Dragon Ball Z Kai

Season 1 Episode 1

The Curtain Opens on the Battle! Son Goku Returns

Aired Sunday 9:00 AM Apr 05, 2009 on Fuji Television
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The Curtain Opens on the Battle! Son Goku Returns
Long ago, Bardock, a Saiyan warrior died in an attempt to stop Freeza, a galactic tyrant who ruled over the vast reaches of space. But before Freeza destroys Bardock's home planet, one space pod seems to have escaped only moments beforehand. Kakarrot, Bardock's son, had escaped the planet's explosion and was sent to Earth to follow through with Freeza's orders of conquering it. Upon crash landing on Earth, however, Kakarrot is found by an elderly man, Son Gohan, who raises him as his own, naming him Son Goku. Years pass and Goku ends up serving as Earth's greatest protector, completely unaware of his Saiyan heritage. But it seems that Goku is not the only survivor of his home planet, as another Saiyan has reached Earth to remind him of his true purpose.moreless

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  • Needs to be better.

    The first episode of the revised show that took elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and even colleges alike. And it really could have been better. That whole first couple minutes that explained the origins of Goku's heritage, what happened to his planet--which was all originally a surprise in the unrevised version--was pretty dragged out and felt like it took some life out of the episode. And then it proceeded with a not so exciting introduction of Son Gohan. The opening episode, which is supposed to help establish what is going on, felt like it didn't really do that. Things felt a bit rushed too.moreless
Keiichi Sonobe

Keiichi Sonobe


Guest Star

Daisuke Matsubara

Daisuke Matsubara

Freeza Underling

Guest Star

Jouji Yanami

Jouji Yanami


Guest Star

Hiromi Tsuru

Hiromi Tsuru


Recurring Role

Masaharu Satou

Masaharu Satou


Recurring Role

Takahiro Fujimoto

Takahiro Fujimoto


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Altered Detail: During the recap covering the various enemies Goku fights, the blood on Piccolo has been changed from red to purple to remain consistent with his blood in later episodes.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Raditz: You've grown, huh? But I still recognized you at first glance, Kakarrot.
      Goku: Kakarrot?
      Raditz: You look just like father...

    • Kuririn: Say, Goku, is your boy strong like you?
      Goku: About that... I think he has quite a bit of power, but Chi Chi gets mad when I try to train Gohan.
      Kuririn: How come? That's such a waste, isn't it?
      Goku: Ain't it, though? She says the world is at peace now, so we don't need martial arts anymore and that from now on, it's time for studying.
      Roshi: (laughs) So that tomboy of a girl turned out to be an education-minded-mama-san, huh?

    • (Goku arrives to the island with Gohan)
      Bulma: Huh, what's up with the boy?
      Kuririn: Have you taken up a job baby-sitting, Goku?
      Goku: He's my boy.
      (everyone overreacts)

    • Roshi: You sure have been cold to us, huh? Unless someone tells you to come over, you never come at all.
      Bulma: (interrupting with a package) Here! I brought some manju beans as a present.
      Roshi: You didn't need to go to that trouble. If you'd just let me touch your boobs a little bit, I'd--
      (Bulma interrupts again, slamming the package to Roshi's head)
      Roshi: You just don't appreciate my gags, the same as always!
      Bulma: You're just a lecherous jerk, the same as always!

    • Raditz: There's somebody with a great power around. Range: 4880. (flies off) Is that you, Kakarrot?!

    • Bardock: My son, Kakarrot... follow my will... you will avenge the Saiyans and planet Vegeta!

    • Bardock: Now, everything will be resolved. The fate of planet Vegeta, the fate of Kakarrot... and your fate as well! It's all over! (shoots a final energy blast at Freeza)

  • NOTES (3)

    • New Episode Eyecatches:
      - Opening: Goku and Gohan
      - Closing: Raditz, Goku and Piccolo

    • New Dragon Ball / One Piece Dream 9 Eyecatch: Kuririn sparring Luffy in front of a Kame logo background

      *Also note that Mayumi Tanaka serves as the voice actress for both Dragon Ball's Kuririn and One Piece's Luffy.

    • Dragon Ball Z Manga Correlation:
      – Chapter 001 / DB Chapter 195, "The Mysterious Alien Warrior"
      – Chapter 002 / DB Chapter 196, "Kakarrot"


    • Look Closely: Before the alien's space pod crashes into the farmer's land, a shot of the pod passing by the Earth's sun is shown. This shot of the sun is the same one used in the opening theme song in Dragon Ball, the first of the Dragon Ball series.

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