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PBS Premiered Jan 19, 2002 In Season





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  • Interesting show for kids, Curious why PBS doesn't show this anymore.


    This is one of the best kids shows since the days of ZOOM. Taking on science topics such as matter, physics, animals as well as other things.It has pretty intresting facts. The kids test out there theories using scientific method among other things. It was pretty fun, I wish they still had stuff like this.

  • Learn about the weirdest things, from supper-soakers to mutant frogs. Funny

    This show is made for the 10 to 13 audiance, but I think older and younger kids could enjoy it. I did. The hosts are funny, and the 'do-it' experaments really work. I think it would be really great to be on this show, although i don't know what i would do. The show has a different theme every week (or episode) I love all the out-door episoeds, and the roller-costars. It's a pitty that they have it on durring school, so i can only watch it in the summer. what i wouldn't give to have tivo. a great show.
  • Very Interessting

    Well this show is a very science based show which fits my charitersies very well. I love this show very much. Im glad I just started watching this series because I can tell already that this will be a good tv show. To get an approval rating before watching like 50 episode is pretty good and is only achived by my favorite shows. This show cureently comes on PBS Kids Go! on well PBS. When I watch this show I think this is a very cutting edge show and how on earth do they come up with those braillant ideas. Anyways this show is awsome and I recemned this show to all ages.
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