Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 8

Blues Brothers

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 12, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • why doesn't this episode along with 4 season 1 episodes air anymore?

    i cannot find the full version of this episode; but i think josh being the weatherman was cool . was this episode banned because of 5th anniversary of 9/11 and this episode was probably being filmed/taped at the time?!?
  • One of my favorite episodes.

    Blues Brothers is one of my favorite episodes. It was funny when Josh does that twiching thing and it was cool when they didi the dance at the end. In this episode, Josh is confident when Walter chooses him to be his co-weatherman for the day. But then Megan reminds Josh of his uncontrolable twitch and sweating. On the day of the forecast, Josh twitches in front of the whole world and everyone he see makes fun of him. In the subplot, Drake is determined to win the talent show for the third year in a row but finds it hard when he rivals with a group a kids from school.
  • A really fun episode to watch.

    Thanks to Megan, Josh ends up embarrassing himself on tv when he gets to be the weather boy at his father's tv station. He gets really nervous due to what Megan said and starts twitching, leading everyone to make fun of him for it and Josh to hate leaving the house. Meanwhile, Drake is preparing for the talent show, but right as he's about to go on he hears the group before him singing his song. He attempts and eventually succeeds in getting Josh to do the Blues Brothers routine with him.

    With the most predictable ending ever, Drake and Josh win the talent show.

    Though it's a common story, this episode was a really fun one to watch. I've never seen the Blues Brothers, but the routine looked like it was a lot of fun to film.
  • blues brothers

    josh is going to do the weather on walter's show, but megan makes him nervous. soon, everyone is making fun of him. meanwhile drake tries to win a talent show, but when jerks steal the song he wrote (actual song he wrote, and he was going to perform), will he be able to come up with something else to win?

    Good episode, not one of their bests but it was great. It was not the funniest but it was pretty funny and the plot was interesting, made me want to see what would happen really badly, the grade is A+
  • This was a great episode.

    This was a great episode. Drake and Josh were hilarious, as always, and I LOVED Megan in this episode. The whole thing with the "twitch" was probably the funniest thing ever. Even my parents would watch this episode when it was aired.

    Basically, this was a really, really great episode, and something I would gladly watch again and again and again. Nick really needs to start airing more stuff like Drake and Josh on TV, because Big Time Rush, iCarly and True Jackson VP just aren't as funny as Drake and Josh was. I really miss good shows like that.
  • This episode is really funny! Excellent tribute episode to the Blue's Brothers.

    This is my second favorite episode of Drake, and Josh. This is the episdoe when Josh is invited to do the weather forecast with his father at Channel 7. The thoughts of what Megan tells Josh, makes him nervous, and he begins to twitch. Josh embarasses himself on TV, and tries to hide from everybody. Drake signs up for the Talent Show. The Belleview Choral Society challenges Drake at the Talent Show. When they sing Drake's song, Drake gets furious, and has no other ideas. When Drake gets the idea of the Blue's Brothers, he wants to Josh to sing with him to cure his embarassment on TV. Drake, and Josh win the Talent Show for the third time. The Blue's Brothers song "Soul Man" ROCKED!!!! I loved the song. The twitching was really funny! It was funny when Josh took his coat off, and he was sweating badly. See ya!
  • Great episode!

    In this episode Walter chooses to bring Josh to work cause it Junior Anchor Day. Megan is jealous that Josh was picked over her. Drake signs up for his school's talent show and meets up with Hewitt. When Josh is preparing for the forecast, Megan reminds him of the twitch. So when Josh is on camera he remembers what Megan was saying and twitches in front of the whole world and becomes a key laughing stock. While Drake is rehearsing with his band he sees that Hewitt and his acapella group are actually very good and could beat Drake and his band. The next day, Josh is all bummed out that nothing will cheer him up. On the night of the talent show he must go to support his brother. At the talent show Drake finds out that Hewitt and his group stole Drake's song and they play an acapella version of it. So Drake and his band decide to play the Blues Brothers Soul Man routine, but they can't do it without Josh. But Josh regrets going on stage after is very bad experience. Josh realizes how much Drake means to him and he decides to go up there and help Drake win. So Drake, Josh, and Drake's band perform a perfect song and win! Good episode watch it =)

  • Drake is practicing for a talent show & Josh's twitch comes back when he does the weather with his dad. A group of nerds steal Drake's song & Drake chooses a new song, one that he can't do without Josh. Josh's stage fright goes away after he performs.

