Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 17

Dr. Phyllis Show

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 08, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Drake and Josh go on the Dr. Phyliss Show and relive some of their most outlandish moments. Some will jab at your funny bone, while others will tug on your heart strings.

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  • Clip shows usually bore me BUT not when it comes to this "Drake and Josh" episode

    I usually don't like clip-shows on television shows because they are such a waste of time and the plot is not executed well enough. In my opinion, this clip show was excellent and very funny. I guess it doesn't bore me because it's "Drake and Josh" and those two stepbrothers can sure bring comedy even when it's clip shows so that's what makes this episode enjoyable. Drake and Josh bickering with each other in the beginning of the episode was very funny. Yes, they were acting childish but it was in a very funny and random way. Drake rubbing his buttcheeks on Josh's Oprah Winfrey photo was very funny. Josh cutting Drake's guitar string is also very funny to watch. Megan putting Drake and Josh when they kept bickering is also funny. The whole episode with Drake and Josh going to the Dr. Phyllis show and talk to her about their problems as stepbrothers was very funny and excellent. All of the clips shows that were shown in the past Drake and Josh episodes was very funny. Drake and Josh bringing up Megan and then they show all of the clips from Megan pranking Drake and Josh was very good. Also, here is surprising twist that came towards the end of the episode. It turned out that the girl Liza that Drake was going out with to make her girlfriend jealous in the episode "Playing the Field" was Dr. Phyllis' daughter. I thought that was a very funny and surprising twist. Dr. Phyllis attacking Drake was also very funny. The very ending with Drake and Josh flashbacking to all of the nice things that they did for each other was very funny and heartwarming. Overall, an excellent clip-show episode of "Drake and Josh". 10/10moreless
  • Definitely an amusing episode.

    In this episode, Drake and Josh end up going on the Dr. Phyllis show because of their constant fighting. While there, they are forced to talk about their past and we see clips from past episodes that show both the ups and the downs of their relationship as brothers. The clips that were used in this episode, in most cases, were my favourite parts of their respective episodes and I enjoyed watching them take a trip down memory lane. Most people, I find, don't like clip episodes because they are 'taking the easy way out' and recycling old episodes and calling it a new one. I don't see it that way. My high school newspaper, at the end of every year, has a 'Where we've been and where we're going' section and that's what I'm reminded of in clip episodes. It's nice to see characters remembering earlier points in their life and moving forward after they reflect.moreless
  • Clip-Show

    Sorry, but clip-shows almost always stink for any show, and this wasn't an exception. I mean yea, it is sometimes fun to look back at moments you liked from earlier episodes, but I'd rather watch the episode as a whole. The premise was good but it wasn't executed well. There really wasn't anything good of this outside the clips, and when the clips are the best part of the clip-show, then you know it wasn't good overall. Sorry if I sound mean, I do not try to be, I just really think clip-shows are pointless unless they are executed wellmoreless
  • megan is tired of drake and josh's bickering so she signs them up for the dr. phyllis show thinking that would help, but it doesnt

    ok i loved this ep..i know it may have been kind of a filler ep to some ppl since it was really a clip show w/ a limited amount of new things..but it was a new twist on the usual clip shows u see..and this was the season finale anyways i think so what better way to end the season than to sum it all up..b/c if u noticed all the clips they showed while they were on the show were from season 3..when they showed the good times theyve had together there was only 1 clip from season 2 and the rest was season 3..i also liked how we have a forum for funniest moments and this ep basically hit the funniest moments of season three..and picked the best ones..so yeah it was awesome and i liked the new bickering on the show and megan's smoke knock-out gas lolmoreless
  • Funny moments will be back to your mind.

    This episode (season three ending) tells how drake and josh fight A LOT, and Megan get them tickets for the Dr. Phyllis Show. They go there and start to remember funny moments for seasons one, two and three. I think that the funniest moment was when Drake says that Liza Tupper is a dork and doesn't kiss good and the Dr. Phyllis was her mother! Then, she that act as a calm person start attacking Drake and Josh as a tiger! Drake and Josh go on the Dr. Phyliss Show and relive some of their most outlandish moments. Some will jab at your funny bone, while others will tug on your heart strings.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • In the beginning of the episode, Megan said it was 11:45 p.m. and after she gave Drake and Josh the tickets to the Dr. Phyllis Show, she said they'll go there the next day after school. Would Audrey and Walter really let Drake and Josh stay up as late as 11:45 p.m. on a school night?

