Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 24

The Greatest Show in Dragon Land / Prepare According to Instructions

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 20, 2000 on PBS
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The Greatest Show in Dragon Land / Prepare According to Instructions

"The Greatest Show in Dragon Land"
The show opens with Max playing on a slide made out of pillows. Emmy enters the room. Max asks her if she is interested in playing with his slide. She says no because they're going to Wonderworld with their friends in Dragon Land. So, they take the magical dragon scale out of the drawer and wish upon it like they always do. In Dragon Land, Ord and Cassie are sitting under a tree, on the lookout for Emmy and Max. Emmy and Max appear and Ord gives them a hug. Now, where's Zak and Wheezie? A knuckerhole opens up, and Zak and Wheezie crawls out of it. Wheezie hurt her wing falling off the swing the day before. The gang takes off for Wonderworld. Zak and Wheezie too try to take off, but ended up spinning around - Wheezie can't fly because of the cast on her wing. So, they can't go - or can they? Emmy suggests they walk. Zak and Wheezie are reluctant at first, but decide to go ahead. They soon come upon their first obstacle - Dragoon Lagoon. It would take ages to walk around it and there's no boat anywhere in sight. Zak and Wheezie want to pull out again, but Cassie has an idea. She asks Ord if he has any snacks. Ord says that he has some stale fish crackers. He pulls the packet of fish crackers out of his pouch, munches on some, comments that they're not that stale, then munches on them some more. Cassie stops him and says that she can use them. So, how's a little fish going to help them across? Turns out that it's no little fish Cassie's calling, but Fifi, the sea serpent. They get on and Fifi takes them across. Halfway through, Ord slips and falls off Fifi, but manages to get hold of Fifi's tail and water-skies the rest of the way. They make it across. Max wants to go again, but there's no time for that. They have to continue on their journey to Wonderworld. So, what's next? They have to cross the rainforest. Now, unlike the typical rainforests that exists in our world, these rainforests has rain pouring down non-stop, and it's getting heavier! Zak and Wheezie wants to pull out again, for Wheezie's not supposed to get her cast wet. But Emmy has a plan. They all coast through the rainforest on a hollowed-out log. Up next, a snow-covered hill. So, they climb it. They reach the top and see Wonderworld. But it will take forever to get down! Zak and Wheezie wants to go back, but trips and falls on the way. This gives Emmy an idea - they'll slide down the hill! So, Zak covers Wheezie's cast with a sock, and the gang slides down the hill, with Ord making a dragonberry snowcone along the way. They've made it! They enter Wonderworld, but to their disgust, it's a kiddie park with rides that pale in comparison to all of the stuff they just did to get there. Rather than entering the park, they just decide to go back on, the same way they came. Max and Emmy have to leave though. They return to the playroom. Max asks Emmy if she still wants to play on his slide. Emmy declines. She's says that she's pooped, and falls asleep on one of the pillows. It isn't long before Max is getting sleep either.

"Prepare According to Instructions"
Max and Emmy are getting on their boots, it just stopped raining and they're going out to jump in the puddles. Of course, since they're excited about getting to jump in the puddles, it starts raining again. They decide to go to Dragon Land instead. Max and Emmy materialize in the School in the Sky, where Quetzal is reading to the dragons. Quetzal was just telling a tale about dancing crystals. Using his magic, he brings an illustration from the book to life to show the crystals doing the can-can. Emmy asks Quetzal for the directions to get there. They have to get a bucket of water from the Singing Springs, some dandelion fuzzies from the dandelion forest and finally, get to turtle rock and take ten steps from there. Also, they must do all of this by sundown. So, the gang gets ready to set off on their journey. Cassie asks Emmy if they should go get some things. Emmy declines. The gang sets off. Zak and Wheezie, meanwhile, are taking precautions. They go back to the School in the sky, and take their first aid kit. Wheezie also takes some flowers before they set off. So, the gang regroups, and arrives at the Singing Springs. They go to get the water, but they don't have a bucket. Emmy asks Ord if he has a bucket, but he doesn't. So Max and Emmy decide to use their rain boots to carry the water. One problem solved. Next, the dandelion forest. Zak and Wheezie run into a dandelion. Zak's fine, but Wheezie's got a booboo. Cassie's only got one band-aid left. Luckily, they have more in their first aid kit. Ord then starts sneezing because of his allergy to dandelions, but fortunately Zak and Wheezie has some tissues in the first aid kit as well. They get their dandelion fuzzies. Now, to head to Turtle Rock. Except they don't remember how to get to Turtle Rock. Cassie offers to go back for the map. Emmy asks Cassie to bring a little something extra. Cassie returns with the map and they all head to Turtle Rock, and finds the cave. They go in. It's dark and Ord's scared, but it turns out that the "something extra" is Quetzal's lamp. So now they have light. So, they go in, and soon reaches this place where there seems to be a stage. Now what? First, pour the water from the singing spring out of Max's boot. The water reacts with the soil, causing lively jazz music to start playing. Next, they throw the dandelion fuzzies up onto the stage. Lights light up the stage, as the crystals on the ground pop up and does the can-can as the gang watches on. Soon, the show's over. Emmy wishes to thank the crystals for the dance. Wheezie to the rescue, and gives the flowers she plucked earlier to the crystals as their token of appreciation. Max and Emmy go home. The rain has stopped, so they can go outside and jump in the puddles. Max goes in the closet and comes out with a raincoat, an umbrella, and flippers. Emmy comments that they're going to jump in the puddles, not go scuba diving.


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