Dragons: Defenders of Berk

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  • Dragons Season 3

    DreamWorks Dragons Season 3 Completed.


  • Best show I ever watched.

    I don't watch Riders of Berk or Defenders of Berk often for some reason and I really should watch it more. On the other hand, the third season of the show on Netflix, Dragons: Race to the Edge is fantastic. It has great animation and more dragons you could ever imagine.
  • Amazing!

    Its really good, and the animation is great!
  • Does Dreamworks seriuosly need to create a TV show for every movie they make?

    that is what it feels like recently that every animated movie gets a tv show that follows at its heels. Personally, I think we should focus more on original projects than making a follow up show. Kind of ruins the original film in a way when you look at it that way.
  • This is my clever title -_-

    I honestly adore this show! The characters are well put together. The animation is really well done. The stories are actually really good! Keep doing what you're doing! Ill be watching.
  • WTF!?!?!? What's up with all the positive reviews? This show is not that enjoyable.

    I think this show is kinda boring. It's a cartoon network show based on an epic dreamworks movie. Great, now cartoon network is acting like nick, making shows based on movies instead of making original shows. JUST. F**KING. GREAT!!!!!!

    Anyway, I think this show is pretty bland for the most part. It has a few enjoyable moments, but it's just not that good. It's about hiccup, a young boy trying to train other dragons in a boring town called twerk, I MEAN, berk.

    Yeah, like I said before, the movie was epic, but the show is......................... not so epic.
  • Looking forward to the new season

    Love the series hope the new season come out soon!! Can't wait hurry guys

  • One of the better shows out there in TV wasteland.

    Very nice show based on he movie. But one major issue with the whole show and movie was the accents of the characters. They do not fit the Viking style. They sound more like Scots like they should be training the Loc ness monster or something.
  • A good show that deserves all of its praise.

    This show is a marvel of animation. I really loved watching the dragons in action again after two years. It has spectacular animation like I said before, and the show's plot and characters aren't ridiculous like most spin-off shows! If you're a wimp like me, you'll find that Hiccup is quite a relatable character, and Toothless will grow on you if you've ever had a pet before. The supporting cast and dragons all do their jobs very well, and giving Stoick a dragon of his own was an overall good decision. The one gripe I have with this show is that the dialogue will kind of make you cringe. I'm not saying it's bad writing, but some of the lines are a bit corny, and combined with the characters' Scandinavian accents, will make for some strange bits of awkwardness, eye-rolling, or cringing. Overall though, this show is a worthy spin-off to the original movie, and one of the better shows on Cartoon Network.

    GRADE: A
  • Love it! :D

    It's just as good as the movie! And I love that they used most of the same actors for the voices!
  • A good remake of the movie

    this is one of the good movie based shows
  • Very promising

    I totally enjoyed the movie and the animation was well up to par with what Pixar makes. Based on the first few episodes so far, the animation is probably as good as the movie (no major reduction of detail as if to make a cheap direct to dvd show).

    Even though each story has a moral at the end, it doesn't feel too dumbed down like so many other kids shows have become :cough:thomas the tank engine:cough: This show has some good action scenes and the dragons look pretty neat. It's a decent kids show that I'd recommend to younger kids without having to be too bored to death.
  • really good!

    Wow. I just cant believe how GOOD this turned out! With all the fanboy and chumchum and robot and monster computer animated junk, i really didnt have high hopes for this show. But the animating is as good as the movie, and shows really dont go that far. Overall this show is awesome.
  • This show is so amazing its like im watching the classics on my coach chips and soda again. The ending of the movie was great and what i like about this one is. There are alot of dragons like about 200 dragons. You can pick witch one you like best


    Thats cool and the ending is sad but he got his kiss and he got to kept his dragon. In my opinion the show mops the floor with stupid yellow sponge i know just saying. I aslo think that the show is great like the movie because the show is the movie you get what im saying.? Weird but cool over all the show is in my top 5 facorite cartoons

    1.How To Train Your Dragon

    2.Regular Show

    3. Pac Is Back

    4.Adventure Time

    5.Amazing World Of Gumball