Dragon Tales

Season 2 Episode 15

Teasing is Not Pleasing / Team Work

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 07, 2001 on PBS
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Teasing is Not Pleasing / Team Work
"Teasing is Not Pleasing"
Emmy, Max and the dragons are playing Dragonbasketball game across the team from the School on the Lake. This team has a lot of bullies and they try to make star player Emmy lose her confidence by teasing her.

"Team Work"
Zak and Wheezie have a smelly problem --- they've been sprayed by a Stinkydink bug. They blame each other for it, but find that they're going to have to work together to solve the problem.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • It seems odd that Emmy's real-world basketball team and the School in the Sky basketball team have identical uniforms.

      • Cassie can't play in the game because of her hurt foot, yet she seems to have no trouble jumping up and down on the sidelines. However, she did say that it only hurts when she runs.

      • The others offer a lot of advice (both useful and not) to Emmy when she's being teased, but not one of them so much as offers to stand up for her.

      • When Emmy is "making herself clear" for the second time, it looks like an animator borrowed a bit too heavily from Lorca's design to make the red dragon on the School By The Lake team. He looks almost exactly like Lorca, with the exceptions of the wheelchair and the longer spikes.

        When the other team is teasing Emmy because she can't fly, he looks more distinct from Lorca; lighter color, different teeth, and a longer neck.

      • Dragon badges seem to operate differently in "Team Work" then they do in any other episode in the series. Normally, dragon badges will glow if a character does something really hard, but only remain lit for a short time. In "Team Work," seemingly purposely contrived just for the purposes of the plot any time Zak and Wheezie are able to work together, their dragon badges light up and stay lit until they start fighting.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Wheezie: Does anyone know any knock-knock jokes?
        Max: I have one: Knock-knock.
        Wheezie: Who's there?
        Max: Cargo.
        Wheezie: Cargo who?
        Max: Car go "beep, beep!"

      • Quetzal: I don't know the reason that Buster and Mookie are name calling and teasing Emmy, but I do know that they will stop only when they realize that it does not bother her.
        Emmy: But it does bother me! Their teasing hurts my feelings. How am I supposed to stop my feelings from being hurt?
        Quetzal: (sighs) That can be very difficult to do. But one way to protect your feelings is to remember that the things they are saying are not true.
        Emmy: They told me that I couldn't make a basket, and that I wasn't a very good shot-blocker.
        Cassie: But you are good at those things, Emmy!
        Max: Exactly!
        Emmy: That's right. I am!
        Zak: You're a much better shooter and shot-blocker then Wheezie, for instance.
        Wheezie: And that means you're four times as good as Zak, 'cause I'm twice as good as he is!
        Zak: What?! Anytime you wanna play me one-on-one, Wheezie!
        Wheezie: Sure, Zaky. Hey, we could even play double header!
        Zak: You're on! Double header? (laughs) Good one, Wheezie!

      • Ord: Maybe those two name callers have learned a lesson and won't do it again.
        Zak: Uh, I wouldn't count on it, Ord.
        Buster: This all your fault, Mookie.
        Mookie: Me? You're the worst player I've ever seen.
        Buster: Well then look in the mirror, becuase you're twice the worst player I've seen.
        Mookie: Am not.
        Buster: Are so.
        Mookie: Am not.
        Quetzal: Perhaps Buster and Mookie will learn their lesson someday.

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