Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 8

Blues Brothers

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 12, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Josh and Megan are talking and the camera is focused both on them and the door, there is only one dice on the table. The camera pans in to focus on Josh and Megan and out again to have the focus on Josh, Megan, and the area where the door is, there are two dice on the same table.

    • Boy band 'All That', guest stars on this episode. They would later appear on America's Got Talent.

    • The teacher said that the ice cream was for a PTA meeting tonight, but it is odd that she left it out where it could melt.

  • Quotes

    • Drake: (to Josh) Looks like your twitching days are over.
      Josh: And it looks like you just won the talent contest for the second year in a row.
      Fan Girl: Actually, it's three years! It's a three-peat just like I predicted!
      Drake & Josh: WHO ARE YOU?!
      Fan Girl: I love you. Bye! (runs away)
      Josh: (to Drake) It's gotta be fun being you.
      Drake: Yeah...

    • Megan: I'd be nervous if I knew a million people were watching me.
      Josh: I'm not nervous at all.
      Megan: Ok. Unless, of course, your twitch comes back. Remember the fourth grade, Josh, the twitch.
      Josh: Who told you I twitched?
      Megan: Dad.
      Josh: Dad!

    • Audrey: Those dorks stole Drake's song.

    • Josh: It looks like you might want to take out those swim trunks because it looks like the sunshine is here to stay!

    • (Josh goes out of the room. Drake puts the tape with Josh twitching on, and Josh bursts back into the room)
      Josh: TURN IT OFF!!!

    • Drake: Mom says I am a lucky boy.
      Josh: I sweat when asleep.

    • Josh: That´s it. I´m never going up in front of people again! I´m going to live on a cave just me and trail mix.
      Walter: What are you doing?
      Josh: Making trail mix for the cave I´ll be moving to.

    • Josh: Hey, if you're signing up for the physics club, you're too late; all the cool spots have been taken taken.
      Drake: Ok, first of all there are no "cool" spots on the physics club. And, besides, I'm signing up for the talent contest.

    • Josh: (sings the end to "Silent Night") Sleep in heavanly pea-ea-ea-ea-eace (Speeds Up Singing) Sleep in heavanly peace. Amen.

    • Unknown Guy: Hey, you're the twitchy weather boy! It's my dad's birthday. If I bring you to him, will you twitch for him?

    • Helen: Now, give it up for Drake Parker and his band...whose names I do not know.

    • (Megan Has just finished telling Josh about how much pressure there will be for him not to make a fool of himself on Live TV)
      Megan: Yeah, well have fun on TV.
      Josh: Such big evil in such a little girl...

    • Drake: We are doing the Blues Brothers together.
      Josh: What?
      Drake: Your gonna sing "Soul Man" with me.
      Josh: What is this, Twitchapalooza?

    • Josh: That tape stays here
      Megan: Whatever, I already put it on the internet
      Josh: Oh, my life is over I might as well drop out of school and move to China
      Drake: They have the internet there too

    • Helen: Isn't it bad enough that he humiliated and degraded himself on the television?
      Josh: Thank you, Helen.
      Helen: You're welcome Twitchy.

    • Megan: Boo!
      Josh: Ahhh! What?! Do you want me to have a stroke?!
      Megan: Sure, go ahead.

    • Josh: You're not gonna be calling me extra weird when everyone sees me on the six o'clock news tonight.
      Drake: Why are you gonna be on the news? Did you get yourself locked in the monkey cage at the zoo again?
      Josh: Hey, those chimps tricked me, the big one stole my corn dog, I mean I had to go in there and get it back and I'd do it again.

    • Drake: What happened, they look cool? Dorks aren't supposed to look cool, it's against dork rules!

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