Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 13

Drew & Jerry

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 24, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Drake is getting tired of hanging around with Josh all the time. So Josh finds a friend named Drew who looks just like Drake. Drake feels he is being left out because of Drew, so he finds his own friend named Jerry who looks and acts like Josh.moreless

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  • perfect

    What I liked: "Stomachaches. You give me stomachaches!", Josh realizing at the end that the Jerry character is such a dork because Josh is one, Drew and Jerry being given their own show, Drake trying to make Josh jealous, amongst other things.

    Pretty nice. The 4th wall jokes at the end weren't as annoying and cliché as they normally are in TV shows, and were quite funny, as was the episode as a whole, so my final grade is a A+, I think is fairmoreless
  • Isn't 4th wall mocking themselves great?

    Drake and Josh has two new freinds in the waiting list. There names? Drew and Jerry. And guess what? They're EXACTLY LIKE THEM! Well, not exactly. Jerry's face is dfferent from Josh's and Drew has kickbutt hair that kinda looks familier... but, other than that, they are famiier!

    Soon, Drake and Megan had devised a plan to replase Josh with Jerry, in which Josh takes Jerry and they have a talent contest. A traveling agent spots Drew and Jerry, and decides to put them in a sitcom, in which is just like the episode you see right in front in your eyes.

    The episode was funny, in a wierd 4th wall emmissarry way, but it was STILL funny! Just one problem; could there be Megan's lookalike? 'Cause I would LOVE to see that. Other than that, this eppy's okay.moreless
  • When Drake gets tired of doing everything with Josh, Josh finds a new friend named Drew. But, when Josh never wants to hang out with Drake anymore, Drake finds a new friend named Jerry. Drake and Josh get tired of Drew & Jerry & start hanging out again.moreless

    I LOVED THIS EPISODE! It shows how much the boys like each other and it's a very entertaining episode. Drew gets on Drake's nerves and Jerry gets on Josh's. It's kind of weird because Drew is pretty much like Drake and Jerry is pretty much like Josh. You'd think that Drake and Drew would be friends and Josh and Jerry would be. This episode also reminded of the season 4 episode, "Josh Is Done", because Drake is, once again, needing Josh around to do stuff with. But, then again, Drake and Josh are still really close. This episode earns a 10 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Drake and Josh's copies..!!!

    It was a great episode..Drake wants Josh to do stuff with other people for once..Then Josh chooses Drew who looks a lot like Drake..They suddenly hang out a lot which made Drake jealous..With Megan's idea,Drake then finds a new friend to hang around with..His name is Jerry and he is very similar to Josh..They look the same,dress the same,and even has similar hobbies except that he has a normal sized head than Josh..So Drake is trying to prove to Josh that Jerry is way better than him and Josh also try to prove to Drake that Drew is way better than Drake..Soon they start dancing and and playing the sax in the premiere which caught the eye of a tv producer..They then starred on a new tv show called "Drew and Jerry"..Anyways,it was a good episode..It is fun and enjoyable to watch..moreless
  • when drake gets tired of doing everything with josh, josh seeks a new friend. drake soon becomes jealous and competes with his new friend and soon it turns into an all-out warmoreless

    this ep had to be one of the funniest eps of the season..and while it was not the season finale..it kinda summed up the season pretty well..they had allusions to pool shark and several other season 2 eps..i believe the bet was used as well..like the whole podular thing instead of spherical..anyways it was so funny how much drew and jerry looked and acted like drake and josh..so so funny..i was rolling on the floor laughing for most of the ep..then when they were competing that made it worth watching b/c the similarities kept getting stronger lol..then i loved when the tv producer talked to drew and jerry about a show about two brothers and drake's like what a stupid idea for a show and josh is like yeah who would watch it..i love how they can poke fun at their own show lol..and then the final part w/ the similarity of drew and jerry to the pool shark ep was funnymoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When the bystanders in the Premiere clap in rhythm to Drew's sax song, the clapping audio was clearly added in during editing as it does not at all match the visual claps. Also, the saxophone audio seems like it's undergone a large amount of audio cleaning, almost too clean to seem natural given the poor acoustics of the room.

