Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 16

Alien Invasion

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 18, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Drake and Josh decide to turn the tables and prank little Megan. She actually believes that aliens are coming down to Earth and they are going to kidnap her. But at the end, Drake and Josh find that this may not go as they hoped.

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  • Miranda Cosgrove looks the most beutiful in the episode!!!

    I like this E#pisode of Drake and Josh for Two reasons. On major reason is because Miranda Cosgrove(Megan) looks the most beautiful in this episode. I am crazy about Miranda Cosgrove. She is too pretty and I cant stop thinking about her until i cry about not standing next to her. She actually looks the most beautiful in Drake and Josh Go Hollywood in her Pink polka dotted Bathing Suit, but that was deleted from Tv.com for some reason.I want to become an Actor just to(Hopefully) get the chance to meet MIranda Cosgrove!! Now i better stop talking about it before i embarras myself! I also liked how drake and Josh finally gat thier revenge on little missy mean pants Megan. OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!! She gets me mad when she gets thouhght of as an angel and gets away with Pulling Pranks! It steams me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Halloween Review #25

    Drake and Josh decide to turn the tables and prank little Megan. She actually believes that aliens are coming down to Earth and they are going to kidnap her. But at the end, Drake and Josh find that this may not go as they hoped. I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Drake and Josh". It's not a Halloween episode but it is an alien episode which is matches with Halloween so this will be reviewed as a Halloween episode. The only thing that made my score a little low was Megan. I really didn't like it when Megan got Drake and Josh in trouble. Other than that, this episode was pure hilarious. Walter's part in this episode was very funny especially when he says how much fun washing dishes can be. I also laughed super hard when Drake and Josh were hiding in the trash can and then Walter dumps the trash on the trashcan where Josh is hiding. Drake and Josh's prank on Megan with them being on the alien make-up was very funny. Megan's prank when she got a friend to be an alien to prank Drake and Josh was very funny. I also laughed at the very ending when Walter jumped out of the window thinking that the alien is real when it is actually just Megan's friend. Overall, an excellent episode of "Drake and Josh". 9.5/10moreless
  • Awesome

    I usually hate when shows do episodes about aliens, because it's one of those things where some people do in fact believe in aliens, and others don't. I'm in the do category so episodes like this are iffy. But I loved it. I liked when they finally thought they had gotten away with the prank on Megan but then she got them. I don't understand really how she knew they had planned this, it's not really explained in the episode, but it is a good episode. I think Megan haters will dislike this one, but to each their own I guess.moreless
  • I love aliens and I love Drake and Josh, Its payback time to Megan!

    So they talk about how sometimes their life is stressing but there's a person who sometimes really steams them up and that is none other than little sister Megan! First they are disappointed that Megan is using Drake's coat and Josh's laptop, soon she gets them in trouble by screaming and laying on the ground. Then Drake and Josh decide to devise a plan to get her back, and their plan involves dressing up like aliens and making her think they're gonna get her! That was funny at the end where they come for her, though she has one of her own alien friends that scare them off! Plus that was super funny when the alien turns around and says "sup" to Drake and Josh's dad and he runs for his life and jumps out the window!! They should show this episode more often! It was hilarious and Drake and Josh's plan was at least almost successful!moreless
  • drake and josh are tired of megan always pranking them and getting them in trouble so they devise a plan to get back at her for onde

    ok at first im like ok i missed this ep a couple days ago so i should watch it but i put it off b/c i hadnt seen this ep in awhile and forgot how hilarious it was..i loved drake's blues improvisations..they were just too funny..and i love when he plays the guitar..then the whole alien thing was just too good...it started out small but funny and when they got to become the aliens themselves..it was just too good..too bad megan turned the tables back on them..luckily it was funny when josh couldnt get over the gate too..also walter's dorkiness added a lot to the showmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Drake and Josh are making alien sounds into the hamm radio the microphone is small, but after they put the blanket over it when Megan came into the room you can see that the size of the microphone has changed and is now very tall.

    • When Drake is singing Cranky Josh, if you look closely, Drake isn't playing the guitar.

    • Drake and Josh don't need a special effects artist since they're just wearing plain rubber masks that slip on over their heads.

    • It is never revealed who the mysterious alien (who Megan calls "Danny") really is, but it's safe to assume it's probably one of Megan's friends. Or, they could be playing on the idea that she knows real aliens.

    • The way Audrey says to Megan "you're making coffee?", we can assume she doesn't drink coffee. But at the start of "Number One Fan," Drake claims that he once took Megan go-karting having given her serval cups of coffee.

    • When Eric points to the way out, he points to the right. But the way out is on the left. He should know this, as he went through the doors to get in.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Drake: She (Megan) gave my cellphone number to three hobos!
      Drake: And now every time my cellphone rings, it's a hobo!
      (later, Drake´s cellphone rings)
      Drake: Hello?
      Man: (over the phone) Hey, can I go to your house?
      Drake: No! Leave me alone, hobo!

    • Kate: (touching Drake´s face) Oh God. You´re skin's flawless. Leave it to Mindy to find herslf such a great boyfriend.
      (Drake grabs Josh and places him in front of Kate)
      Josh: Actually, I´m Mindy´s boyfriend. (makes a happy face)
      Kate: Oh yeah?
      Josh: Hmm-hmm. (Kate touches his face)
      Kate: Yeah...you need work.

