has a brand new skateboard and she's ready to get skating! It's raining outside the playroom, though, so it doesn't look like she's going to be doing much skating. There's a solution to that, though - Dragon Land. Emmy and Max head there, skateboard in tow. There, Ord is impressed with Emmy's moves. He wants to try out the skateboard, but it's much too small for him. Quetzal to the rescue, he has some magic Gro-water which will make the skateboard bigger so that Ord can skate on it. When he's done, he can simply shrink back to Emmy's size with shrink water. Quetzal does this and Ord wants to start skating right away. He hops on, but he doesn't have any idea how to skate and sends Emmy's skateboard flying to parts unknown. It headed in the direction of the house of the gnome Mr. Dustfree, so that's where the gang heads first. Zak knows about Mr. Dustfree: he's the neatest gnome in all of Dragon Land. They reach Mr. Dustfree's. Apparently Emmy's skateboard did go through Mr. Dustfree's house (leaving quite an awful mess), but it's not there anymore. Emmy thanks Mr. Dustfree for his time and apologizes for the mess. She, Max and the dragons are just about to leave, when Mr. Dustfree invites them to stay for milk and dragonchip cookies. He presents them with his award-winning recipe, the perfect balance, five dragonchips one side and five on the other. He doesn't want them making a mess though, so they'll have to take the cookies outside, and no spilling anything. Ord doesn't think he can do it, he's not a very good balancer. Max gives him a tip, keep his eyes straight ahead and he'll be able to balance better. Ord keeps an eye on Max's cookies and manages to make it without spilling anything. After finishing the cookies, the hunt continues for the skateboard. The gang comes to a ravine that's lined with some itchy fuzzbushes. They're going to want to avoid those, as they'll be itchy all night if they fall into them. Ord's worried, he doesn't think he can make it across. But the gang has another tip- keep your arms straight out and it'll help you keep your balance. Ord does this and makes it across successfully. They've nearly reached Emmy's skateboard, but they have to go across a pond. There's some lillypads which they can use to skate across. Wheezie is especially keen on this, she pulls out her heart shaped sunglasses and hangs ten. Ord is worried again, but he uses the techniques previously taught, along with a new technique- try to keep your weight in the middle as opposed to too much on one side. Ord makes it, and they get Emmy's skateboard. Ord doesn't feel ready to try it again, but he's told that everything he's done today has been like practice for balancing on the skateboard. He tries it and finds that he's able to skate. Later on, Quetzal sprinkles the shrink water, returning Emmy's skateboard to normal size. She and Max return home, where Max is working on a block structure. It's about to fall over, but Emmy adds a block, giving it the balance it needs to stand firm.moreless
  • Just For Laughs / Give Zak a Hand
    "Just For Laughs"
    Cassie, Emmy and the dragons team to find eggs in a special Dragon Land "Custard Egg Hunt." They have fun searching for the eggs, but have their hands full watching Cassie's sisters Kiki and Finn.

    "Give Zak a Hand"
    The dragons, Max and Emmy are all invited to Spike's fiesta, now that he's not such a bully anymore. However, Zak injures his wrist and wants to go home.moreless
  • Sneezy Does It / Try It You'll Like It
    "Sneezy Does It"
    Max, Emmy and the dragons are out for some kite flying. Unfortunately, the wind in Dragon Land seems to have died down completely. It turns out the Big Whistling Wind has caught a cold, so the gang all helps him to feel better.

    "Try It You'll Like It"
    Everyone is excited about the new attractions at the Dragon Land amusement park, except for Zak. He's scared of the new foods and fast new rides. Our friends try to help him to see that trying new things can be fun.moreless
  • So Long Solo / Hands Together
    "So Long Solo"
    Zak and Wheezie are practicing for a talent show. Zak needs a Jugglebug for his act, but Wheezie's practice with her trumpet keeps scaring it away.

    "Hands Together"
    On Dragontines day, everyone celebrates with a special dance, but Ord can't seem to catch onto the moves.moreless
  • Hide and Can't Seek / The Art of Patience
    "Hide and Can't Seek"
    Ord is not good at hide-and-seek and find himself not enjoying the Doodle Fairys' game of it.

