Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 20

Dance Contest

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 16, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • josh enters a dance contest, but when drake is failing gym and learns that this dance contest can give him the credit he needs to not fail the eleventh grade drake and josh go head and head

    ok this was the series finale..which completely saddens me..but what makes me extremely happy is that it went out w/ a bang..this ep started off so great of course...it was so funny w/ josh being all jittery from the coffee and then drake w/ the hula hoop..i was laughing and cheering at the same time..and his whole getting eric's name wrong thing for one last time..then the whole rivalry btw drake and josh and the girl dance partners..oh my gosh the ending was so great...i believe they did it in front of their studio audience too lol..i loved it..they did some awesome moves..i was dancing along (well to the music lol) and cheering at the same time..then laughing at the tennis dance and the whole mexican dancing was just too funny...then i was cheering again at the cowboy and the surfboard and the jumping into his arms...and when they won of course..oh my gosh..i guess if someone pressured me hard enough into picking a fav ep i would say i loved this ep more than blues brothers honestly (and i wrote a 500 word review for blues brothers lol)..but the dance portion at the end was just so awesome..i was cheering and smiling and then it also made me laugh..just so great...and like i didnt realize the first time i watched it that it was the finale and then i watched it tonite and im like yeah i would say so b/c they are doing this in front of a live audience actually there on stage at the moment doing it and they bow at the end to end the show..so i should have paid more attention..oh yeah i cant forget the freaky girl lol..when she runs out at the end i had to rewind it at first b/c im like oh my gosh thats the girl from blues brothers who would not leave drake alone and was completely obsessed w/ him lol..and she gets to kiss both drake and josh..and they do the same thing again..who is she? we never did find out who she was but i like how they brought that attribute back at the end of the show..i guess that kinda shows that the shows over too..thats so hard to write b/c im like i love reruns of it b/c they show how great the show was and still is but i want new eps too..but anyways...the girls cool but just a little freaky..so yeah i do like this ep better than blues bros lol..its like the second time they got to dance together on stage lol..only no singing this time unfortunately but oh well..this was the best way to send the show out..the fans were amazed..at least i was by this ep and everything...the only thing is we didnt have any of walter's dorkiness in this..i actually kind of missed him lol..i can watch this ep like a million times and never get tired of it...yay this is gonna be as long or longer than my blues brothers review lol..well i do love this ep more anyways lol..i know im just trying to get my pt across lol
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