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Dragon Tales

Season 2 Episode 23

The Grudge Won't Budge / Putting The Fun In Fun Houses

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Oct 01, 2002 on PBS
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The Grudge Won't Budge / Putting The Fun In Fun Houses
"The Grudge Won't Budge"
Max is looking for some cold fun. However, there's none to be had outside the playroom. That's not a problem, the dragons are all going to Dragon Ice Park, so Emmy and Max go to Dragon Land to join in the fun. There, they find that Zak is upset with Wheezie. It seems that she was being careless and ended up breaking his prized snoot flute. Emmy doesn't understand why Zak's still upset with Wheezie. Didn't Wheezie apologize? She did, but Zak's still angry. She never should have been messing with it in the first place. Zak doesn't seem to be in the mood to forgive Wheezie, so the matter is dropped for the time being and everybody heads to the Ice Park. On the way there, Zak and Wheezie have some trouble with their flight. Wheezie thinks Zak's playing some sort of game, but Zak denies doing anything. Everybody else arrives ahead of Zak and Wheezie at the Ice Park, where they see an odd and disturbing sight: the frozen form of Quetzal. They're worried that something bad happened to Quetzal, but then he steps out from behind. The ice block isn't Quetzal after all, it's just a sculpture. Quetzal calls it "Self-Portrait." Well, he did, until Wheezie and Zak come crashing into it, causing it to fracture and then crumble. They still don't know what the problem is, but Quetzal does. He sees that Zak is holding a Grudge. The Grudge comes out from hiding behind his head. Quetzal tells him that the only way he can get rid of it is to talk things out. The Grudge blows Quetzal off, he wants to know who Zak is going to listen to: Quetzal, or his own feelings? Quetzal goes off, saying that he hopes Zak decides to get rid of the grudge soon and noting that he'll have to work on a new sculpture: "Self-Portrait #2." Everybody decides to have a fun on the ice, but the Grudge continues to weigh Zak and Wheezie down, making it difficult for them to skate. (Although none of the dragons have any skates on.) The gang all tries to pull the Grudge off, but that doesn't work. It would seem that it's up to Zak to get rid of it. He tells it to go away, but inside, he's still mad at Wheezie, so that doesn't work. The gang remembers what Quetzal said, that Zak needs to "talk it out," although at first Ord thinks that Quetzal said "walk it out." Zak talks it out. At first, he just says he's angry, which only serves to make the Grudge even more excited. But Emmy gets him to keep talking. Zak says that he's also hurt. He feels that by breaking his snoot flute and being so careless, Wheezie showed that she doesn't care about his feelings. Wheezie speaks up. She does care about his feelings, in fact, if she didn't, she wouldn't have been trying to fix the snoot flute all day. She shows him her efforts. It's not really fixed, but it's obvious that Wheezie was trying and she did care. Zak finally forgives Wheezie and the Grudge falls away, griping that he thought that he had finally found a place to stick around for a while. With the Grudge gone, they're finally able to have fun.

"Putting the Fun in Fun Houses"
Max and Emmy are cleaning up the playroom. Well, Emmy is at least. Max seems to want to just play. Emmy complains that they're supposed to be cleaning, but then the dragon scale glows. The dragons are calling them, so Emmy decides that they can put off their cleaning till later. In Dragon Land, the dragons lead them to the amusement park. There's a new attraction, although they don't have any idea what it is. So they'll all be surprised when the get there. It turns out that the new attraction is a funhouse. Everybody picks partners and heads in. Cassie heads in, but then she finds that she's missing her partner. Ord doesn't want to go into the funhouse. He heard Emmy saying that it's dark in the funhouse and there are scary things and he doesn't want to go in. Everybody tries to help, using different strategies. Emmy figures that if they go in holding hands, it won't be so bad. Ord gets through one portion of it, some tickly streamer paper, but then runs out when he sees himself in a funhouse mirror. Ord figures that maybe if he covers his eyes, he won't be so scared. He tries again, but this time ends up running out when he gets to a part that simulates a thunderstorm. He wants to go in with his eyes closed and his ears covered, but Zak notes that if he does this, it's pretty much like he's not even going in and it wouldn't be any fun. Wheezie has an idea, what if everyone were to go in first before Ord, and then they could tell him exactly what happens, so he won't be so scared. They do this, but he's still too scared to make it all the way through. Ord comes up with his own idea, since he's too scared of this funhouse, they could build their own funhouse. That way, they'll know exactly what's in it. Zak and Wheezie volunteer their knuckerhole and the gang goes off to gather materials. Arlo the garbage dragon helps out, letting them have the pick of the dump to get what they need. They build the funhouse and Max accompanies Ord on trip through. There's squishy pillows, a blast of cold air, a slide and more. Ord loves this funhouse and he's not scared. He tries to return to the amusement park funhouse, but he's still too scared of that. So everybody returns to the funhouse they built, to go through it again. Back in the playroom, Max suggests that he and Emmy should build their own funhouse. Emmy agrees, just as long as they can clean it up before Mom can complain about it.moreless