    "Art of Patience"
    On Quetzal's birthday, Max is eager to celebrate, but impatient at the waiting the accompanies the party preparations. He gets a lesson in patience when he ruins some clay sculptures after opening the oven before they had finished baking.moreless
  • On Thin Ice / The Shape of Things to Come
    "On Thin Ice"
    Everyone's invited to Willie the Snow Seal's birthday. It's like a typical birthday party, but one of the required activities is ice skating, which Zak and Wheezie have never done before. The gang gives them both pointers how to do it, until finally they're skating together with

    "The Shape of Things to Come"
    Zak has a new dragondisk that needs cleaning. The only place for it is the Crystal Fountain, but in order to use it, the dragons, Max and Emmy must first solve a puzzle involving shapes.moreless
  • Teasing is Not Pleasing / Team Work
    "Teasing is Not Pleasing"
    Emmy, Max and the dragons are playing Dragonbasketball game across the team from the School on the Lake. This team has a lot of bullies and they try to make star player Emmy lose her confidence by teasing her.

    "Team Work"
    Zak and Wheezie have a smelly problem --- they've been sprayed by a Stinkydink bug. They blame each other for it, but find that they're going to have to work together to solve the problem.moreless
  • Sticky Situations / Green Thumbs
    "Sticky Situations"
    Max is assigned to guard a fence holding some animals, but neglects in his duties, letting a baby pig out. Max decides to join the search for the pig and finds that it's a lot like him.

    "Green Thumbs"
    Max, Emmy and the dragons find a baby flower in need of help. They learn just the right things to care for her, before searching for her family.moreless
  • The Serpent's Trail / Head Over Heels
    "The Serpent's Trail"
    Max and Emmy have a brand-new detective kit and they're eager to show it the dragons. Once in Dragon Land, they find a real mystery --- Cyrus the serpent is swiping dragongull eggs. They have to use not only their kit but their wits as well to solve this mystery.

    "Head Over Heels"
    The gang is enlisted by Quetzal to help bring some soup to his ill brother Fernando. Unfortunately, they encounter a grumpy old troll and have to perform cartwheels to make him let this pass. This is a particular problem for Emmy, who is usually good at athletics, but has never done one before in her life.moreless
  • Back to the Storybook / Dragon Scouts
    "Back to the Storybook"
    Cassie's little sister and brother, Kiki and Finn, are getting tired of the same old stories. The gang decides to take them into Quetzal's Pop Up Book and there, they create their own stories using their imaginations. It's a lot of fun, but also a lot of work for the two little dragons.

    "Dragon Scouts"
    Emmy is invited to become part a dragon Girl Scout group called "Dragon Scouts," but worries that she doesn't fit in. Things only get worse when Cassie has to leave her for a while.moreless
  • I Believe In Me / Bye, Bye Baby Birdie
    "I Believe In Me"
    Cassie decides to try out for a school play. She's never been in one before and her shy nature threatens to keep her from even trying. Her friends help her to find the confidence she needs to try out for a role.

    "Bye, Bye Baby Birdie"
    Emmy finds a baby bird and grows attached it, but has a hard time letting go when it's separated from its family. Max and the dragons help to convince her that it's for the best.moreless
  • Dragonberry Drought / A Snowman For All Seasons
    "Dragonberry Drought"
    When the gang goes dragonberry-picking they find that there's not a dragonberry anywhere to be found. Which is, needless to say, weird, since this is time when the dragonberry bushes are supposed to be in full bloom. What happened to all the dragonberries?

    "A Snowman For All Seasons"
    A mysterious weather problem is placing Chilly the snowman and his dog Nippy in danger. Max, Emmy, Cassie, Zak and Wheezie try everything possible to keep them cool, before finally deciding to get to the source of the problem.moreless
  • Knuck Knuck, Who's Where? / Just Desserts
    "Knuck Knuck, Who's Where?"
    Emmy and Cassie find themselves lost in a dark series of underground tunnels after some pick-up-sticks from their game are inadvertently taken by the Giant of Nod. Will they manage to find their way out and get their sticks back?

