Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 2

To Kingdom Come / Goodbye Little Caterpoozle

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 07, 1999 on PBS
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To Kingdom Come / Goodbye Little Caterpoozle
"To Kingdom Come"
Emmy and Max are going to a beach party in Dragon Land. when they get there, Max is willing to let Ord try on his hat, but Ord won't share his dragonberry cupcake. When Ord finds a shell and wishes for a hat like Max's, it magically appears on his head. Cassie explains that he's found a wish shell. Everyone wants to use it, but Ord has no interest in sharing. When Ord wishes to be someplace where he would never have to share the shell with anyone, he disappears. Max wonders if he's gone invisible, but he in fact wished himself to Kingdom Come. There he meets Monsieur Marmadune, who tells him that Kingdom Come is the happiest place a dragon could ever be. But only can only come to Kingdom Come. Ord soon begins to wish that his friends were there. And thanks to the wish shell, there they are! But the wish shell only allow three wishes. Can they work together and can Ord finally learn to share in order to escape?

"Goodbye Little Caterpoozle"
Emmy helps Max to get his shoes on. They then go to Dragon Land. There, they find the dragons bouncing on mushrooms in Mushroom Meadows. Cassie's not bouncing though. She's taking care of Poozie, a pet caterpillar who can do tricks. Cassie eventually joins them in mushroom bouncing. When Cassie returns to her caterpoozle, she can't find it. Then Max finds Poozie wrapped in some white stuff. Is she dead? Her friends try to find her a new pet. Cassie's not convinced. None will ever be as good as Poozie.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • When Ord wishes his friends to Kingdom Come, they hadn't yet learned Monsieur Marmadune's name, but Emmy calls him by his name.

      • When the dragonfrog stands on its hands in the "Shake Your Dragon Tail" segment, the dragonrooster does the same thing, but appears to be hovering since it is not standing on any limbs while upside-down.

      • In the beginning of "Shake Your Dragon Tail," Cassie's reflection has its mouth open when the "real" Cassie's mouth is closed.

      • A few times in "To Kingdom Come", Mr. Marmadune acts as if his key is incredibly heavy for him, lifting it with both hands, but other times, he is able to lift the key past shoulder level using only one hand.

      • In this episode, Ord displays no fear of bugs, but later on in the episode "Don't Bug Me," he's majorly afraid of them.

    • QUOTES (14)

      • Quetzal: You're very lucky to have so many good friends, Poozie. Adios.

      • Zak: You weren't so bad... For an itchy, crawly bug.

      • Cassie: I miss her, Quetzal. And I didn't even get to say... (sobs) ...goodbye.

      • Wheezie: I just love mushrooms! They're so... mushy!

      • Ord: (offers Marmadune small crumb of dragonberry cupcake)
        Marmadune: This is sharing?

      • Ord: How about my fishing pole?
        Max: With a fish on it!
        Mr. Marmadune: Uck! (holding nose) Too smelly!
        Ord: How about my basketball? (basketball deflates)
        Max: It's not that flat!
        Mr. Marmadune: No, I play badminton.
        Ord: Oh, not this dragonberry cupcake.
        Mr. Marmadune: With sprinkles? And a cherry on top? Oh, I have not had any of that since I was a little marmadune boy. Can I please please have it?
        Ord: Sorry, Mr. Marmadune. My mommy made this cupcake just for me.
        Mr. Marmadune: Well, my mommy made this key just for me!

      • Ord: Who's got something to share?
        (everyone gives Ord dirty looks)

      • Monsieur Marmadune: The only way to get out is with this key. And I'm not sharing.

      • Max: (wipes marshmallow goo on Emmy's face)
        Emmy: Eww! That's gross!
        Max: Hey, I'm just sharing!

      • Cassie: (talking to new caterpoozle) I'm going to take real good care of you! But what should I call you?
        Zak: How 'bout Fuzzy?
        Wheezie: Boring! Let's call her Caterpoozowie!
        Max: I know! (wiggles fingers) Oogilie-Boogilie!

      • Wheezie: You're such a cutie-wootie, Poozie-woozie! (kisses caterpoozle)
        Ord: (chuckling) Ooo...You kissed a caterpoozle!
        Wheezie: It's no worse than kissing a brother. (kisses Zak)
        Zak: (disgusted) Gah! Eww...sister germs!

      • Emmy: Where are we?
        Ord: We're in Kingdom Come, and you can only come to Kingdom Come, and you can't go home from Kingdom Come, and I'm really scared.
        Emmy: Can't go home?
        Marmadune: (in a sing-song voice) That is right!
        Zak: (angrily) You mean you could have made a wish to go back home, but no? Instead you wished us all here?
        Ord: Oops.

      • Wheezie: Cassie, I found another shell for the party. (shell starts to fly away) Great balls of fire!
        Cassie: It's a butterfly shell.
        Wheezie: Love-a-duv-duv it!

      • Wheezie: I'd wish for a louder singing voice. (singing loudly) Laaaaa!
        Zak: (covering ears) I'd wish for earplugs.

    • NOTES (8)

      • In "Shake Your Dragon Tail" (Dragon Tune first seen in this episode) the character Norm the Number Gnome doesn't have numbers on his coat or hat, but should, based on future episodes and the "Hello Song" segment of the first episode.

      • Based on his accent (and title), Monsieur Marmadune is a Frenchman.

      • The Arthur television show also did an episode about the death of a pet: "So Long, Spanky".

        In that episode, though, the pet really is dead, unlike in this episode. This is probably because "Dragon Tales" is targeted at a younger audience.

      • "To Kingdom Come" is the first of five episodes on the "Adventures in Dragon Land" DVD and the first of three episodes on the video "Let's All Share."

      • During Ord Week, "To Kingdom Come" airs with "The Forest of Darkness" as the first half of episode #106W. The Dragon Tune for that episode is "Shake Your Dragon Tail."

      • During Cassie Week, "Goodbye Little Caterpoozle" airs with "Quetzal's Magic Pop-Up Book" as the second half of episode #103W. The Dragon Tune for that episode is "The Wiggle Song."

      • "Shake Your Dragon Tail" includes many guest stars viewers hadn't yet seen when this episode first aired, including Norm the Number Gnome, Captain Scaliwag, Mister Pop and Eunice the Unicorn.

      • Dragon Tunes: "Shake Your Dragon Tail" (Premiere!)

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