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Wednesday 9:00 PM on BBC TwoIn Season

Anyone watching this?

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    I don't see any posts here, so I wonder if this has much of an audience in the US. Or anywhere, for that matter. I see numerous seasons, so it must be doing well in the UK.

    I actually like the show a lot. I set it to record to my DVR after seeing a promo on BBC America, not fully sure what it was about, but I was pleasently surprised.

    I think they somewhat ruin the outcome on BBC AMERICA by showing too much of the upcoming segments, and they say only 1 person per show is successful (which has been the case for the episodes I have seen thus far), so when the second person gets the money they ask for, you wonder why you should even watch the final 2.

    I read on a number of sites that in actually finalizing the deals, many of the so-called deals on the show didn't actually go through at all, and no money was given. So, much of the entire process seems phony as a result of knowing that.

    It's still enjoyable tho- I don't see it as making fun of silly ideas from average people as some others have complained, I see these people as having some good ideas and some bad, but they have passion for their ideas and it's interesting and often endearing to see them pitch their dreams to these dragons.

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    yh me and my friends watch it and it is a good show and a hit in the UK

    dont know when the next series will be on

    my fave dragon Peter Jones
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    Yeah, I watch it! The next season starts on Wednesday, July 15. Can't wait. I prefer those pitching than the actual dragon's myself. The bloke who introduced Raggae Raggae sauce is such a legend!
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