Dragon's Lair

ABC (ended 1985)


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  • "Dragon's lair" the cartoon is based on the famous game by Don Bluth.

    Gotta love the 1980's during this time a lot of video game to cartoon shows were being produced: "Q-Bert", "Pac-Man" although many of them didn't last anything but a season they were for the most part fun to watch.

    This was based on Don Bluth's famous game "Dragon's Lair" which was a real breakthrough as far as games go (using Laserdisc technology mixing with voice with real time movies) the game received acclaim for Bluth who was an animation for Disney.

    "Dragon's Lair" introduces us to familiar characters we have seen in the game (Princess Daphne) and mingles with different adventures in each episode.

    For 1980's it's not bad and it has aged rather well considering the other crappy cartoon produced since then.

    I think if you're into the game and into a cartoon with lots of laughs and adventures it's worth looking into.