    My favorite episode of Season 2 and one of my all-time favorite "Drake and Josh" episodes. Drake and Josh both do a song called "Soul Man" (off of the "Blues Brothers") for the talent show. I thought that this episode was just so great! I could watch it a 1000 times and I would never get tired of it! This episode is just so great! If you have not seen this episode of "Drake and Josh", I recommend that you see right away! Another awesome episode! This episode of "Drake and Josh", entitled "Blues Brothers", earns a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Drake and Josh playing the Blues Brothers song the Soul Man for the talent show..!!!

    A spectacular episode..It was filled with incredible and funny moments..One of those was when Josh was twitching when doing a live weather forcast..Everybody in San Diego now calls him names like "twitchy"..Meanwhile,Drake and his band were entering the talent show..On the night of the show,the acapela group stole Drake's song so now they need to perform the Blues Brothers song Soul Man..But they need JOsh's help to perform the song but he promised he will not perform anything in front of crowds..But then he realized it would be wrong,so Josh goes out there and performed the song with Drake and they won the talent show..Anyways this is one of the best Drake and Josh episodes I've ever seen..It is very enjoyable and fun to watch..
  • drake practices for a talent show and worries about an act that may beat him while josh goes on tv as a weather boy to his dad's weatherman and completely embarrasses himself when his fourth grade twitch comes back

    this was one of my absolute fav eps...it was just too hilarious and good time fun all at the same time...first of all it started out awesome w/ the talent show talk and we got to hear drake sing part of his song..thats good for me b/c i love when he sings..then josh was so pumped about being on tv and i love the comment drake made about the monkeys locking josh in the cage and how josh was making a weather report about breakfast..then he gets stuck in the window..i admit the other guys for the talent show were good until they did the most horrible thing but ill get to that right after the twitch..the twitch was just non-stop laughter..the whole time it happened i was rofl so hard..and then ppl kept pestering him about it and megan and drake both played the clip which made it extra funny again and i couldnt stop myself from laughing..i wonder if after they did the take josh got made fun of for real lol..poor thing..anyways the talent contest..it was going great until the jerks stole drake's song and it was funny when everyone recognized it lol..the next part was my absolute fav part even ahead of the twitch..drake and josh did a tribute to the blues brothers and they had the moves down perfectly b/c i found an old clip from the song and drake and josh even looked like the original blues brothers..and of course i was singing along and dancing and screaming at their moves..this was the good time fun..oh my gosh..that part was just too great..and i can watch it again and again..and probably will..the dance was just so awesome and i loved every second of it..o how stupid of me i forgot a major funny part too..this random girl keeps appearing when ppl ask if drake won the talent show the yr before like right before he can speak saying that he won last yr and the yr before that and when he wins this yr it will be a three-peat..i love how she randomly shows up and then says i love you and leaves..and josh keeps saying it must be good to be you and drake's like yeah! i feel like he must feel the same way in real life..in fact i kinda know he does but he doesnt boast about it..like he was on mtv the other day and all these girls were saying they love his music, acting, and him like thw whole bit and hes like wow thank u..so he wasnt as yeah it is great to be me but kinda shocked and blown away by his big following i think...so that was awesome that i could make that kind of connection..i love how girls and helen fawn over him on the show...the random girl just added to the show's quality..not that it needed any improvement by that time...i meant the ep by the way lol..the twitching and talent show w/ the blues brothers was good enough but it kinda gave a rock star appeal too..ok im done now lol
  • Josh learns an important lesson.