    "Just Desserts"
    Max, Emmy and the dragons accidentally ruin a giant jiggly dessert that Mungus the giant made for his Mom. Together, they help him to create a new one.moreless
  • A Crown For Princess Kidoodle / Three's a Crowd

    "A Crown For Princess Kidoodle"
    Emmy and Max are dressed snappily. They're going to watch Princess Kidoodle be crowned queen of the doodle fairies. While practicing for the royal parade, they come across Sir Doodle, a worker for Princess Kidoodle. He can't carry the crown because the wind is too strong for him to fly. Cassie's reluctant to carry it because she might drop it. Everyone decides to help and they take Sir Doodle with them. They navigate a series of obstacles to get there.

    "Three's a Crowd"
    Emmy's eager to go to Dragon Land to pick crystals with Cassie. She and Max go to Dragon Land. The rest of them fly a kite and Emmy and Cassie go off to pick the crystals. Quetzal approaches and introduces them to Nicki, a visiting dragon. Nicki has plans other than picking crystals. She has a dragon disc (frisbee) and wants to play with it. Emmy's excited about playing, but Cassie's bent on crystal picking. Emmy starts having lots of fun with the new dragon and Cassie disappointingly walks off to kite-fly with the others. Cassie solves their kite problem, but is still unhappy. Emmy's still not paying attention to her. Can she speak up and get what she wants?

  • Cassie, the Green-Eyed Dragon / Something's Missing
    "Cassie The Green-Eyed Dragon"
    Emmy and Max go to Dragon Land, eager because Cassie said that she was bringing a surprise to the School in the Sky. It's her little brother, Finn! He's a small, light green dragon with a blue belly. When everyone starts laughing at Finn's antics, and begins ignoring Cassie, Cassie gets irritated with her little brother. And when he ruins her portion of the diorama after an ill-advised attempt at flight, she can't help but be angry, even though she knows that Finn didn't mean to. She put a lot of work into it! What to do about Finn?

    "Something's Missing"
    Emmy is going to sleep-away camp for a week. She says that even so, he can still have "lots of fun in Dragon Land." The dragons help Max out by doing some of the stuff Emmy's doing: going swimming, taking a nature hike, and sitting around a campfire. Nevertheless, Max is still upset. Emmy's missing all the fun. Then Max has a great idea--- photography!moreless
  • A New Friend / Have No Fear
    "A New Friend"
    The gang meets a new dragon, Lorca, who uses a wheelchair to get around. He shows them a treasure map, and they go off to look for the treasure, navigating a series of obstacles.

    "Have No Fear"
    It's time for Show and Tell at the School in the Sky. Emmy brings a pomegranate to show the class. That interests them for a short while, but then they become far more interested in Cassie's new pet butterfrog. When Ord starts avoiding the butterfrog, he's forced to admit that he's afraid of them. Then, when the butterfrog escapes, can Ord overcome his fears to help his friends search for the butterfrog?moreless
  • One Big Wish / Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
    "One Big Wish"
    Max is getting really tired of being little. So after a bad experience in a baseball game in Dragon Land, he wishes that he could be bigger. It works, and he does get bigger, and bigger, and bigger, until pretty soon, he's bigger than Mungus the Giant. At this point, he's ready to take his wish back. How can he get back to his normal

