Dragon Ball Z Kai

Season 2 Episode 7

Vegeta's Secret Maneuvering! The Namekians are Tragically Attacked

Aired Sunday 9:00 AM Sep 13, 2009 on Fuji Television

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  • Where is the character development?

    As always, the episode is full of story development and almost nothing else. The revelation of Vegeta coming into the Namekian Dragon Ball scene has been pretty nice; him slaughtering the Namekians mercilessly was pretty sad. And Dende talking about his culture and how there are no women, plus how Namekians only need water as a part of their diet were interesting. But although intense and aggressive story development is what separates most action shounens from other forms of entertainment, character development is still pretty important, and for the most part, much of the latest episodes have been almost completely void of it.