    • Drew plays the saxophone at the premiere, but he gets it out of it's case in about two seconds,which would be too fast to assemble the sax. Also the shape of the case would not allow for the sax to be fully assembled inside, and a mouthpiece cover would take too long to take off, and would also make the reed very dry. He also plays without a neckstrap, which is very difficult to do.

    • When Drake shows the fish to Josh, he calls it a flounder, but you can tell it's not a flounder because it's not flat on one side.

    • When Megan says "All right, Drake," the closed captioning reads "All right, Drew."

    • Walter says to Drake that Drew got the last of the Dr.Fizz, but when Josh takes the rolls out of the oven, there is an almost full bottle of it on the counter.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Megan: Face it, Josh. He's you!
      Jerry: ...the GamePod. It's podular - PODULAR!!!
      Josh (to Megan) I repeat things for emphasis. EMPHASIS!!!!!!!!

    • Jerry: I thought you were sorry for cheating on the test.
      Drew: No, I'm sorry for getting caught cheating on the test. And I definitely will do it some more.
      Jerry: Stomachaches! You give me stomachaches!

    • Josh: Drake, you know going fishing in a big boat was my dream!

    • Josh: Hug me, brother?
      Drake: Not here man, there's people.(pause)
      Josh: Quick one?
      (They hug quickly and pull away)

    • Josh: ...Yeah, but do they make the Jerry character seem like a dork (Drake and Josh stares to each other)

    • Josh: ...And he repeats the words to make emphasis! (screaming) EMPHASIS!

    • Josh: Hey, Drake. What are you doing?
      Drake: I´m watching Celebrities underwater.
      Josh: Oh, come on I have tickets for the magic show of Blaine Duarvey.
      Drake: So?
      Josh: He got the second place in the magic bee!
      Drake: Is underwater?
      Josh: No.
      Drake: I don´t care.

    • Drake: Come on, Ghost Monsters, ooooh-BLAH!!

    • (After Drew kisses Megan)
      (Drake looks at Megan funny)
      Megan: Hey, it's cute when he does it.

    • Drake: There she is!
      (he picks up Megan and kisses her)
      Megan: Eww! Gross! I just took a shower.
      Drake: Sorry, but you're awesome.
      Megan: Why? What did I do?
      Drake: About Josh. He's so jealous of Jerry.
      Megan: Good. (walks to the door) Oh, and if you ever pick me up and kiss me like that again. you're gonna wake up breathing through a tube.

    • Josh: Oh, so now you're wearing my underpants too.
      Jerry: No, I don't wear underpants when I go to sleep!
      Josh: 3 words: keep the pajamas!!

    • Drake: Jerry, do that cool dance that you do!
      Jerry: DANCIN'!

    • Josh: Hey, I repeat words for emphasis. EMPHASIS!

  • NOTES (1)

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • The title, although referencing the names of the boys' new friends, is also a spoof of a cartoon called Tom & Jerry.

    • Ghost Monsters
      "Ghost Monsters" is probably making fun of the movie, "Ghost Busters."

    • In the movie theater scene where Drew was playing the saxophone and Jerry was dancing to it and it grabs a movie producer's attention, it's very similar to how Miranda got on the show. She got up and danced around the table while out having dinner, and an agent wanted her to be in movies and commercials.

    • The show Drew and Jerry, is of course a spinoff of Drake and Josh, and the plots are simalar to the ones on Drake and Josh. For example, when Drew tells Jerry he was sorry he cheated on the math test, and he definately wants to do it again, this is copied from the episode, Pool Shark, when Drake tells Josh that he was sorry for not telling him about hustling behind his back, and he definately wanted to do it some more.

    • (about mixing Dr.Fizz)
      Drew: Do it!

      Drew's drink, Dr.Fizz, is a clear yellow soft drink similar to Mountain Dew. Drew's line is also an allusion to Mountain Dew's catchphrase: Dew it!

    • A Walk To Forget
      The poster in the wall of the movie theater is a spoof of the movie A Walk To Remember.

    • The magician Josh mentions is supposed to be David Blaine.

    • Boo-boo-bees

      This candy that Drake, and Drew, love is an allusion to Jujubes, the multicolored jelly candies.

    • Drake says there is a cheerleader carwash at the Hexaco station. This is a spin-off of Texaco, a gas station.

    • Television: Welcome to Canadian Idol!
      "Canadian Idol" is a spinoff from the original American Idol, but it's shown in Canada.