    "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do"
    Max and Ord work on a project together, but then find themselves at odds over who should take possession of it. Their friendship seems to be in jeopardy when they keep arguing and then when the project ends up in two pieces.moreless
  • Big Funky Cloud / Copy Cat
    #20401 "Big Funky Cloud" Max and Emmy are playing at home, when they receive a call from the dragons. They grab the dragon scale and head to Dragon Land, where they are told that something terrible has happened to Ord. It turns out that he's lost his favorite blanket down the "lost-forever hole." The blanket was very special to him and now he's sad, so sad that a black raincloud is continuously hovering over his head and raining on him. The dragons tell Max and Emmy that this type of big, funky cloud appears whenever a dragon is really sad about something. In order to get rid of the cloud, they have to find a way to make Ord feel some way other than sad. They first try surprising him, but it only succeeds in scaring him. Then they try putting on a parade to make him happy, but this ends up causing Ord to remember how he used to watch parades sitting on his blanket, which makes him sad again. What else can they do to keep Ord from feeling sad? #20402 "Copy Cat" Emmy is starting to get seriously annoyed with Max. He wants to do everything his way, but as far as she's concerned, it's not the right way. When they run out of craft sticks for the project they're working on, they go to Dragon Land in the hopes of getting more craft sticks. There, some kind of festival is going on. Max, Emmy, and the dragons sit down to have lunch and Max commences eating his burrito in a manner that Emmy doesn't feel is the "right way." Suddenly, a meowing sound is heard. A cat, which looks like it could be Nickelodeon's CatDog if it weren't for the fact that both of its heads are cat heads has appeared. Max begins to stroke him (the wrong way, in Emmy's opinion) and the cat licks him. He goes into a funny trance state and after snapping out of it, begins behaving like Emmy, using the word "definitely" and wanting to do things like she does. The gang figures Quetzal might be able to help them figure out what to do and so they visit him. He looks up the Copy Cat as they describe to him in his Big Storybook. He tells them that they need to find the Copy Cat so that they can get it to lick Max again. The only problem is that the Copy Cat is like a chameleon, capable of changing its colors to blend in with its surroundings. Can they find the Copy Cat and get Max back to normal and is there any way Max can help, now that he just wants to copy everything Emmy does?moreless
  • Finders Keepers / Remember the Pillow Fort

    "Finders Keepers"
    Max and Emmy are excited to get to Dragon Land as today is the big opening of the Dragon Land Aquarium. It's an exciting place, with food and rides and even a squirt fish, the only type of fish in Dragon Land that can walk on land. They arrive at Dragon Land and head for the aquarium, but not before getting Zak and Wheezie out of their knuckerhole, since they have the tickets to the aquarium. Or do they? When Wheezie gets there, she can't find the tickets. She asks the ticket-taker if they can get in anyway, since she really did have the tickets, she promises, but the ticket-taker is the same Poor Man's Rodney Dangerfield that was in the Season One episode "Roller Coaster Dragon" and he's not willing to let them in without tickets.

    "Remember the Pillow Fort"
    Max and Emmy have a box with various costume outfits and are using them to play dress up. Max dresses up as a king and asks Emmy if she'd be willing to be queen. Emmy, however, is more interested in dressing up as a doctor and ministering to her doll. They go to Dragon Land so that the dragons can join them in their activities. There, Cassie and Emmy jointly decide to play doctor together, while Max explains to Ord what being a king is about. Then Max has the idea of building forts, made out of pillows. When they each run out of their chosen color of pillow (which are picked from "pillow trees") they get into an argument over which color of pillow is better.

  • Cassie Catches Up / Very Berry
    "Cassie Catches Up"
    Cassie finds herself having a lack of confidence when she can't seem to win a prize at the Dragon Land fair

    "Very Berry"
    Ord faces his fear of the darkness once again when he's stuck in a dark cave. He and his friends all work together to get him un-stuck.moreless
  • Lucky Stone / The Mefirst Wizard
    "Lucky Stone"
    When Max gets to Dragon Land, he finds Ord's lucky stone. He doesn't realize what is however, and tries to use it as a skipping stone. It ends up getting lost and Ord gets upset, as "Fly Time" is coming up in Dragon Ed and he needs the lucky stone in order to do well with his flying tricks. The gang goes on an underwater expedition to hunt for it, but Ord is too large to fit on the submarine, so Max remains with him to help him search on the surface. There, Ord learns that luck isn't so important as believing in his own abilities.

    "The Mefirst Wizard"
    The dragons have built a new obstacle course, and everyone, including Max and Emmy, wants to try it out right away. This leads to the yelling of "Me first! Me first!" which causes an annoying, two-headed guy called the Mefirst Wizard to appear. He proceeds to start racing around the obstacle course, over and over, continually yelling "Me first! Me first!" and not giving anyone else a chance to get on. How are they going to get rid of him?moreless