Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 6

Snow Dragons / The Fury Is Out On This One

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 20, 1999 on PBS
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Snow Dragons / The Fury Is Out On This One

"Snow Dragons"
Max and Emmy are dressed warmly, as Quetzal is taking them to Snowy Summit. Max wants to bring along a lot of toys, but Emmy explains that you don't need toys to have fun in the snow. When they get to Dragon Land, Quetzal enjoys a short reminisce about playing at Snowy Summit. Emmy wants to know where Cassie is and Quetzal explains that she's getting over a cold. Emmy stays behind to keep Cassie company and Quetzal takes Max and Ord to Snowy Summit. When Ord finds a log that looks like a sled, they forget Quetzal's advice to stay together. It's not long before they're lost. At first, they're not too worried, but when they can't find Quetzal (who's looking for them), they become more concerned. Can they work together to find Quetzal?

"The Fury is Out on This One"
When Max gets hot and bothered over the outcome of a game of Dragon Tag, he finds he has a new annoying partner --- a gremlin called a Fury who feeds off his angry. He eggs Max on until finally Emmy and the dragons convince Max that it was just a game and his anger doesn't serve any useful purpose.


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  • Max loses his temper and throws a purple pod-like object at a tree, releasing a Fury that was imprisoned inside it. It grows larger as Max gets angrier, until his friends go ask Quetzal what they can do to make the Fury go away.moreless

    An interesting personification of anger, that Fury. It is also interesting how the Fury was imprisoned in a pine cone-like thing. But, what doesn't make sense to me is, if the pinecone can be opened by throwing it and the force of it hitting something opens it, does that mean that the Fury can be released even when someone isn't angry? Or does the pinecone only open when the Fury inside senses anger closeby? Does the Fury have a maximum size, or does it keep growing ad infinitum? Of course, it depends on the person's anger, but still, does it keep growing or does it stop at a certain point even if the person is still angry? Well, I can't expect the writers of the show to explain the biology of the Fury in that much detail in a small children's show. Oh, well.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Max and Ord apologize to Quetzal for wandering off in "Snow Dragons", Max somehow says "Sorry Quetzal" without moving his mouth.

    • When Ord and Max are yelling for Quetzal a second time, the footprints that they had just made in the snow are gone, even though there was no snow falling to cover them up.

    • When Ord hugs the Burping Rock in "Snow Dragons," the rock grimaces and seems to have no teeth, but, after a couple seconds, his teeth reappear.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Max: I got you now!
      Ord: Uh-oh. (Max crashes into a dragonberry bush) Max, are you okay?!
      Max: (upset) It's not FAIR! I can't tag anyone!
      Emmy: Come on Max, it's just a game.
      Cassie: Don't get mad...
      Max: But I AM mad! How can I catch anyone?! I can't even fly! You're all too good! I hate Dragon Tag! (he throws a strange pod against a tree and it bursts open)
      Wheezie: (gasps) GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!!!

    • Ord: Whoa! This log looks like a....
      Max: Sled!
      Ord: But Quetzal said we should stay together....
      Max: We can catch up. Come on, Ord!
      Ord: (anticipated with excitement) This is gonna be great....!
      Max: Ready, set...WHOOSH!!! (in an instant, the log sled takes off into the snow with Max and Ord whooping in cheer) Snowabunga!
      Quetzal: Ord? Max? (no response) Ord? Max? (thinking they may have gotten lost in the snow and must be scared, Quetzal takes off into the sky to search for them) ORD! MAX! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!

    • Max: What happened?!
      Ord: (apparently he crashed down into the snow) My wings are frozen. And you know what? My toes are frozen, and my nose is frozen, too! If my wings are frozen, I can't fly. And if I can't fly, we'll never get to Quetzal! Never ever!
      Max: (fearing that they may never find the snow dragon or Quetzal, and wanting to just go home and forget the whole thing) Ord, I miss my Mommy and Daddy.
      Ord: (bursts into tears) I MISS MY MOMMY AND DADDY TOO! (sobbing)

    • Quetzal: Last one on the dragon's back is a rotten egg!

    • Max: My mommy and daddy told me if I ever get lost, I have to stay calm.
      Ord: But how?
      Max: They taught me a song. (to the tune of 'Mary Had a Little Lamb') When you're scared that you are lost, sing a song, sing a song. When you're scared that you are lost, sing a silly song.

    • Burping Rock: Glad I could... (burps) Oh, excuse me.

    • Max: You burped.
      Burping Rock: Can't help it. I've had too much... natural gas. (burps)

    • Max: Breakfast was so long ago, I can't even remember it.

    • Fury: Oh! Look who's here. Still mad, I hope?
      Max: Leave me alone!
      Fury: I love it when you stay mad! grows and laughs evilly)
      Ord: Whoa! He's bigger than me!
      Zak: Run for your lives! (tries to run, but is easily held back by Wheezie)

    • Emmy: I can't wait until Cassie's better so we can go on the Snow Dragon.
      Max: Cool. When you go, you have to meet a new friend of mine. He's a rock.
      Emmy: A talking rock? What does he say?
      Max: (belches)
      Emmy: (laughs) Well, excuse you!

    • Max: It's been at least a gazillion years since you were little.
      Quetzal: Heh heh. Well, hundreds anyway...

  • NOTES (6)