Drak Pack

Season 2 Episode 11

Dr. Dred Is a Shrinker:

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 15, 1980 on CBS

Episode Recap

Dr. Dred creates a shrink ray. He uses it to shrink a train and sneaks into Fork Knox with it. He tries to shrink all of the gold and bring it out on the train. The Drak Pack gets the device and enlarges Dr. Dred and O.G.R.E. as they are running out of the gold room. Dr. Dred has a large amount of the gold in his pockets and the weight ripps his pants off. The newspaper reads "Dr. Dred caught with his pants down". You leave the Drak Pack as they are trying to repair the device. They had been shrunk and one of them dropped the device and broke it before they could reenlarge themselves.