Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 16

Battle of Panthatar

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 15, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Thorton Locke, the most popular kid in school, is throwing what may be the greatest sixteenth birthday party ever, but Drake and Josh may be having cake for two after they get banned from the party. Worse yet, Josh makes Drake give Thorton his autographed "Abbey Road" album, but to no avail, and they both try to get the album back.moreless

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  • This would have been an awesome episode, but one thing ruined it.

    I thought this was a very funny episode, but it definitely wasn't one of my favorites. The parts I liked include the whole joke about whether avocados are fruits or vegetables, Crazy Steve's performance, and the ending with Drake and Josh fighting with the light sabers. I also liked the fact that Drake got his Beatles album back in the end. Now, what I didn't like about this episode was Thorton. I thought he was such a big jerk, and I really hated how he uninvited Drake and Josh to his party and wouldn't let them in even after Drake gave him the album. Granted, Drake probably should not just kiss every girl he meets, but Maria could have at least told him she was dating Thorton instead of just going along with it. Overall, though, despite that one detail, this was still a pretty good episode. Final grade: B-. Marebear2009, out! ~dedicated to tigerdude22~moreless
  • One of the most hilarious "Drake and Josh" episodes of Season 4

    I thought that this was a hilarious episode of "Drake and Josh". I thought it was hilarious when Drake and Josh's friend Thornton invited Drake and Josh to his Sweet 16 party and when Drake and Josh were acting silly towards the camera. I thought Crazy Steve was hilarious as ever in this episode. I thought it was funny when Josh was telling Crazy Steve about Thornton's Sweet 16 party and Crazy Steve keeps yelling "I love that movie" or "That's awesome". Josh whining after Thornton uninvited him and Drake for Drake kissing his girlfriend was funny. It was funny when Drake had to give his The Beatles album to Thornton as his apology present. I thought it was funny that Megan was invited to Thornton's party. It was very funny when Drake and Josh dressed up in those Galaxy Wars suits. It was hilarious when the Galaxy Wars crew were fighting Drake and Josh and then chasing them out of the party. The very ending was also hilarious when Drake and Josh were having their lifesaver battle with each other. Overall, one of the most hilarious episodes of "Drake and Josh" that I have ever seen. 10/10moreless
  • perfect

    Drake and Josh are invited to Thornton's 16th birthday party, which is going to be on MTV. But, Drake kisses Thornton's girlfriend (not knowing they were together), and Thornton uninvited them. Josh has an idea to get into the party, but when it does not work, what will drake and josh do?

    Good episode. The pacing was kind of weird, I thought, but it was nice. I liked the first half of it more than the second. Crazy steve was funny in this one, as always. No real big complaints, so because of all of this my final grade for this episode is going to be an A+moreless
  • That Thorton's such a crybaby! I would so want to beat him up!

    This episode was from Season 4, my least favorite season, as you all know. It was about Drake and Josh getting invited, then uninvited to Thorton Locke's birthday party because Drake kisses someone who he doesn't know is Thorton's girlfriend. Then they try to get into the party by posing as Galaxy Wars characters, and they keep getting beaten up again and again. Poor Drake and Josh. I hate when everyone is crazy and keep beating up Drake and Josh no matter how loud they yell "Stop! Please!" Why do the writers do that? This episode was just not my cup of tea. Just like all the Season 4 episodes...moreless
  • A good episode, but not one of the best storylines.

