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  • Radical

  • Dragon ball kai

    Very good, they should finish it with the buu saga
  • The animations better but thats it

    I had high hopes for this re-mastered/redone version. However it falls flat in a lot of areas compared to Z.

    1. Gohan's voice in this dub is terrible and to annoying to get used to.

    2. The Z music was a lot better than this orchestra music they decided to use in this one.

    3. The pacing is a bit fast. Sure you got rid of a lot of filler but by doing that there is now zero suspense and the overall feel of the show seems a bit rushed and lacking in emotion compared to Z in my opinion.

    Positives: Better animation and closer to the Manga but that's not saying much.
  • A recut version of Dragon Ball Z with a very good English dub

    When I first saw the English dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai (from the uncut home release of course) I was blown away by how good it really is. Some people would have to get used to the recasts but I actually like some of them, such as Gohan and Bulma's voices. And as for the returning voice actors, they just sound better than in the Z dub. Sean Schemmel's performance as Son Goku is just amazing in Kai. Gets the emotions and screams right and is probably one of the best voice work he's ever done. Chris Sabat's voices for Vegeta and Piccolo were also a huge improvement. They no longer sound rough sounding and more smooth and natural. Now I haven't seen the original Japanese version, but I would recommend the English dub to anyone. I know there are some people that don't like the recasts, but as said before, I actually like some of them. So if you want to see a great Dragon Ball dub by FUNimation, give Dragon Ball Z Kai a shot, but it's best to watch the uncut version on DVD or Blu-ray.
  • A true DragonBal Z fan will love every dragonball series

    I remember when I was watching TV on nicktoons and I saw the trailer for Dragonball Z Kai I was truly ecstatic since I had not seen Dragonball Z in a long time I love every fight more so the battle with Cell when Gohan got so pissed off he turned SSJ2 he even warned Cell that if he provoked him enough he would get more powerful then even Cell himself even when Cell nearly died by exploading himself Cell then seemed even stronger then SSJ2 Gohan due to Dr Gero extracting Saiyan cells thanks for Goku's help in otherworld Gohan unleashed his full power and literally destroyed Cell I can watch the whole Dragonball Z Kai series over again
  • come out with new shows!

    i am just going to say it COME OUT WITH NEW SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Disappointed.

    When I first heard of this remake I was hesitant but exited at the same time. After watching, I must say I was extremely disappointed. I can't get over the original voices I love them too much. I really dislike gohan's new voice. The the most disappointing thing about this is that they pretty much censored everything. yes they got rid of fillers but now the language is filtered. No bloody scenes or any that show alittle more violence. example when cell first appeared, at the stand off with Piccolo, he had a man and it showed him absorbing the man. It was gross but awesome. This scene as well as others like it were cut out. I think I will stick with the original.
  • No Filler

    Dragon Ball Z Kai is a remake of the original series by Toei Animation and is basically a leaner and meaner tv show with new voice actors and no filler episodes. This show is in every way possible better then the original Z and the Dub is great with Monica Rial taking over as Bulma and Colleen Clinkenbeard as Gohan who fit their roles better while many of the original cast reprise their roles.
  • Why???

    I'm just wondering why they had to go and rewrite the series. There was nothing wrong with the original and then they went and did this? Why???

    So you see the show DRAGON BALL Z KAI is the best show on earth!
  • Just... Why?


    Dragonball Z was already perfect so why would it need to be redone? This is a piss poor series compared to the original. I was so disappointed that they cut out episodes, changed many voice actors, changed the music, and cut out the blood and gore. If you are going to remake Dragonball atleast keep everything exactly like it was and just update the animation. I graciously gave this series a 7 due to it being an entertaining series for those who have not seen the original Dragonball.

  • well i reviewed Dragon Ball z but i don't really know what the difference between cartoon networks and Nickloadean except for the fillers and new actors.


    so i might get bitched at by hardcore DBZ fans because i like the Cartoon network version better.due many reasons one reason it had a great soundtrack to it that made you want to become a fighter like Goku and Vegeta. But i do like that they made it true to the manga even some of the filler story arcs were just as good which gave the characters more development.Such as Gohan being able to defeat Garlic Jr so that he would have the hidden power to defeat cell in later part of the series.the fights are shorter which don't make them very epic Such as Goku and Frieza's fight which was the longest fight in the series that was the best i still like this show and DbZ period it just doesn't beat the one i grew up with.

  • Thank you,Nicktoons,for returning such a great anime


    Just when I thought Nicktoons Network was finally done with it's coffin,this show comes in and save it's life. Based off a great anime,Dragonball Z Kai is about Goku,who has finally started a family on Earth. But now,him,Gohan,Krillian and Piccolo must defend the planet from Evil. Now,this show remains the same as the original. The animation still remains the same,and the characters are the same. The action scenes are amazing,and mind blowing. The villains are brilliant and are not bad in one single way. This show could even have a little humor at times,and it did get a laugh out of me. The dubbing is pretty good,and at least Nicktoons didn't dub this show like how 4Kids did. Overall,this show is great,and made Nicktoons Network get out of it's coffin. Watch this on Nicktoons Network,not 4Kids Toonzai

  • inferior product

    this version has all the ESSENTIALS of the sagas.The characters are there,The voice actors seem to be there but when you put the seasons side by side so far it seems they have truncated the series severely. I looked at the four seasons already each of them seems to be ten episodes less than the original recommendation looking for dragonball Zeta go for the original which is available by sagas in its fullness and probably even the uncut even better but Kai is for those who want the bare essentials of the original series. Vegeta,Freiza they are there but just not as good as the original sorry folks this is not the dragonball Zeta you are looking for if you are looking for the fullness of it all.
  • It's ok if your a Tweener. Otherwise too cutesy.

