Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 7

The Giant of Nod / The Big Sleep Over

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 21, 1999 on PBS
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The Giant of Nod / The Big Sleep Over
"The Giant of Nod"
Zak and Wheezie are performing in a big Dragon Land concert, but find themselves bickering over song-choice. Their bickering wakes the Giant of Nod, who turns out not to be such a giant after all.

"The Big Sleepover"
Zak and Wheezie are having a sleepover, but Emmy has trouble convincing Cassie to go. After she finally comes, Cassie finds her own unique way to enjoy the sleepover.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • After Zak calls Emmy and Max to Dragon Land in "The Giant of Nod," the dragon scale in his hand magically disappears after the dragons notice Max and Emmy coming.

      • When Emmy first talks to the Giant of Nod (not knowing who he is), Zak's part of his and Wheezie's tail is purple.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Cassie: My badge is glowing! I'm glad I tried a half sleepover. It was really, really fun. Maybe next time I can do a whole sleepover.
        Max: When I go home, I'm gonna try a half school day.
        Emmy: (to Max) Good luck!

      • Zak and Wheezie's Dad: Okay, kiddos, five minutes until beddy-bye time.
        Zak: (excited) Beddy-bye time? Beddy-bye time! Yes!!
        Wheezie: Oh, Zaky.

      • Wheezie: Aw, Cassie, don't go! In the morning we can-
        Ord: Eat pancakes and waffles and toast and jelly and waffles and more waffles and more pancakes and more toast and, and-
        Cassie: I'd like to, but I could never, ever stay asleep all the way 'till morning.
        Wheezie: Hey, hey, hey, I know! Why don't we just play all night long until the sun comes up?
        Zak: Stay up? All night? No!!

      • Zak: Isn't anyone tired, even a little?
        Max: No.
        Wheezie: I know! Let's play the dizzy game!
        All except Zak: Yeah!
        (everybody spins around)
        Wheezie: Come on, Zaky, spin!
        Zak: Why me?! Why me?!

      • Emmy: You know, Max, since we both want the hat, maybe we can be like Zak and Wheezie.
        Max: And grow two heads?
        Emmy: I meant we could take turns wearing it.
        Max: Deal. But I go first, I'm younger!

      • Emmy: You did it, Zak! You put the giant to sleep! Now you two can make it to the concert.
        Wheezie: Wow. I guess sometimes nice and easy does work better.
        Zak: Naturally.

      • Emmy: A shovel! We can dig our way out!
        Wheezie: Love it!
        (Emmy starts to dig, but gets tired quickly)
        Zak: This'll take forever!
        Max: Not if Ord helps. (sing song voice) Hey, Ord, if we get out of here, we can have another snack.
        Ord: Here I go, go, go!

      • Zak: You always want me to do things your way!
        Wheezie: That's because I'm older! My head hatched out of the egg first!
        Zak: Only by three little seconds!

      • Emmy: What song are you gonna sing?
        Zak: It'll be something nice and easy: (sings) Dreamboat flowin' down a sleepy river...
        Wheezie: No, no, no, Zaky. It'll be something fast and loud: (sings) Fast and loud songs! Yeah, baby, yeah, yeah, yeah!!!
        Zak: That'll give everybody a headache.
        Wheezie: No, it won't!

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