Dragon Ball Z Kai - Season 0

Sunday 9:00 AM on Fuji Television Premiered Apr 05, 2009 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Bardock, The Father of Goku
    Bardock, a low-level saiyan warrior, and his crew are on an assignment to exterminate all the life forms of Planet Kanassa. Bardock's son, Kakarot, is born on Planet Vegeta, and prepared to be sent to Earth in order to destroy all life on the planet. One remaining warrior catches him off guard and decides to give him the "gift" of seeing the future. This gives him the ability to see the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and almost the entire Saiyan race along with it, at the hands of their master, Frieza.moreless
  • Return of Cooler
    Return of Cooler
    Episode 8
    The planet of Namek was destroyed years before, a New Namek having since been located and settled. During the intervening period, the inhabitants have enjoyed a time of peace. But as death approaches and threatens homeland horizons, Goku and the Z Warriors are called upon to save a world not their own.moreless
  • Super Android 13
    Super Android 13
    Episode 7
    Goku knows that he is the target of a vicious assault, and the devastating power of the attacks can mean only one thing: Androids.
  • Cooler's Revenge
    Cooler's Revenge
    Episode 6
  • Bojack Unbound
    Bojack Unbound
    Episode 4
  • Wrath of the Dragon
    With Hirudegarn destroying everything in sight, Goku, Trunks and Goten must battle like never before in order to save the planet!
  • Broly: Second Coming
    An investigation into the crash of a strange vessel quickly turns into a battle that not even Earth's most powerful heroes are guaranteed to win. Broly, one of the greatest threats the universe has ever known, has returned ? and this time, Goku might be powerless to stop him.
  • Fusion Reborn
    Fusion Reborn
    Episode 1
    When a disaster in Other World unleashes a gargantuan monster and causes the dead to rise from their graves, the Z Fighters' teamwork and Vegeta's risky plan might be the universe's only hope!