    First of all the remaster of Kai is very nice in the original aspect ratio.
    Still I prefer, & would recommend that if you are going to pickup a set.
    Grab the DragonballZ Uncut sets.

    They are the cream. Only lacking in that the funi dubs have Vegeta voiced by Sabat instead of Brian Drummond.
    Also some of the recycled music from Ocean works better with the trunks saga.

    As for Kai. I think it's fair as an introduction for 8-13 year olds to DBZ.
    Actually I wish they would air the original Dragonball which IMO is the better & more age appropriate series & would just leave DBZ alone.

    In this new Kai version the picture is substantially brightened, & the added voice overs are way to kiddie for my tastes.
    There is missing footage, & while that is probably going to be good for the Frieza saga where 5 minutes turns into 8 episodes, it takes away from the series as a whole.

    It is supposed to be darker.
    This series is too bright & Pokemon like for my tastes.
  • Yeah Toriyama and Toei are milking this for everything it's worth, but its great to see DBZ back on the airwaves especially with a shorter list of episodes and no filler. Yeah it's been seen before, but it's fun to watch it again.

    I was originally skeptical of the idea behind DBZ Kai or DB Kai or whatever they call it now. I finished Dragon Ball Z in 2002 when I got the final box-set of the series and in 2003 when the Final episode aired on Cartoon Network. I watched GT, but it never had the same flair as DBZ did, so many years later 7 to be exact Funimation gets the rights and airs Dragon Ball Z Kai. Now I'm skeptical, I mean there has been so many dubs of Dragon Ball Z from the Ocean Dub from 1996-1998 on Fox if I remember it, to the 1999 dub from Funimation, then there was DBZ uncut in like 2005, and of course DBZ Kai. It's very rare a series gets remade over and over again, especially since I've probably seen three versions of the Saiyan Saga on television before, so with this in mind I was skeptical of DBZ Kai. I felt it was just Toei ripping off the fans, but to my surprise I actually enjoyed it. The stories were faster, less of the filler and like 5 episodes of just powering up. Watching it on Nicktoons I was a little disappointed at the lack of blood, however it was still pretty entertaining and I guess I am happy to see DBZ Kai again. Imagine seeing all those fillers completely removed and having full non-stop DBZ action within 100 episodes or so, that's just great. I'm looking forward to the Buu Saga because that one was a bit week. Nonetheless I can't wait to see more DBZ Kai, in a world dominated with the same old nonsense of Naruto and Bleach, DBZ has come back to become the best action cartoon around.
  • Re-do of a Legend.

    Dragon-Ball was easily one of the greatest shows to ever hit the screen, with a more adventure aspect to it and there was a lot of suprises. Dragon-Ball Z the next generation of the spectacular series which out lasted it's predecessor in terms of length. Dragon-Ball Gt...... No just no. Dragon-Ball Kai is more or less Dragon-Ball Z but remastered in like the smallest form and there are the odd scenes that were added in the episodes using the technology of today. Of course these added scenes are easily noticeable because the original didn't have much if any shading but the new additions do. Kai also speeds up the series lengths compressing the 7 or 8 episodes that it took to just get to Raditz and defeat him to about 5, the reason for this is the younger generation of today get bored easily and the dramatic pauses of the original would not come with energy. The only reason that this has got a high score is because it more or less is DBZ in a slightly different set of clothes it doesn't miss out anything too important apart from Ape Gohan vs Ape Vegeta that was the best part of the Saiyan Saga anyway, it gets a good score from me because of the memories I have of the original and how much I loved it.
  • Very well done!

    I was a big fan of Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid. You'd think that this show would amount to nothing if it didn't have any filler, but that's not the case with Dragon Ball Z Kai. There's so much to say about it...it has great action, great storylines, lovable characters, you name it. There are some funny moments in this show...I'm 17 years old and those moments made me laugh. The only gripe I would have with this show is that Bruce Faulconer isn't composing the music for the show, but all the other content makes up for it. I highly recommend this show to any old-time Dragon Ball Z fan or anybody who likes great action and storylines. Check it out if you get the chance!
  • A Great idea

    I think doing this is a great idea by Toei Animation. Me, having watched every single episode of DragonBall, DragonBallZ, and DragonBallGT, cant remember exactly every detail in every episode, so it feels as if im watching the old episodes, but with improved content. The new look absoulutley helps. I Wish that there was an actual continuation to this great series, but this will do just fine. Anyone who hasn't given this a look, you should. Highly improved quality/fighting scenes. If you've ever played DragonBallZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3, it looks exactly like the opening for the game. That should give you an idea of the awsomeness of this show.