Dragons: Defenders of Berk

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Dragons: Defenders of Berk

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Dragons: Riders of Berk takes us from the point where the movie left us wanting more, it now takes us into the world of The Dragon Academy where Hiccup and his friends begin theirs and the dragons training. The dragons have become accustomed to the vikings and... well they just want to have fun. Fun for a dragon means headaches for the vikings, the dragons like to scare the other animals and breathe fire on just about anything else, after all... dragons just like to have fun. Stoick, father of Hiccup has declared that Hiccup start an academy for training the unruly dragons, thus the beginning of Dragons: Riders of Berk.

Come with us into the world of dragon training and watch as Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, the twins Ruffnut & Tuffnut, and of course Toothless and the other dragons not only go on adventures but also battle the likes of the viking Outcast tribe who are led by Alvin the Treacherous, however there are other villains, which include those within the village of Berk and those who appear as if they are friends of the residents of Berk. The show is great entertainment for the whole family.

Dragons: Defenders of Berk continues the story of the dragons and riders of Berk who must now defend against the newest, deadliest threat: The Outcast tribe with their own dragons to ride.


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