    Josh is confident about when Walter chooses him to be his co-weatherman. That is, until Megan reminds Josh of his uncontrolable twitch. So Josh twitches in front of the whole world and becomes the laughing stock of San Diego. Meanwhile, Drake is determined to win the talent show for the third year in a row but finds it challenging when he rivals with an acappella group. A great episode as Josh learns an improtant lesson. The start of the episode was so funny when Josh started twiching on TV as the weatherman, but it was really good to see Josh come through for his brother in the end. If you want to see a funny and touching episode, this is the episode for you.
  • One of the best episodes in the entire series.

    Everything in this episode was flawless. There were so many hilarious moments and very memorable moments as well. The most hysterical moment was Josh's twitch! The most memorable moment was Drake and Josh performing Soul Man. They did a great job performing this episode and I hope they can make another like this. The song was fabulous, the plot was well written, and it had some of the best jokes "I wonder if there is any way to merge a pancake and a waffle? It would be a waffcake! No! A Panfle!" LOL! There is one downside though. I didn't see this episode until December of '06. So I thought it was weird that Josh on the weather and Drake and Josh dressed as the blues brothers in the talent show were from the same episode. But this episode was truly one to remember!
  • Brilliant Episode! My favourite from Season 2!

    Josh is really excited about going to do the weather with his Dad because it is 'Bring Your Kid to Work Day' at the News studio, but on Air, Josh has a nervous breakdown and get's scarred for life. He refuses to even go out of the house.

    Meanwhile Drake and his band are rehearsing for the upcoming Talent Show but a rival band, steals their song. So Drake decides to sing 'Sole Man' by The Blues Brothers instead. Luckily, Drake manages to persuade JHosh to sing with him. The Song is a success, Drake and his Band win The Talent Show and Josh regains his self confidence.

    This is my favourite episode from the 2nd Season and I suggest you should watch this.
  • This is one of my favorite episodes

    In this episode Josh goes to his dad's job to be a weather man a day, Megan gets mad because Walter didn't pick her so she makes Josh remember about his twitch, when Josh is saying the weather, this when it gets hilarious! Josh remembers about the chat of his twitch with Megan and he goes Twitching. On the other hand Drake has competition in the talent show, his rival copyed his song. Drake asks Josh help to sing the Blue brothers song Josh didn't wanted because of his twitch but in the end the brothers won the talent show!
  • This episode was very fun to watch.

    I found this episode very entertaining and extremely exciting. I loved the "Blues Brothers Song" at the end of the episode as well. The comedy in this episode was great! Megan was hilarious (as always) and the rest of the cast were also very funny. Josh was hysterical with the whole "twitch" thing. The script was well-written and the entire episode had a nice storyline to it. The episode was also another fine example of the series and the show itself. Overall, an exciting, fun to watch episode.
  • Drake enters himself for the talent contest and Josh gets picked to help his Dad with the weather forecast. However, before Josh reads his weather report, Megan told him about "The Twitch". This episode was one of the best Drake and Josh episode

    Drake enters himself for the local talent contest and he deterrmined to beat Hewit (Drake's rival). Meanwhile, Josh has been picked to help his dad read the weather forecast. A while before Josh is going to read the weather forecast, Megan tells Josh about "The Twitch". Whenever Josh was scared, he would twitch. When Josh reads the weather forecast, he remembers what Megan told him about the twitch and then he starts twitching on live TV! He then takes off his jacket and he has massize sweat stains! It was hilarious! Later on, Drake is telling his band what they are going to play at the talent contest. Hewit then comes up and sings a song with his band. Later on, Drake asks Josh if he would sing Soul Man with him. Josh is really upset becase of "The Twitch" incident. However, at the talent contest, Hewit sings Drake's song and Josh has to overcome his stage fright and help Drake win the talent contest. This episode also shows true brotherly friendship. I loved this episode!