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  • Originally posted at TV Tome. Another mixed bag episode with a good story, but one something of a recycle.

    The following originally appeared at the original TV Tome:


    "The Grudge Won't Budge"

    Max wants to have some fun in the snow, but there's none to be had outside the playroom? Oh my, what is he going to do? After all, it's not like there aren't any cold places in Dragon Land. Oh wait, there are! In fact, that's exactly what Emmy suggests. She and Max bundle up and they head for Dragon Land. Everybody there is ready too, they've been planning to go to the Dragon Ice Park. There seems to be a problem with Zak and Wheezie, though. It seems Wheezie broke Zak's snoot flute. Of course, the first question is if Wheezie apologized. She did, but that's not enough for Zak. She never should have been playing with it. He still wants to go the Ice Park though and figures that he can't stop Wheezie if she wants to take along. Everyone heads for the Ice Park, but there's something erratic about Zak and Wheezie's flight. Wheezie thinks that he's playing some sort of game, but it's obvious that Zak's not in any mood for games. Due to Zak and Wheezie's erratic flight, everyone else arrives at the Ice Park before them. There, they find something rather odd, the form of Quetzal, frozen in ice. They fear that Quetzal is frozen, but Quetzal steps out from behind it. It turns out that it's just a very magnificent ice sculpture. (It really an awesome piece of work. It looks just like Quetzal.) Just then, Wheezie and Zak come tumbling in, crashing into it. It cracks, and then shatters into a pile of ice pieces. Zak and Wheezie still don't know what the problem is, but Quetzal does. He says that Zak is holding a Grudge (which, up until this point, has been hiding out of sight on Zak and Wheezie's back. At one point, it was visible while they were flying, keen-eyed viwers may have spotted this.) Quetzal tells Zak that the only way to get rid of the Grudge is to talk things out with Wheezie and that he hopes he decides to get rid of it sooner than later. The Grudge takes the opportunity to mock Quetzal. He asks Zak who he's going to listen to: Quetzal, or his own feelings? Zak seems inclined to listen to the Grudge, he feels that it understands him. The gang tries to drop the issue again and go skating. Oddly enough though, only Max and Emmy are wearing iceskates. The others dragons, unlike in past episodes, have somehow become masters in just sliding around on the ice with their feet. Well, all except Zak and Wheezie. They would be sliding around on their feet, but they end up sliding into snow because the Grudge is weighing them down. Wheezie says that "two's company but a Grudge is definitely a crowd." She's beyond sorry now, she's angry and she wants Zak to get rid of the Grudge. The Grudge won't leave so easily though. They all try to pull it off, but even Ord's strength isn't enough to do it. It would seem that that's up to Zak. They try to remember what Quetzal said. Ord thinks that Quetzal said to "walk it out" (silly Ord!), but, of course, what Quetzal actually said was talk it out. Zak tries this, but all he can bring himself to say is that he's really angry at Wheezie. This serves to provide the Grudge with one of his best lines of the episode: "Keep 'talkin it out', Zakster. I'm lovin' this!" Emmy realizes that Zak can't just be feeling angry, he also has to be feeling something else. This finally gets Zak to deal with the problem: he's also feeling hurt. He feels that by being careless with his snoot flute, Wheezie showed that she doesn't care about him. Wheezie says that that's not true. She really does care and honestly didn't mean to break it. In fact, she's been trying to fix it all day. She shows him her attempt to fix it. It's not really fixed, but it's enough for Zak. He finally forgives Wheezie. The Grudge is shaken off and Zak and Wheezie get down to having fun at the Ice Park. It seems like it's over, but wait, the Grudge is still hanging around. As Zak and Wheezie are sliding down a hill, the Grudge taunts Zak, trying to get Zak angry again. It seems like it's going to work, but then Zak slaps away the Grudge. Way to go, Zak!


