Drak Pack

CBS (ended 1982)


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  • A stupid early 1980s show, but I loved it!

    This show deservedly did not last long, but was enough to grip the minds and hearts of many children in 1980. A comedy-action cartoon using teen-aged versions of classic movie monsters as the heroes (why?? because they were cool), it employed stupidly funny dialogue and catchphrases. To this day, some of the over-30s may say, "Bad toad!" when they just made a mistake. Of the villains, Toad, the Peter Lorre-sounding/cringing Igor figure is the most memorable.
  • A very memorable cartoon that should be getting airplay on Boomerang or one of Cartoon Network's other sister channels. Unfortunately, the only way to get the episodes is to order them online from www.amazon.ca.

    This was a campy cartoon that was obviously inspired by both "Batman" and "Electra Woman". The "Drak Wack" that Franky, Howler and Drak Jr. utilize when performing their transformation was to have given shades of a similar change performed by the Jetsons in the never-aired "Super Jetsons", in which George and family hold hands, causing the micro-motion of the improved Thinko machine to transform them into costumed superheroes. If there is only one fault for "Drak Pack", it's that there were not enough villains. "The Jetsons" had some, which contributed to its 1980s renaissance. I would love to see a Drak Pack/Super Jetsons team-up in which both sets of superheroes dispatch Dr. Dread and his rotten bunch, as well as Knuckles Nuclear, Mugsy Megaton, Mangler Mars and the other dreaded foes.
  • This is one of my all-time favorite cartoons. So much so, in fact, that I dedicated my website to it --Drak Pack Headquarters--REBORN!

    I loved the idea of teenaged monsters. And having them fight evil to atone for the evil of their ancestors was a great touch, too. The only thing I wish they could have done was to give them more enimies to fight. While Dr. Dred and O.G.R.E. were interesting enimies, they were not enough. A varity--or "rouges gallery" -- would have been much better. Space outlaws, other monsters --either alone or in groups-- and other supervillians would have been a nice change of pace. Even the Drak Pack catching ordinary crooks from time-to-time would have spiced up the show. Even so, the show was fun, and funny, and I wish it could have gone at least one more season.