    I'm a soul man is a class song!
  • great episode. TWITCH

    This was funny with Josh and the twitching thing how he does that when he gets stage fright. Meanwhile, Drake and his band were entering a talent contest at the movie theater. These other group of guys keep showing off to Drake and his band. How they kept bragging that they were gonna beat him. Then when it came time for the contest, Those group of boys start singing Drake and his band's song. Now they have to find something else to do fast. He wants to sing soul man by the blues brothers but Josh didn't wanna because of the twitch. he eventually does the blues brother ritual and cures his twitch. great episode.
  • Greatest episode ever!

    This episode is soooo funny. I especially laughed when Josh started twitching. And I do agree a lot of people do watch the weather. If you haven't seen this episode what happens is Drake once again tries to win the talent show for the third time, and a geeky choir is also entering too. But Drake and his band realize that they stole their song they were about to play (The theme song for Drake & Josh). Since Drake and Josh are huge fans for The Blues Brothers, he thought they could both sing it together. But Josh said no because he was still humiliated about twitching on live TV. In the end they both sing together and obviously win the Talent Show.
  • One of the best episodes ever

    There's so much to describe this episode: Exciting, entertaining and of course funny.

    Josh is to be the weatherman on the news with his dad Walter. He feels calm about it until Megan tells him about "The Twitch" ("such big evil in such a little girl!")

    On the set, Josh unfortunately gets the twitch after he gets nerves. At the movie theater, everyone makes fun of him and calls him twitchy. I feel his pain. I went through an experience like that since the 7th grade and now I'm in the 10th grade and it's STILL going on!
  • funnt

    this episode was funny a grreat. the twitching thing was very funny and hilarious its suppoosed to be on the internet but i can't find it. the ending was great but Drake suddenly won it must of been because helen likes drake. megan didn't have a big role just sending a vodeo of of a boy twitching to China. Josh was so depressed i hope we never see him like that again poor little bundle of sadness thank you for reading my review i hope you enjoyed it have a nice time and remember to watch Drake & Josh weekdays at 5:30
  • Josh does a weather report; Drake signs up for talent show

    I love this episode! This is my favorite episode of Drake and Josh! I laugh through almost the whole episode from Josh's twitching while doing the weather report and everyone making fun of him for it and his horrible singing of "Silent Night" to of course their dance to the Blues Brothers. It also shows that Drake and Josh can work as a team when Drake's song gets stolen at the talent show. They really show those guys who's boss! I highly recommend this episode to anyone who watches this show. I mean seriously, what isn't to like about this episode?
  • This is like one of the best episodes. One of the best reasons why I like this episode because it is totally funny.

    This episode has singing, dancing and is funny it can't get better than that. My favorite bit is when Drake and Josh do the Blues brothers song for the talent show. Its really funny when Josh started twitching on live TV. Drake was trying to make Josh feel better because he had humiliated himself in front of everyone. Some guys had jacked Drakes song and used it in the talent show. Which was really unfair. First Josh didn't want to take part in the talent show because he was already embarrassed on TV. In the end he did help out Drake which sweet. Which was pretty cool. This is probably one of the best episodes ever of Drake and Josh. The twitch was mainly Megan's fault.
  • This is what this show's all about! Without a doubt my favourite episode of Drake and Josh. Cool, funny, with some damn good music and Josh just proved hilarious on that weather show. and you can't beat soul man, I always leave this episode singing it in

    Well I've seen most episodes of Drake and Josh, and I have to say this one is the finest in the land of Parker and Nichols.

    Megans reminder of Josh's 4th grade "twich" really makes us expect Josh to make a complete fool of himself, and we are by no means disappointed. Megan is just loving it when she see's Josh under so much "serious pressure!" This forces Josh to hide behind a plant at work, expecting the mocking cries of weather viewers. We see "twitchy" feeling very miserable and more embarassed than ever.

    Meanwhile, Drake has other problems, like the upcoming talent show. A tremendously talented 5 piece vocal harmony group show Drake their supreme vocal talents, singing an a capella version of "Silent Night" (finished rather amusingly by Josh) leaving him and his band awestruck. This doesn't stop Drake trying to beat them, oh no! However, at the talent show, when Drake see's they stole his song, he has no choice but to summon Josh, who is still suffering from his embarassment, to do the Blues Brothers.

