Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 10

#1 Fan

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 19, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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#1 Fan
An obsessed fan is in love with Drake. She loves him so much, she says she's going to marry him and won't leave Drake a moments peace. So Drake must get this #1 fan to stop embarrassing him and ruining his life. Meanwhile, Josh becomes the new chief of the campfire kids but finds it tricky to deal with kids.moreless

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  • Awesome episode from season 2!

    Overall, I thought this was a pretty enjoyable episode. The plot was pretty well put together, and there were some really funny parts like Josh sticking his hand in the pitcher of milk, Wendy writing about Drake asking her about the pickles in her diary, the Drake t-shirts, the flyer on the map in the classroom, and Josh getting locked in the tent. I really felt for Wendy when Drake told her he didn't even want to be her friend, and the very ending was sweet when Drake finally played her a song. The only thing I didn't like was Wendy sort of getting on my nerves in this episode. Overall, though, this was a great episode, and I'll give it an A as my final grade. Marebear2009,out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~moreless
  • fan

    drake meets his number one fan, but when she becomes a bothersome and won't leave him alone, what is he going to do? josh becomes a troop leader for megan and her friends, but they take advantage of him and are just mean to him. in the end, drake's fan forgives him and he forgives her.

    it was good, some of it was a tad boring, but it was also really funny with a good plot, albeit a tad predictable. But, that is not always a bad thing, it just matters how they get there, which i liked. Grade- A+moreless
  • Drake meets his #1 fan.

    In this episode Josh is helping his father with the Campfire Kids by making them smores. Drake gets a call from Star 99 radio station and is invited to perform there. But just as then, Walter quits after the kids tie him up and makes Josh the new chief. As for another kid in the group, Wendy, she is absolutely in love with Drake and sneaks up into his room. She starts talking a mile a minute and talking about her obsession with him. Drake gives Wendy his guitar pick and an autograph. Wendy tells Drake that her dream is for him to sing her a song just for her. When Drake is at the Premiere with a date, Wendy comes over to the table and insults his date. Drake gets mad. Afterward, she comes up to his window with a pickle jar and asks him to marry her, making it official. Drake needs to tell her to back off. So the next day, Wendy comes over with a Drake sleeping on a T-shirt. Drake tells Wendy that she should ease off a little and Wendy says she's cool with it. But thing just get way worse. She posts flyers all over Drake's school about him performing on Star 99. So Drake becomes the laughing stock of Belleview High and Drake yells at Wendy, strictly telling her to stop it. This makes Wendy sad and she wouldn't cheer up the entire night. That night, Josh gets ready for the big camp out and the kids prevent this from happening by locking him in the tent and taking over the night. At Star 99 radio station, Drake finds a letter from Wendy saying that she's sorry and won't bug him anymore. She returns his guitar pick and Drake feels that he must do something. So he resceduled his performance and returns. He fulfills Wendy's dream by performing the song, Down We Fall. This makes Wendy feel a lot better and Drake tells Wendy that she can keep his guitar pick. Then all of the Campfire Kids go with Drake to Chuck-E-Cheddar's leaving Josh all alone in his tent. Good episode watch it =)

  • A girl in Megan's girl scout troop, nameed Wendy, has a huge crush on Drake & Wendy wants Drake to play a song for her. But, when Wendy gets to into Drake, Drake explodes and wants nothing to do wit her. But, in the end, Drake plays a song just for her.moreless

    This was a pretty good episode. This episode is one of the episodes you hear Drake perform a song of his. In this episode, Drake performed a song for Wendy called "Down We Fall". I thought that Drake had made the right decision to play the song for Wendy in person, rather than play on the radio. I thought that that was just really sweet of him to do. This is another episode where Drake's sensitivity shows too. This episode was just really great and very entertaining! This episode of "Drake and Josh" earns a 9.6 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Great episode..!!!

    This episode is all about one of Megan's friends who is totally obsessed with Drake..She is really in love with Drake..Her dream is for Drake to sing a song just for her..She also wants to become his wife someday..Then Josh becomes the new chief of the campfire kids after Walter quit because the campfire kids were torturing him..Meanwhile,Wendy is really getting into Drake's nerves..She ruined a date and posted flyers all over school about Drake to perform on Star 99 radio station..Because of this she yelled at Wendy to stop all of this and to back off..She was so depressed afterwards..Then Drake received a letter from her that she won't disturb him anymore..because of this,Drake cancelled his plan to sing on the radio station and instead went back home to sing Wendy a special song..Everything then turn out okay and they all go to Chuckie Chedders leaving Josh alone in the tent..All in all it was a great episode..Can't wait to see it again..moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • When Josh takes Megan and her friends to the Premier to learn about what to do if they were alone in the woods on the sign on the Premier you see "Buckets of blood" and in the Drake and Josh episode Movie job Josh says might I recommend "Buckets of blood"

    • Look Hard: In his 1st meeting with Wendy, Drake inadvertently keeps the pen she had handed him for his autograph!

