Dragon Ball Z Kai - Season 2

Sunday 9:00 AM on Fuji Television Premiered Apr 05, 2009 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • The Hellish Recoome! Keep Me Entertained, Vegeta-chan
    Vegeta battles the brutish Recoome of the Ginyu Special Squad. While the Saiyan prince manages to get in a few good blows, Gohan and Kuririn are forced to enter the fray, doing their best to hold out until Goku's arrival. Meanwhile, Freeza realizes a password of sorts is necessary to activate the Namekian dragon balls.moreless
  • The Special-Squad's Frontline Man! Break Guldo's Spell
    With the Ginyu Special Squad on the heels of the heroes, it looks like Gohan and Kuririn have no choice but to prematurely summon the dragon to grant Vegeta's wish of immortality if they are to ever leave the planet alive. But witnessing the new foes speak of sweets and playing rock-paper-scissors to see who fights who, is the Ginyu Special Squad really a force to be reckoned with?moreless
  • The Super Decisive Battle Draws Near! The Ginyu Special-Squad Has Arrived!
    With Freeza's supply of scouters having been destroyed previously, the Ginyu Special Squad arrives not only with a new set, but with plans to aid their master in attaining the Namekian dragon balls. And with Vegeta resorting to a temporary truce with the Earthlings, it seems like our heroes will be in for quite the confrontation soon enough.moreless
  • A Hair-Trigger Pinch! Gohan, Protect the Four-Star-Ball
    Upon finding that he has been duped by Gohan, an enraged Vegeta backtracks to the Earthling's hideout for the final Namekian dragon ball. With Goku still on his way to the planet, will the heroes survive Vegeta's wrath?
  • The Plot is Smashed! The Counterattack, Vegeta vs Zarbon
    Recovering quicker than expected, Vegeta is able to escape from Freeza's ship with all five of his dragon balls. Now, with only two more dragon balls to go, it is only a matter of time before Vegeta and the Earthlings cross paths. Matters only worsen when Zarbon arrives on the scene, eagerly awaiting a rematch with the Saiyan Prince.moreless
  • It's a Power-Up, Krillin! Freeza's Nagging Premonition
    As the dragon ball hunt on Namek continues, Dende takes Kuririn to the Saichoro, the father of every other Namekian on the planet. Elsewhere, the defeated Vegeta is taken into Freeza's spaceship.
  • Resurrected Comrades! The Handsome Warrior Zarbon's Devilish Transformation
    While training on his way to Namek, Goku receives news of a certain group of warriors having reached Kaio's planet for training of their own. Also, Vegeta clashes with Zarbon, a powerful henchman of Freeza who can increase his strength at the cost of his beauty.
  • Vegeta's Secret Maneuvering! The Namekians are Tragically Attacked
    Having escaped Freeza's spaceship, Vegeta terrorizes a Namekian village for their dragon ball.
  • Dodoria in Terrifying Hot Pursuit! Vegeta Learns the Truth
    With Dodoria making quick work of the Namekian warriors, Gohan blows his and Kuririn's cover to help the captive Namekian villagers. As Dodoria pursues the Earthlings, he is intercepted by Vegeta who is told the true reason behind his home planet's destruction.
  • Protect the Dragon Balls! The Namekian Offensive
    Dr. Briefs completes his work on a spaceship for Goku to take to Namek. Meanwhile, the Namekians show their true fighting spirit as the planet's warriors arrive to defend a nearby village from Freeza's men.
  • In Defiance of Freeza! Vegeta, Burning With Ambition
    With two of Freeza's underlings having destroyed their ship, Gohan, Kurirn and Bulma are stranded on Namek until further notice. Also, Kiwi, another of Freeza's underlings, has his sights set on the AWOL Vegeta. And back on Earth, Goku finally gets out of the hospital.
  • A Formidable New Enemy! Emperor of the Universe, Freeza
    Kuririn, Gohan and Bulma set course for Namek. However, what was thought to be a simple mission of gathering the dragon balls becomes complicated when the gang finds they are not the only visitors to the otherwise peaceful planet.
  • The Spaceship that Sleeps in Yunzabit! Blast Off For Planet Namek
    Not knowing the full extent of the remote to Nappa's abandoned spaceship, Bulma accidentally activates its self-destruction. All hope of reaching Planet Namek seems lost until Mr. Popo arrives with news concerning Kami's childhood.
  • Dawn of the Fierce Battle... The Planet of Hope is Piccolo's Homeland
    With the battle finally over, the heroes must face the deaths of their fellow fighters. However, with talk of dragon balls on another planet, there may be hope for their fallen comrades after all!