    Josh walks in wearing wearing a balaclava, but after a randomer asks him to twitch, he hides back and refuses. Amazingly, in the end, Josh pulls himself together, and they put on a truly amazing performance of Soul Man, which is stuck in my head afterward whenever that episode comes on.
    High Point: D&J performing Soul Man
    Low Point: N/A

    10/10, Brilliant
  • The best episode for me. The singing and dancing and the funny moments! classic!

    This is a classic episode. They did a great job in singing soulman and it was fun watching it. Drake signed up for the talent contest which he won for 2 years already. in the other hand josh didnt go well in his weatherman time in his father's job. that was so funny coz josh was twitching all the time coz he was nervous and all! and obviously it was megans fault, her words got in to his head that he got all the pressure and all. so hilarious! drake's enemy, hewitt who may i say wears like a dork. lol. they were singing christmas carols at first. so drake was like whatever. but when they were practicing in the premiere, hewitt and his guys showed up and did a wonderful performance there, which made drake and his band practice more. meanwhile, josh was now covering up his face coz he was still ashamed of what happened, little did he know that so many people watch the weather. haha! then at the talent show, hewitt and his gang sang drakes song! in fairness they did a cool job in singing "i found a way" the problem is thats was the song that drakes band will do! so in the last minute, he decided to do the classic "soulman" performance. but this time, he needed josh. at first he was hesitant but he showed up just in time. i love their performance! that was the best part ever!
  • OMG well Drake wants to win a talent contest and Josh wants to get over a twitch... and Megan is seriously evil in this one!

    This is now one of my favourite episodes because it is so hilarious and those dudes that stole Drakes song were really cool! And I totally can\'t get soul man out of my head because it is so catchy! I must see it again!!!!
    High point: The talent contest
    Low point: There was none!
    Funniest bit: The Twitchy Scene where Josh is working at the theatre and those 2 dudes came up to him asking if they were doing the twitch right.
  • This is a really great episode!

    This episode is great! Drake enters a talent show, that he has won 2 years in a row. The guys choir enters to, and it becomes a big compition to win. Meanwhile, Josh made a fool of himself on the news with his nervous jerks. The talent show comes and the choir steals Drake's song. Drake has no other choice than do the "Soul Man" routine from the Blues Brothers with Josh. Its a great episode and made me laugh so much.
  • Drake enters the school talent show but some guys in sweater vests steal his song! Josh goes on TV and the twitch comes back!

    Ok I lied about what I said about the first episode. THIS is the best episode. It was funny, it featured one of my favorite songs ever, and Josh twitches exteremly! I thought it was cool when Drake sang "I Found A Way" cuz that is one of my fave songs and I liked when Josh kept twitching. I love the twitch.
  • oh my god! this cool episode is by far my total fave! its fab! i think drake and josh have shown they can really let their personalities shine through this one, and its hillarious when josh has that twitch...

    It's just so funny when megan reminds josh of his forth-grade twitch! and on the weather when josh twitches, it crakes me up every time!
    i just love it when drake and josh perform soul man. its brilliant, and i really love this episode. it deserves top marks!
    if you don't agree with me, fine, but you're soooo missing out, believe me!! drake and josh is the best best best programme EVER!! go drake and josh!
  • I luved this episode.

    This is the reason i watch this show i mean Drake does a great musical act and i luved it when he sang "soul man" i still got that song in my head and i also luv it cuz i play the trombone and this really inspired me.and that i luv blues music.
  • Drake shows his musical talent and proves that he is a very good musician after all. One of my favorite episodes.

    This was a very good episode. The song is very catchy and is fun to sing along to once you know it. Everyone in the competition that sings is very talented. Even though it isn't Drake's real band, he still works with them very well. Josh seems to over come his twitch problem by performing his rendition of Blues Brothers with Drake. Josh is very good on the harmonica. Megan is also funny in this episode. We also learn that Drake used to have a rabbit named George in the fourth grade and Josh's twitch developed in the fouth grade.
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