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Dragon Ball Z Kai

Season 1 Episode 9

Yamcha's Hard Struggle! The Terrifying Saibaimen

Aired Sunday 9:00 AM May 31, 2009 on Fuji Television
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Episode Summary

Yamcha's Hard Struggle! The Terrifying Saibaimen

The Saiyans have reached the planet and have encountered the fighters of Earth. However, instead of a direct confrontation, the foes unleash the Saibaimen, cultivated life-forms, on the fighters.

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  • Epic!

    Could Dragonball Z seriously have been this addictive if you filter out all the damn filler? Although the best part of the series is much later on, it's a pretty good sign that it's already this great early on. How the Saiyans introduced the Saibaman and have them fight one on one with the "Z Warriors" was a good way to manipulate the atmosphere. The Saiyans were introduced as these super warriors who seem almost invincible, and here we have Tien who easily annihilates one of their warriors. Yamcha gets his fair share of easy pickings himself, giving us the viewers that sense that the Earth Warriors have a chance perhaps even without Goku, but then Yamcha is killed. Awesome awesome episode; only complaint is that the music board, which is something that will probably never improve, could be better.moreless
Jouji Yanami

Jouji Yanami


Guest Star

Tamotsu Nishiwaki

Tamotsu Nishiwaki

TV Announcer

Guest Star

Hiromi Tsuru

Hiromi Tsuru


Recurring Role

Masaharu Satou

Masaharu Satou


Recurring Role

Naoki Tatsuta

Naoki Tatsuta


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: While Puar and Bulma are crying because of Yamcha's death, you can see the camera continue panning and showing Chi-Chi lying on a sick bed behind Bulma. In the original series, Chi-Chi confirms Gohan is alright and faints. This is not shown in the remake, which is confusing to the new fans to wonder what happened to Chi-Chi in this particular situation.

    • Goof: This episode is the first of the Kai series to display some newly animated scenes during the next-episode-preview, whereas previous episodes would merely show animated material as-is, keeping the re-animated material for the next episode. However, with that said, it seems that there is a downside to having re-animated footage revealed before its actual episode airing.

      The preview shows a brief shot of Tenshinhan firing his Kikoho blast. In that brief moment, however, you can see a checker-box effect where his blast is supposed to be flashing. Apparently, someone forgot to change one of the animation layers back to visible in their editing program while working on this particular scene, resulting in a major, yet only briefly visible mistake.

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  • NOTES (2)

    • New Episode Eyecatches
      - Opening: Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chiautzu, Kuririn, Piccolo, and Gohan
      - Closing: Vegeta, Nappa and the Saibaimen

    • Dragon Ball Z Manga Correlation:
      - Chapter 020 / DB Chapter 213: "The Saiya-jin Arrive!!" (pages 5-end)
      - Chapter 020 / DB Chapter 214: "Vegeta's Game"
      - Chapter 021 / DB Chapter 215: "Yamcha's Premonition"


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