Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 9

Drivers License

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 12, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The cop who stopped Josh in the beginning of the episode is the same cop that confronts D&J at the end of the episode.

    • When Drake wakes Josh up for tacos, he plays his guitar and it sounds loud and distorted, but it was not even plugged in.

    • The driving instructor for Josh says "go in and get your licence," but you get a learner's permit before you get a licence.

    • A Ford Escort ZR2, and a Volvo car are used in this episode.

    • In the scene before Josh steps out of the car, he has his seatbelt on. In the next scene, it is off. That is one quick action. He must practice.

  • Quotes

    • Megan: Why are the good ones first to go?

    • (After being pulled over because of a tail light being out...)
      Police Officer: So, you we're the one driving this car?
      Josh: Yeah...
      Police Officer: Well, son, I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a ticket.
      Josh: No, sir. You're going to have to give me 2 tickets.
      Police Officer: What for?
      Josh: Well... One for the faulty tail light, and one... FOR THIS!!!!
      (he attacks Drake)

    • Examiner: An ambulance is coming, Josh Nichols. Why don't you pull over?
      Josh: Technically, I'm not in it's way, I'm in the other driveway. So I don't have to pull over, right?
      Examiner: Right! But I don't like your kind!

    • Drake: Drive to Trevor´s house.
      Josh: Why?
      Drake: He just had a growth removed from his back.
      Josh: So?
      Drake: He kept it in a jar. We gotta see it!

    • Drake: Drive me to the mall?
      Josh: No prob. Toooo the Josh-mobile!
      Drake: Dude, you gotta stop saying that.
      Josh: I know...

    • Megan: Hey Drake, can you take me to my soccer practice?
      Drake: You know I don´t have a drivers license.
      Megan: I know, but I love to hear it. (leaves the kitchen)
      Megan: (opening the door) Hey Drake, can you take me to my soccer... (Drake throws his food at her)

    • Walter: You ran over Megan.
      Drake: Can I run her over next?

    • Drake: Okay, I thought a little beef reward for oh, I dunno, helping you keep your license.
      Josh: Okay, that's it, stop dropping guilt bombs on me. Look, I understand you did me a favor. I appreciate it, and you taking a advantage of it, and I wouldn't have it, you hear.
      Drake: Oh yeah, I hear you, and then dad's gonna wanna hear how you ran a stop and got a pretty little ticket. What you say to that?
      Josh: I say (Pauses) it's taco time!

      Drake: Are you gonna open the door?
      Josh: (Mumbles,angrily) You're pushing it.

    • Walter: Go ahead, start the car.
      (Josh pretends to start the car)
      Josh: ... vroom.

    • Walter: Capise?
      Josh: Dad, it's pronounced Capiche.
      Walter: Ah, right! Toosh.
      Josh: ... Touché.

    • (Josh slams door)
      Driving Instructer: Don't slam the door. This isn't one of your teenage parties!

    • Josh: (Answers cellphone) Hello? Yes Trevor. No I don't want to see your growth. I don't care if it's still growing, put it back in the jar!

    • Drake: Oh, you got some dirt on your shirt.
      Josh: I have a stainstick at home!

    • Josh: (to Drake) AHEM!
      (Drake ignoring Josh)
      Josh: AHEM!!!
      Drake: Quiet down! phleming

    • Josh: Drake, we're supposed to be studying for our driving test!
      Drake: (playing a driving video game) I am!
      Josh: Drake, I highly doubt that our driven test will include stealing a bus and running into dragons.
      Drake: Do you know that for sure?

    • Josh: Will you stop calling me "Chives?" I don't even know if "Chives" is a real name!

    • Josh: How do you always get the hot girl?
      Drake: I don't know. I try not to question it.

    • Drake: Well I read somewhere about this guy in Phoenix who got out of a traffic ticket by faking a heart attack.
      Josh: Oh I don't believe that.
      Drake: Why not?
      Josh: You don't read!

  • Notes

    • When Josh says that he bought a tanning bed with his allowence. If you can remmeber, in "Guitar" episode, he mentions about buying Drake's new guitar and says hes saving his allowence for a new tanning bed and in this episode, he bought it but it doesn't work. And if your wondering how he got his money back, Drake gives the money he earned from the manager of Zero-Gravity to Josh.

    • Premiered during the "TEENick Premier Party".

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