    I like this episode. Ok for the summary, Thorton comes to Drake, and Josh's house, and invites them to his birthday party. This party is going to be aired on "Dude I'm Sixteen", this show does not exist. Drake recieves as special Beatles album signed by all four Beatles. Drake, and Josh are excited about the album. Drake, and Josh are at the movies. A girl comes in, and asks when the next showing of this movie is. Drake goes over to the girl, and talks. Thornton comes in, and asks Josh what the best gift for everyone can be. Josh spots Drake kissing the girl, he distracts Thornton by talking about movies. Thornton sees Drake kissing the girl, her name is Maria she is Thornton's girlfriend. This is the reason why I am a Josh not a Drake. Thornton uninvites Drake, and Josh to his party. Drake, and Josh are fuming! Josh decides that Drake should give his album to Thornton as an apology gift. Thorton gets the album, and never gives it back. Drake, and Josh concoct a plan to sneak in to the Club. They steal two Skynaut costumes to disguise themselves to enable access to the Club. Drake, and Josh retrieve the album, but unfortunetely they were spotted, and forcibly expelled from the Club. Drake, and Josh escape successfully with the album. They have a little lightsaber fight in their room. Well, that's my summary of this episode. Enjoy!moreless
Martin Klebba

Martin Klebba

Green Galaxy Wars character

Guest Star

Jeff Braine

Jeff Braine


Guest Star

Chihye Chung

Chihye Chung

Teen Girl

Guest Star

Jerry Trainor

Jerry Trainor

Crazy Steve

Recurring Role

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    • Crazy Steve: Excuse me! No yelling in the theater area.
      (woman goes up and taps Crazy Steve)
      Woman: Excuse me? Where's the ladies restroom?
      Crazy Steve: I AM TALKING TO PEOPLE!!

    • Crazy Steve: I can't believe you're gonna be on 'Dude I'm Sixteen'. I LOVE THAT SHOW!!
      Josh: I know. Ooh, and get this. You saw 'Galaxy Wars'.
      Crazy Steve: I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!
      Josh: I know! At the party, MTV's gonna have some of the actual red sky naughts there to reenact the scene.
      Crazy Steve: Battle of Panthatar?
      Josh: Yeah!
      Crazy Steve: I LOVE THAT BATTLE!!
      Josh: I KNOW!!

    • Drake: Hello, what's your name?
      Josh: Hi! Who are you?
      Drake: What is your favorite thing to eat?
      Josh: What games do you like to play?
      Drake and Josh: Me too!
      Drake: Hey, do you like me?
      Josh: Do you wanna be my friend?
      Drake: Aw, thank you!
      Josh: ... What is that supposed to mean?
      Drake: You think I'm handsome? What a special thing to say!
      Josh: What? Who are you callin a dork? Hey hey hey hey! Don't fetch your mother! Yeah I'm talkin to you!
      Drake: A present? For me?
      Josh: Alright just put your kid right in front of the TV set because I have a few things to say!
      Drake (is handed a plate of cookies): A plate of cookies? Ohh, yummy!
      Josh: I-I think it's pretty rude to tell a person that he's a --(boy spits in his eye)... did you just... you spit in my eye!
      Drake: Mmm... these are my favorite!
      Josh: Ohh, it burns! Aghh! Aghh!

    • Drake: I'm so mad.
      Josh: Yes. I can tell by your angry banana chewing.

    • Josh: I wonder who that can be?
      Drake: We wont know 'til we open the door.

    • Megan: (to security guard) Hey, can I bring two guests in?"
      Security Guard: Yes.
      Megan: (to Drake and Josh) See Ya!
      Drake and Josh: MEGAN!

    • Drake: Josh look, someone got him a video watch.
      (Drake turns around to steal it)
      Josh: Put it back!

    • Josh: Thorton, come on. He didn't know she was your girlfriend. And he feels really bad about it. Tell him, that you feel really bad about it. (Drake doesn't say anything, and Josh hit him in the stomach)
      Drake: Oww! I feel really bad about it.
      Josh: So, we bring you a present. Come on, give him the present! (Drake just stands there) Give him the present! (Drake is still motionless) Give him the present.
      Josh: Excuse me for a minute. (he turns to Drake to say something in his ear) GIVE HIM THE PRESENT!!!

    • Crazy steve: I didn´t recieve an invitation.
      Thornthon: I don´t know you...
      Crazy steve: YOUR LOSS!!! (runs away)

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