Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 9

Drivers License

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 12, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Drivers License
Walter is really excited when his two sons are getting their driver's licenses. He made a rule with his sons, if they get one traffic ticket, he'll take their license away. The problem is, Josh gets his license and Drake doesn't. So when Josh runs a stop sign and gets a ticket, Drake pays for the ticket and doesn't tell Walter. Drake uses this to his advantage and blackmails Josh into driving him to unnecessary places.moreless

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  • great

    What I liked: Megan squirting Drake, Josh and Walter with water guns, Drake pretending Josh is his chauffeur and his name is Chives, the ending of the episode, amongst other things.

    Another OK episode. It's not perfect but it was an entertaining way to spend 22 minutes of my life, so my final grade is going to be somewhere in the "B" range, I think is fair for this particular episode
  • 209

    Good episode but definitely not one of the best of the series. It is definitely a classic though, we got some Old Josh entities, with him overreacting to everything, caring about school, and just being an innocent guy. In this episode, Drake takes advantage of him after he runs a stop sign.

    The most enjoyable scenes were definitely when Drake & Josh took the driver's test in the beginning of the episode. Drake failing the driver's test was something I definitely did not see coming. Josh passing, I did see coming. Both scenes were hysterical though from Josh's teen hating driving teacher to Drake's flirtatious driving teacher.

    I thought it was quite sad that Drake started blackmailing Josh, I found it quite sad really. And too cruel for Drake. Overall a good episode, with a lot of laughs.moreless
  • Wow

    I don't believe it. It's like everyone takes advantage of Josh. He passes with an ugly instructor and Drake passes with a beautiful one(wow, I guess he's lucky). Josh I am proud of. Thank god Drake helped him pay off that ticket. The car issue, I thought I had a hard time passing. However Drake could probably do better than me. The actors can drive in real life. I saw them. Anyway, they got another ticket and Drake switched seats with Josh. I mean come on, it was just so old this stuff. I felt so sorry for Josh in the end.moreless
  • Drake and Josh try to get their driver licenses.

    In this Drake and Josh are ready to drive. Walter is really anxious to help the boys get their drivers licenses. There is one rule though if they get a traffic ticket he'll take their licenses away from them for good. So the day Drake and Josh take their driver's test, Josh is proven an excellent driver and Drake is proven a terrible driver. So Josh gets his license and Drake doesn't. Josh loves driving so much that he can't stand it. So while driving with Drake to get pizza he runs a stop sign and gets a ticket. Josh can't pay for the ticket so Drake pays it for him without telling Walter. However Drake puts the ticket to his advantage and tells Josh to drive him to unnecessary places and at unnecessary times. Then, the next day, Drake meets a college girl named Denise who agrees to go on a date with him. Drake says he's also in college and makes Josh a family driver named, Chives. Then the next evening, Josh has had enough about Drake blackmailing him into telling Walter about the ticket and ruins Drake's date by telling the cops that he doesn't have a driver's license. Then Josh teaches Drake a little lesson about taking advantage of others. Funny episode watch it =)

  • Drake and Josh take their driving tests and Josh passes, but Drake fails. But, when Josh gets a traffic ticket and Drake pays for it himself, Drake, again, takes advantage of Josh and his ability to driveand Josh can't take being Drake's personal driver.moreless

    This was another great episode of "Drake and Josh". Again, Drake takes advantage of his brother and Josh won't keep standing for it! Josh finally stands up to his step-brother and still doesn't get his way. Instead, Josh gets yet another traffic ticket, just a few days after the first one! I wonder how Walter felt about that! This was a great episode, it was very entertaining, and it just made me want to keep watching it! It was just an awesome episode and it was another episode that most likely got a LOT of viewers, as usual! This episode of "Drake and Josh" earns a 9.2 out of 10 from me!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (18)

    • Megan: Why are the good ones first to go?

    • (After being pulled over because of a tail light being out...)
      Police Officer: So, you we're the one driving this car?
      Josh: Yeah...
      Police Officer: Well, son, I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a ticket.
      Josh: No, sir. You're going to have to give me 2 tickets.
      Police Officer: What for?
      Josh: Well... One for the faulty tail light, and one... FOR THIS!!!!
      (he attacks Drake)

    • Examiner: An ambulance is coming, Josh Nichols. Why don't you pull over?
      Josh: Technically, I'm not in it's way, I'm in the other driveway. So I don't have to pull over, right?
      Examiner: Right! But I don't like your kind!

    • Drake: Drive to Trevor´s house.
      Josh: Why?
      Drake: He just had a growth removed from his back.
      Josh: So?
      Drake: He kept it in a jar. We gotta see it!

    • Drake: Drive me to the mall?
      Josh: No prob. Toooo the Josh-mobile!
      Drake: Dude, you gotta stop saying that.
      Josh: I know...

    • Megan: Hey Drake, can you take me to my soccer practice?
      Drake: You know I don´t have a drivers license.
      Megan: I know, but I love to hear it. (leaves the kitchen)
      Megan: (opening the door) Hey Drake, can you take me to my soccer... (Drake throws his food at her)

    • Walter: You ran over Megan.
      Drake: Can I run her over next?

    • Drake: Okay, I thought a little beef reward for oh, I dunno, helping you keep your license.
      Josh: Okay, that's it, stop dropping guilt bombs on me. Look, I understand you did me a favor. I appreciate it, and you taking a advantage of it, and I wouldn't have it, you hear.
      Drake: Oh yeah, I hear you, and then dad's gonna wanna hear how you ran a stop and got a pretty little ticket. What you say to that?
      Josh: I say (Pauses) it's taco time!

      Drake: Are you gonna open the door?
      Josh: (Mumbles,angrily) You're pushing it.

    • Walter: Go ahead, start the car.
      (Josh pretends to start the car)
      Josh: ... vroom.

    • Walter: Capise?
      Josh: Dad, it's pronounced Capiche.
      Walter: Ah, right! Toosh.
      Josh: ... Touché.

    • (Josh slams door)
      Driving Instructer: Don't slam the door. This isn't one of your teenage parties!

    • Josh: (Answers cellphone) Hello? Yes Trevor. No I don't want to see your growth. I don't care if it's still growing, put it back in the jar!

    • Drake: Oh, you got some dirt on your shirt.
      Josh: I have a stainstick at home!

    • Josh: (to Drake) AHEM!
      (Drake ignoring Josh)
      Josh: AHEM!!!
      Drake: Quiet down! phleming

    • Josh: Drake, we're supposed to be studying for our driving test!
      Drake: (playing a driving video game) I am!
      Josh: Drake, I highly doubt that our driven test will include stealing a bus and running into dragons.
      Drake: Do you know that for sure?

    • Josh: Will you stop calling me "Chives?" I don't even know if "Chives" is a real name!

    • Josh: How do you always get the hot girl?
      Drake: I don't know. I try not to question it.

    • Drake: Well I read somewhere about this guy in Phoenix who got out of a traffic ticket by faking a heart attack.
      Josh: Oh I don't believe that.
      Drake: Why not?
      Josh: You don't read!

  • NOTES (2)

    • When Josh says that he bought a tanning bed with his allowence. If you can remmeber, in "Guitar" episode, he mentions about buying Drake's new guitar and says hes saving his allowence for a new tanning bed and in this episode, he bought it but it doesn't work. And if your wondering how he got his money back, Drake gives the money he earned from the manager of Zero-Gravity to Josh.

    • Premiered during the "TEENick Premier Party".