    • Eric: You know, sometimes I feel like you just use me.
      Drake: Oh, come on Craig, you're my friend.
      Eric: I'm Eric.
      Drake: Eh...uh...you know the exit right?

    • Josh: Hey, she out there?
      Drake: Yep, she keeps looking up in the sky wondering where the aliens are.
      Josh: Perfect, alright. Come here, now this is the ham radio.
      Drake: Mmm, ham radio.
      Josh: Now we just talk into this mic and we sound like aliens.
      Drake: Oh cool gimme it. Bonjour Si' te plait..... (Josh takes the mic)
      Josh: We're supposed to sound like we're from outer space NOT PARIS!
      Drake: You know there's a way to correct people nicely.

    • Josh: Hey Drake, have you seen my laptop?
      Drake: Yeah, I think Megan's using it in the backyard.
      Josh: What! how many times I told her to not touch my items? Oh I am gonna fix her wagon!
      Drake: She doesn't have a wagon.
      Josh: It's a figure of speech.
      Drake:(later, singing) Well, old cranky Josh is fixing Megan's wagon, but not literally.

    • Audrey (Megan's mom): Now, why don't you go help your father with the dishes.
      Megan: Ahh, but what if he talks to me?
      Audrey: Hey, I put up with it, you can, too.

    • Josh: Hey! Hey!
      Drake: Oh, sorry. Do you want some sandwich?
      Josh: No! I´m trying to do my homework. Could you please turn that off?!
      (Drake takes his guitar)
      Drake: (singing in blues) Oh cranky Josh, he is getting so cranky, so very cranky... (Josh brakes his pencil cause of the anger) ...and now he brakes things. Somebody could call to the pencil repayment.
      Josh: Could you please stop that improvisation of blues tune? Don´t you have homework to do?
      Drake: My homework is already been taken care of. (gives a note to Josh)
      Josh: (Reading fake Doctors note) "Please excuse Drake from his homework. He twisted his liver and is unable to write, read... or bathe. Words truly: The Doctor."
      Drake: Wrote it myself!
      Josh: Shouldn't the doctor have a name?
      Drake: Oh, yeah. Here, gimme that. (thinks a while) Bob! "Bob, the Doctor". Yeah?
      Josh: (sarcastic) Oh yeah, yeah! That is perfect!
      Drake: Cool!

    • (Josh is stating his plan to prank Megan to Drake)
      Josh: What if Megan saw something in her telescope that totally freaked her out?
      Drake: Oooh, Dad's butt?
      Josh: Freakier!
      Drake: Wow!

    • Megan: (Listening to alien transmitter radio) He said queek!

    • Megan: Fine! But when the aliens have me as an hors d'oeuvre, you'll feel really bad!

    • Megan: I heard aliens! ALIENS!!!

    • Josh: (Imitating Drake) She's got a point!
      Drake: Oh, she's got no point.

    • Josh: Megan's really scared and upset... High five!

    • Drake: I like ham.
      Josh: Who doesn't?

    • Josh: Greg and Eric are in the ham radio club in school.
      Drake: Aren't they jewish?

    • Walter: You know, some people don't like doing the dishes. But I think it's kind of fun. Don't you?
      Megan: Yeah... this is kind of fun.

    • Josh: Why don't you use your own laptop?
      Megan: Cause it could get all wet out here.
      Drake: She's got a point.
      Josh: She's got no point!

    • Walter: Besides, it wouldn't just eat your face, it would eat all of you.
      (Megan and Audrey glare at him)
      Walter: Well, why would they stop at the face?

    • Walter: You wanna help me vacuum?
      Megan: No thanks, Walter.

    • Megan: What are you gonna do to me?
      Drake and Josh: (As aliens) Dance!

    • Josh: (after successfully pulling the prank) FINALLY!!! After ALL THESE YEARS, we gotcha GOOD!
      Drake: Yeah, how's it feel to be on the OTHER end of the prank?

    • Megan: (lies down on the ground) (screams)
      Walter: What happened?!
      Megan: I was trying to look through my telescope when Drake and Josh pushed me down!
      Drake: We didn't do that!
      Megan: Yeah right! I just decided to lie down on the grass and scream!
      Josh: Yeah! That´s exactly what you did!

    • Drake: How about, we freeze her then we thaw her out like 200 years into the future she'll be so freaked out!
      Josh: Yeah, I'm goin' to write that down. (makes the gesture that writes on paper)...Freeze her.
      Drake: You didn't really write it---
      Josh: No!!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Ghost Busters:

      Megan refers to her friend doing make up on Ghost Monsters, which is a spoof of the hit Sci-fi show "Ghost Hunters", and/or a spoof the the 1984 sci-fi comedy movie, "Ghost Busters".

    • When the lights go on and off and Megan thinks there is an alien, is from The Twilight Zone episode, "The Monsters are due on Maple Street," in which the electrical devices go on and off, and everyone thinks there is an alien.

    • During the end credits when Drake starts laughing then Josh starts laughing this could be an allusion of Austin Powers when Dr. Evil starts laughing and then Frau starts laughing.

    • When Josh copies the image of the spaceship onto the screen, he says he photodoced it.
      Photodoc is a parody of photoshop.