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Junior Dragons' Den ... Children in Need 2007

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    Junior Dragons' Den, Friday 16th November 2007.

    First into the Den for this Junior version of Dragon's Den was 10 year old Callum who was looking for £1000 to fund his guinea pig house venture. Caused some confusion for Peter Jones who couldn't understand why the Guinea Pigs woudn't escape through the holes (or windows, as Callum pointed out) until Duncan Bannatyne enlightened Peter by explaining the houses would go into runs. When pressed as to what he would use the money for, Callum said that his Grandad's shed (where the houses are made) needed heating for winter. James Caan asked if he would get a discount if he purchased multiple houses. Callum said of course not. Finally, Theo Paphitis explained that his daughters, Annabel and Holly, want a guinea pig, so he said he would invest in Callum if he would make them a guinea pig house. After some thought, Callum agreed, and the first deal of Junior Dragon's Den was struck.

    Using cut scenes like the regular Dragons' Den and with Evan Davis' earnest voice over, the show continued, with glimpses of children interested in setting up a Junior Night Club and one boy with a slogan 'The Past is Rubbish, The Future is Recycle'.

    Sydney presented her decorative belt for holding useful items, such as mobile phone and lip balm. Deborah tried it on. When asked about costs and selling price, she replied that it takes about 2/3 pounds to produce and she sells it for £6. Peter Jones was flabbergasted, as he was convinced she could sell for £9.99 or more. Sydney replied that was why she was here, to get business advice. Peter was impressed and invested.

    Sam came in with his multiple-plastic cup holder. When asked who his favourite dragon was, he replied Peter Jones. So Duncan instantly said he was out. James Caan provided the investment.

    Finally, into the Den came 9 year old James from Halifax, the youngest of the Junior Entrepreneurs. James is a tap-dancer and has often felt lonely and different at school. His plan is for 'Look 4 Lonlieness' in the school playground, to offer badges and trophies for children who help children who are alone at school. Theo was impressed with his dancing skills, and had a go at some tap dancing himself. All the dragons commended what he was trying to do though a few thought it was already happening in schools already ... though James said they weren't offering badges and trophies. James Caan liked what he was doing and recnogised that he was doing it for others. He offered James the full £5000. However, Duncan also wanted to invest and gave James the option of a) Going with James Caan. b) Going with Duncan or c) Going with both and splitting it. James opted for James Caan, and when Duncan asked him why, he said it was because James was a new dragon and didn't want him to feel left out. James was clearly touched. Young James tap danced out of the den.

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