Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 22

The Jumping Bean Express / Get Offa My Cloud

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 18, 2000 on PBS
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The Jumping Bean Express / Get Offa My Cloud

"The Jumping Bean Express"
In the playroom, Max and Emmy are playing with a miniature basketball set. Emmy shoots and scores a 3-pointer. Suddenly Dragon Scale glows - they're being summoned to Dragon Land. So, we hear the rhyme that we're now all familiar with, and the dragon decorations on the wall come alive and surround them. In Dragon Land, Ord, Cassie, Zak and Wheezie are holding on to a cage. Max and Emmy arrive and Ord hands them a hug. A bug? Well, it has to do with what's in the cage: two jumping beans that are unlike the kind in the real world - these beans have faces and can do animal tricks. Quetzal then shows up and briefs our friends on what to do: they are to return the beans to Quetzal's brother, Fernando. So, the kids and the dragons set off to do Quetzal's bidding. Halfway through, Emmy comments on the beans doing tricks. This causes Wheezie to want to show off, and in the lieu of confusion, she maneuvers in such a way that Zak's head knocks the cage out of Emmy's hands. Ord and Max try to get it, but the cage bounces off Ord's head instead. Ouch. They failed. Wheezie and Zak try to get it, and almost do, but the cage is too fast for them. The cage bounces into a tree, then into a bush, then opens up. The beans then pack their suitcases, bid adieu, and run off. Where did they go? Wheezie spots them and they get to them, but how do they catch them? Ord starts pulling stuff out of his pouch. How about a candy cane? Nope, that won't do any good. A trumpet? Nah. Aha! A bug net! But the beans are fast and so instead of catching the beans in his net, Ord snags a doodle fairy. Sorry! They see the beans go across a bridge and follow them. Unfortunately, while crossing the bridge, they don't notice that there are small rocks next to the bridge that form another path across the river, and the beans are using it to get back! Now they're playing a back and forth game with the beans. They eventually nab them, but as they take to the air to continue on their journey, the beans escape once again. They catch up quickly and see the beans on a pair of trees. They brainstorm on how to get the beans down and back into the cage. Wheezie suggests that they pretend to be beans too and jump on them. Zak thinks that it's a stupid idea - since they want to get the beans back, not squish them. Cassie thinks Wheezie's idea might work and relates her plan to them. But they're too big. Emmy suggests that they can use their fingers, then asks Ord for some finger paint. So the beans are playing in the trees, when suddenly a female bean appears. The beans, being males, let their instinct take control of them and heads off to mate... er, meet the female. Meanwhile, Max and Ord quietly sneak up from behind and cage them. Emmy emerges from the bush - turns out that her finger was the female! And so, with the beans back in the cage, they head off to find Fernando. They do. Fernando looks just like Quetzal, except that he has a deeper voice! He then lets the beans out. They all fret- they're going to escape again! Wait, not so. Fernando has a dragonberry cupcake and the jumping beans will never run when there's a dragonberry cupcake around. Now wouldn't that have been helpful earlier- since Ord always keeps a dragonberry cupcake in his pouch! The jumping beans make quick work of the cupcake and Max and Emmy return to their playroom. Max says that he wants to do a jumpshot. Emmy lets him. Max gets the ball, and jumps towards the net before dunking the ball. When asked what kind of shot that is, Max says that it's a jumping bean shot. How clever.

"Get Offa My Cloud"
Max is in the playroom with Emmy. He wants to know what she's doing. It's a project for class. They're planting carrot seeds inside a plastic cup filled with soil. They water it everyday, then, when the carrot's ready, they just pull it out. Emmy waters the seedling as she complains that it's slow. They get the idea that plants grow fast in Dragon Land and decide to go there. They arrive and Ord gives them a big hug. Emmy tells Ord her idea, which Ord really likes. They only brought carrot seeds. Fortunately, Ord has fruits in his pouch. Well, you can't exactly plant fruits, so Ords eats them up and neatly spits the seeds. Cassie then explains that they have something called Wonder Water in Dragon Land to make the seeds grow fast. She heads off to get a can full. Meanwhile, Emmy and Ord get to work. Max tries to help, but instead, he ruins things. So, he takes a seat under a shady tree. Meanwhile, Cassie returns with a can of Wonder Water. She warns that they must only use a drop on each seed. Having watered the plants, they head off to Ord's cave to have lunch. Max didn't want to come along. He decides to head back to the garden, where he decides that maybe he should have another try at helping. He pours lots of water on a single seed. That wasn't such a good idea. There's a bit of an earthquake as suddenly the small seed shoots up into a very large plant. One of the leaves get under Max, and lifts him up - way up - on to a cloud. There, he find a little gnome guy with the attitude of Zak named Squink, who got up there by means of a bubble, but hasn't got down since. Meanwhile, everybody else returns to the vegetable patch, only to find Max missing. Back on top of the plant, Max accidentally drips some Wonder Water onto Squink's beard, causing it to elongate. This prompts Max to think. Suddenly, he remembers that he still has some carrot seeds in his pocket, and carrots grow downwards. So, he plants them with the remaining amount of soil he has in his pocket into the cloud, and pours lots of Wonder Water on it. A giant carrot grows, with it's root protruding down the cloud. Max plans to use the carrot as a very long sliding pole. Back down on the ground, Ord suddenly spots Max's giant carrot, and alerts the gang. They head towards it, where they find Max sliding down. They also find that he's a hero, as he rescued Squink from being in that cloud for so long. They celebrate and then Max and Emmy have to go home. Back home, Max wants to water the carrot, but Emmy won't let him. They start to fight over the watering can, and end up spilling the water on their feet. Max thinks that maybe they will get big feet. They both laugh at this idea.


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