    • Look Hard: When Drake is throwing his boxers around, a pair of boxers go out the window.

    • At the start of the episode when Drake is playing golf in their room, Josh said that Drake destroyed his Kindergarden diploma and that there is no proof. Drake only destroyed the frame not the diploma itself.

    • Drake might have been paying attention when Dr. Phyllis said her full name, Phyllis Tupper, but he could have also believed that she was related to different family with the last name Tupper. It's a common thing in real life: there are families with the same last name, but aren't related to each other.

    • GOOF: At the end of the episode, Drake mentions how Dr. Phyliss didn't make them think of the good times they had, but just before the first commercial break, Dr. Phyliss tells them to think of happier times.

    • In the beginning of the Dr. Phyllis Show, She says her full name, which is Phyllis Tuffer. However I don't think that Drake was paying attention when she said her full name otherwise that fight at the end wouldn't have not happened at all.

      However, in 'Playing The Field', when asked for Liza's surname, Drake makes it up, implying he doesn't know what it is. Even if Drake was paying attention to Dr.Phylllis, I doubt the fight could have been avoided.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Dr. Phyllis: Never say never because it is just ever with an 'n' in front of it.

    • Josh: He takes advantage of people.
      Drake: Oh, name one time.
      Josh: Uhh...that girl Liza.
      Drake: Hot Liza?
      Josh: Ya he totaly dated her just to make your ex girlfriend jealous.
      Drake: That's an exasperation!
      Josh: Exaggeration, read a book would ya!
      Drake: No!
      Dr. Phyllis: Drake, tell me more about this hot Liza.

    • Josh He pees NEAR the toilet!

    • (Drake hits Josh's diploma with a golf ball)
      Josh: My framed kindergarten diploma! Now there's NO PROOF!

    • Drake: Let me start off. Josh is a Spazz.

    • Dr. Phyllis: (After the flashback is over) Well, I find it hard to believe that an 11-year old did all that stuff to you guys.
      Drake: Well it's true.
      Josh: Yeah. You wanna see the scars & bruises?
      Dr. Phyllis: No, thank you.

    • Drake: What are these?
      Megan: Tickets to the Dr. Phyllis show.

    • Josh: You will not hit another golf ball!
      Drake: Fore!

    • Dr. Phyllis: Drake, introduce yourself.
      Josh: Why does he get to go first?
      Drake: Oh, quit your whining.
      Josh: I'm Josh Nichols.

    • Drake: Let me tell ya,Liza Tuffer, worst kisser ever!
      Josh: I have heard that.
      Phyllis: Liza Tuffer?
      Drake: Yeah, and she's not the smartest won-ton on the poo-poo platter either if you know what I'm saying!
      Phyllis: You're saying she's dumb?
      Drake: And a bad kisser!
      Phyllis (Anger rising) Well Liza Tuffer happens to be my daughter!

  • NOTES (3)

    • For this entire season, the show won the 2006 BMI Cable Award.

    • The flashbacks from episodes you see in this clip show episode are 'Were Married', 'The Affair', 'The Foam Finger', 'Girl Power', 'Alien Invasion' 'Helens Surgery', 'Mindys Back', 'Pervuvian Puff Pepper', 'The Drake and Josh Inn', 'Paging Doctor Drake', 'Megans New Teacher', 'Sheep Thrills', 'The Bet', 'Little Sibling', 'Drivers License', 'Playing The Field', 'Football', 'Pool Shark', 'Mean Teacher', 'Drew and Jerry', 'The Demonator'.

    • Gabrielle Carteris who plays Dr. Phylss is better known for her role as Andrea Zuckerman on Beverly Hills 90210.


    • Josh: (After Drake throws somthing at Josh's lava lamp) My lava lamp from Canada!

      Josh was referencing to the episode of The Fairly OddParents "Genie Menie Minie Mo" when Norm was trapped back in his lava lamp and Mr. Crocker sent him to Canada for Mr. Crockers Uncle Albert. The lamp was even the same shades of purple and orange.

    • Title: Dr. Phyllis
      Dr. Phyllis is a spoof on Dr. Phil, who is a TV psychiatrist.