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Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 11

Sky Pirates / Four Little Pigs

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Oct 04, 1999 on PBS
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Episode Summary

Sky Pirates / Four Little Pigs
"Sky Pirates"
Max and Emmy find a box of their Mom and Dad's old toys and decide they're quite boring. They figure that there are better toys in Dragon Land. When they get there, Wheezie's got a "Monster Mega Ball." She pulls something on it and it inflates to humongous So huge that it starts to bounce away. When they reach it, a flying pirate ship appears in the sky. Inside it, they find Captain Scaliwag. He's no pirate, but he has a buried treasure and can't find it anywhere. He lets Max, Emmy and our dragon friends be his crew and they sail with him to find his treasure, using a series of pictures he drew when he was young.

"Four Little Pigs"
Max, Emmy, and the dragons decide to put on a production of "The Three Little Pigs." Trouble arises when Zak & Wheezie announce that they want to play the wolf, and Emmy won't let them.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • In the "Wiggle Song" segment, when the dragons are flying around the Stickleback Mountains, Max is on Ord's back. But in the next frame two seconds later, Max is somehow riding a blue stock dragon, while Ord is sitting on the ground waving to him.

      • Zak and Wheezie's hats keep disappearing and reappearing when they're digging for Scaliwag's treasure under the schoolhouse.

      • The face on Scaliwag's drawing of Sid Sycamore changed direction the last time it was shown.

      • After Scaliwag tells the gang that he's not a pirate, the hook that he just placed on the doorframe disappears.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • (Max and Emmy are playing with their sock puppets)
        Max: (in pig voice from before) Who are you?
        Emmy: (in a frog voice) I'm the frog princess, and you must give me one kiss. (makes her puppet 'kiss' Max's puppet)
        Max: Aaaah! I'm poisoned!

      • Emmy: (gasps) What are you doing Max?!
        Max: Drawin' on a sock.
        Emmy: You're gonna be in big trouble!
        Max: Nuh-uh! Dad said I could do anything I wanted to his old, torn clothes. (to sock puppet) Didn't he?
        Max as sock puppet: (imitating Emmy) Definitely!

      • Zak: If we can't be the wolf...
        Wheezie: ...then we don't want to play with you anymore!

      • Wheezie: I can't wait to see what's inside!
        (Scaliwag opens chest)
        Wheezie: But where are all the glittering, golden, jewelry type things?
        Zak: Yeah. Those are just dusty, dirty, smelly old toys.
        Captain Scaliwag: Not just toys, my toys. I haven't played with these in years. (picks up toy train) Chug-a-chug-a-choo-choo!

      • Emmy: (to Quetzal) You know each other?
        Quetzal: Sí. Scaliwag had a magic dragon scale and he'd come to play with me after school.
        Scaliwag: I remember now. We buried my treasure, together!

      • Sid Sycamore: Hey, there! Back for another joke? Here's one. Why is a tree better than a watchdog?
        Everyone: Because it's got more bark!
        Sid Sycamore: Hey... hey, how'd you know that?
        Max: The captain told us.
        Captain Scaliwag: Aye, and a little tree told me.
        Emmy: Wait, this picture looks just like Sid when he was little.
        Captain Scaliwag: Little Sidney?
        Sid Sycamore: Scaliwag?
        Captain Scaliwag: It is you! Ah, Sidney, it's been so long!

      • Captain Scaliwag: He told me jokes, heh heh. Why is a tree better than a watchdog? Because he's got more bark!
        Zak: We know a tree who tells jokes.

      • Ord: If you're not a pirate, how come you have that hook?
        Captain Scaliwag: (removes hook from hand) Oh, that's for hangin' me hat.
        Zak: But how come you have that... (points) ...pegleg?
        Captain Scaliwag: Hey! Doh! Hee hee. I was wondering where I put my telescope.
        Max: If you're not a pirate, how come you have a spider tattoo?
        Captain Scaliwag: I don't have a tattoo... (looks down) Ah hah hah! Spider! Get it off!

      • Everyone: A pirate!!!
        Captain Scaliwag: A pirate? Where? He's not gettin' my treasure!

      • Max: Hi Sid! Bye Sid!
        Sid Sycamore: Hey, wow! You look like you're havin' a ball. Get it, heh, ball...

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