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Continuity and consistency errors

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    [1]Jan 26, 2013
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    First is the people of Berks attitude towards dragons at the slightest hint that dragons aren't convinent they let themselves be convinced to turn against dragons these people are like yo-yo's in gift of the night fury they thought the loss of the dragons would ruin theirholidaynow thy keep thinking they should get rid of them.

    I know there are kid models could the animators add them to the background?

    Half the time it's like the main cast of dragons are the only ones a lot of the time the backgrounds are so empty it feels like a stage not asetting.

    In the third episode Fishlegs pulled out an egg the size of his head and said it was a terrible terror terribleterrorsare really small no way they laid an egg that big. Also dragons fly to a specific breeding island for egg laying.

    Anyone else notice problems?

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    [2]Feb 5, 2013
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    A few slight ones, but the show is enjoyable all the same.
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    I agree, I was expecting they try to dumb the show down in favor of morals, but the action has been decent and better than I expected. I can forgive some errors and I thought the idea was to make the series independent from the films? Basically after the first movie, that's where this show picks up and the other specials and the 2nd movie will be independent from the show.

    also I don't mind the focus on the fewer dragons, its better than to be thrown a ton of dragons and not get to know them as well.

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