    Not bad. Some of the best lines in this episode come from the Grudge. His delivery is right on target. Quetzal's ice sculpture was a nice touch and there was a nice moment at the end with Zak and Wheezie making up for each other. Unfortunately, the concept of this episode is a blatant recycle of "The Fury is Out on This One", in which Max was bothered by a creature called a Fury, which wouldn't go away he stopped being angry. Therefore, I can only give this episode:

    Dragon Scales: 6/10


    "Putting the Fun in Fun Houses"

    Max and Emmy are cleaning up their playroom. Well, responsible Emmy is cleaning. Childish Max seems to want to keep playing. Emmy stops him, they're supposed to be cleaning. The dragon scale glows, stopping both of them. They can finish after they get back from Dragon Land. In Dragon Land, they're told that there's a new attraction at the amusement park, although they don't have any idea what it is. (A clever tactic by the amusement park, this helps to build anticipation.) Inside the amusement park (which they get into without any tickets- thanks again, PBSKidVid), they find the new attraction. It's a funhouse. Ord doesn't know what a funhouse is. Emmy explains it, but Ord doesn't hear most of it because he fixates on that she says that it's dark and scary. Cassie tries to be Ord's partner going into the funhouse, but he doesn't want to go in. Well, he does, but he's too scared. First he tries going in holding Emmy's hand. He gets scared when he sees his distorted form in a funhouse mirror and runs out. He decides to try going back in, but this time he'll cover his eyes. (This seems like a pretty dopey idea, but just wait, he'll later come in with something even dopier.) This works at first, but then he comes to a part of the funhouse that simulates a thunderstorm. He can hear the thunder and it scares him, so he runs out again. He comes up with a new idea - he'll cover both his eyes and ears. This is immediately attacked by everyone as stupid, but he insists it's going to work. Finally, Zak convinces him that he can't have any fun if he covers both his eyes and ears. Wheezie comes up with a new idea. She and the rest of the gang will go throught the funhouse first, that way, they'll be able to tell Ord exactly what happens in it. (Another dumb idea if you ask me. The surprise is supposed to be a large part of the fun.) They try this, while Ord goes on another attraction. They tell him all about it, but he's still too scared. He suggests that they build their own funhouse. (Boy, if you could do that in real life. Never pay those outrageous amusement park prices...) We get a return appearance of Arlo as Ord and Max head to the dump to gather materials. They build and complete their funhouse, using Zak and Wheezie's knuckerhole. As Emmy notes, Ord shouldn't be scared because their funhouse is built out of the familiar things that they found. They try it and Ord loves it. He tries to return to the funhouse at the amusement park, but he's still too scared of that one. So he and everybody else returns for more fun at Ord's funhouse. Back in the playroom, Max suggests that he and Emmy build their own funhouse. (Hmm, maybe it is possible!)


    Yet another "Ord's scared of the dark episode." This one isn't a recycle of anything in particular, so it's not too bad. It certainly doesn't have impact of something like "The Forest of Darkness," but it's enjoyable to watch. Note that Ord never did overcome his fear of the funhouse. Actually, you can't get me on a lot of the crazier amusement park rollercoasters, so I know what it's like. Nice selection of music during the "assembling of the funhouse" sequence, one of my favorite background pieces from the series.

    Dragon Scales: 8/10

    Overall Analysis: We're still not quite matching the quality of Season One, but these new episodes are still the best of Season Two. It's ashame that there's only more scheduled to air.

    Overall Dragon Scales: 7/10moreless

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