Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 4

Tails You Lose / Calling Dr. Zak

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 09, 1999 on PBS
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Tails You Lose / Calling Dr. Zak
"Tails You Lose"
Max is trying to amuse Emmy with an imitation of Ord, but she's not interested. She's upset because she lost a soccer game. She declares that she's never playing again. She goes with Max to Dragon Land and finds that Zak and Wheezie are conducting a game called "Freeze Dance." At first, she wants to play, but when she ends up losing, and is told to stand aside with a "Yer' out!" she becomes indignant and declares that she's going back home. But is winning all that matters?

"Calling Dr. Zak"
Max and Emmy go to Dragon Land and bring musical instruments with them. Today's the day for Zak and Wheezie to be in the two-headed dragon contest. They're singing a dragon version of "Knick-Knack-Patty-Whack." Just then, a spiny-pine appears, attracted by some fruit that spilled from Wheezie's decorative hat and Zak accidentally steps on it. Wheezie recommends going to see the doctor, but Zak's scared. But without getting out, they can't do the contest.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (11)

      • This is the only episode in which the rhymes to get to and from Dragon Land are spoken twice.

      • Near the end of Zak & Wheezie's performance in the Two-Headed Dragon contest in "Calling Dr. Zak," there appeared to be a large number of audience members watching them, but after the camera paned over to the band and back, only Dr. Booboo Gone, Quetzal, and three stock dragons were in the audience.

      • In "Calling Dr. Zak", after Zak hears somebody scream from the doctor's cave, he turns his head around (to the right) to talk to his friends, but the spikes on his neck move as if he turned his head to the left.

      • After Zak exclaims that going to the doctor will hurt him, the camera pans over to Max, Emmy, and Cassie, and the first time Max blinks, his eyes move about an inch up to his eyebrows, and then move back down to where they were.

      • After Max talks about being afraid of the doctor when he was "little" in "Calling Dr. Zak", a white glitch appears by Zak's eye for a couple frames.

      • In "Calling Dr. Zak", after Zak and Wheezie fell down because of the thorn in Zak's foot, Wheezie's hat had four bananas in it (three if you don't count the one Ord took to eat). But when Zak and Wheezie stood back up, Wheezie's hat suddenly had five bananas in it, and after Ord talked about his visit to the doctor, Wheezie's hat was somehow completely filled with fruit again.

      • The first time Zak, Wheezie, and the gang practiced their song in "Calling Dr. Zak", Cassie seemed to be playing her instrument impossibly fast; at least two or three times faster than everybody else, even though the audio didn't reflect that.

      • At the end of "Tails You Lose", Emmy's whale puppet is still on the ledge by the window when she and Max return home, but when Max goes to retrieve Emmy's soccer ball, the puppet magically disappears from the ledge.

      • When everyone plays Freeze Dance after Emmy returns in "Tails You Lose", Ord and Cassie go into the river to dance. Above the water (looking from the shore), Cassie is on the left and Ord is on the right, but underwater (not looking from the shore) Cassie is on the left and Ord is on the right, too.

      • After Zak "practices" saying "Yer' out!" to Cassie in "Tails You Lose", his side of his tail and his foot are purple, and Wheezie's foot is green. Later on, when he does the same thing in the real game, his hand and foot are purple, and both Wheezie's hand and foot are green.

      • In the beginning of "Tails You Lose," after Max is done imitating Ord, the pillow under his shirt disappears when he looks at the dragon scale with Emmy, reappears when he says the rhyme, and disappears again after the wallpaper dragons come off the wall.

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