    • When Drake and Josh are in class with all the flyers of Drake, the teacher says they are going to talk about why there is no East Virginia. However, when he pulls down the map with the huge poster, you can see that it's a map of Europe, not America.

    • When Megan locks Josh in the tent, she only locks one door, and most tents have two doors. Josh should therefore have been able to get out through the other door.

    • After Drake closes the curtains on Wendy after offering him some pickles, she shouts, "They're vertically sliced for sandwiches!" If you look, you can tell that the pickles in the jar are obviously whole.

    • Look Hard: Notice that after Drake calls Wendy to show Josh her answering machine, he doesn't hang up the phone after the machine was done. So, wouldn't Drake and Josh's whole conversation afterwards and when Wendy came up to there window be recorded, and Wendy would have possibly heard it? And she didn't seem to care.

    • When Josh stuck his hand in the milk it splashed on the s'mores. Several shots later it was okay.

    • Drake is playing a 12-string guitar at the Radio station, but when he comes home it is a six-string.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Megan: Drake? What are you doing here?
      Josh: (From inside the tent) How come you're not on the radio?
      Drake: I came back to... (Looks around) Is that Josh? Where is he?
      Megan: Forget it.

    • (Drake and Josh are entering to the classroom)
      Josh: ...yeah, but if that would be true the fish would have feet, but it doesn't.

    • Josh: So you are alone in the woods, and you only carry a map, a compass and a flashlight.
      Megan: So I carry a map, a compass and a flashlight, but I don't carry my cell phone?
      Josh: That tears it! We're seeing a movie!
      Campfire kids: Yeaaaah!

    • Drake: What are you doing with those peanuts?
      Josh: Protecting them from bears. (Closes the can full of peanuts) Bears aren't smart enough to open these.
      (Josh tries to open the can but can't)
      Drake: You want me to go call a bear to help you with that?

    • Josh: Ok kids. I am your new chief.
      Girl: You are the new chief?! Really?! I´m out... (she leaves)

    • Josh: Hey! I want to go to Chuckie Cheddars! I want to whack the mole!

    • Josh: What're you doing?
      Walter: Resigning. You're the new campfire kids chief.
      Josh: But, I don't--
      Walter: New chief!
      Josh: Yes, Daddy!

    • Drake: Ooh, I like s'mores!
      Josh (Annoyed): Who doesn't?
      Drake: ... s'more haters?

    • Josh: Don't eat those s'mores, Drake.
      Drake: Oh, I won't. (Drake picks up a s'more and takes a bite out of it.)
      Josh: Because I just took it out of the 400 degree oven.
      (Drake spits out s'more bite.)

    • (Wendy gives Josh a huge t-shirt)
      Josh: Is this shirt for me,or a sport utility vehicle!?

    • Wendy: (When Drake calls Wendy and gets her answering machine) Drake's not here right now, but if he was, that'd be so cool! I love you Drake! (pause) Please leave a message.

    • Josh: (checking on the S'mores) Hello, S'mores. (burning himself after pulling the S'mores out of the oven) Hello, Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! (Sticking his burned arm inside the pitcher of milk).
      Drake: They usually put the prize in the cereal, not the milk.

    • Josh: Okay, what would you do if a person dropped you in the middle of nowhere?
      Megan: I'd call Mom on my cell phone.
      Josh: Say you didn't have a cell phone?
      Megan: I always have my cell phone.
      Josh: The batteries dead.
      Megan: I always carry a-
      Josh: It's broken! It fell in a lake! A bear ate it! The point is, you're lost!!

    • Drake: Dad's still the Campfire Chief? I thought they kicked him out after the pine cone incident.
      Josh: Hey, that squirrel had it coming!

    • Josh: (Flipping through notebook) Hey, when you flip the pages, there's a little cartoon of you two walking and holding hands!
      Drake: I wonder how she... JO, THIS IS NO TIME FOR ANIMATION!

    • Wendy: Don't you think Drake's adorable?
      Megan: I think of him more as a...target.

    • Wendy: Wow, you're going to be on the radio? (Says proudly) I have a radio.
      Drake: Cool...

    • Wendy: Hi Drake! I brought you some pickles! Oh, and will you marry me?

    • Pete: You're the worst!
      Josh: Thank you PETE.

    • Josh: Okay, camp out starts in 0-5 minutes.
      Pete: Why can't you just say 5 minutes?
      Josh: You drop and give me 20!
      Pete: Don't you mean 0-20?

    • Leah: It's a woman isn't it?
      Drake: Kinda a Little woman.

    • Josh: (Stuck in the tent and yelling when everyone leaves) Drake? Megan? I wanna whack the mole. Aw come on could I just get a glass of water? There's no bathroom in here! That's a problem!

    • Wendy: (Holding a piece of paper) Look, Drake gave me an autograph.
      Josh: (Taking the paper and turning it over)On the back of my autographed picture of Frankie Muniz?!

  • NOTES (2)