Drake & Josh

Season 1 Episode 2

Dune Buggy

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 18, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • Great!

    After Drake & Josh's parents tell them they are forbidden to drive their new dune buggey,Drake drives it anyway. What happens next? Watch it and find out!

    A great 2nd entry!
  • Not my all-time favorite episode BUT it was overall superb in my opinion.

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Drake and Josh". It was hilarious when Drake's friend Trevor brought in the dune buggy and it's all wrecked. Drake's friend Trevor is so freakin' stupid but hilarious in this episode. It was hilarious when Josh fell off the dune buggy and hurt himself. Drake destroying the dune buggy was so funny. Trevor patting Drake on the back and then Drake falls on the floor was hilarious. It was hilarious when the doctor told Trevor that he is worried about Trevor and that he needs to get his brain scanned. Drake trying to hide his injury from the dune buggy from Josh and his parents was funny. Drake trying to carry Megan upstairs without falling down was so funny. Josh getting a call from the hospital and finding out that Drake destroyed the dune buggy was very funny. Josh asking his dad if he could wrestle Drake to try to get him exposed that he is injured was hilarious especially when Walter threw Drake right on the floor. Josh doing his victory dance when Drake was finally busted about the dune buggy was funny. My score was just a little low because I didn't like that Drake would get away with everything and not get in trouble and I also didn't like the ending because Josh had to give Drake some things like pizza and all that while Drake is lying in bed. Overall, this was a superb episode of "Drake and Josh". 9/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.
  • perfect

    Drake and Josh's friend gives them a dune buggy that is in terrible condition. They fix it up, but are disappointed to learn that their parents won't let them drive it. So, drake sneaks it out, and ends up getting in an accident. What will happen? Will their parents find out?

    Obviously one of the first episodes I saw, and I still like it. It's a pretty funny episode with a plot that has been done before (there was an episode of Malcolm in the Middle that had the same basic plot, except that was a mini bike). Still a good episode. A+
  • A very good episode

    Drake crashes the dune buggy that he's not supposed to be driving, and ends up injured, barely able to stand. Josh finds out when he gets a call from the emergency room saying Drake left his wallet there. Furious with Drake for wrecking what he had spent most of his time fixing, he guilts Drake into telling their parents what happened.

    I liked this episode a lot, because it shows how honesty is a good thing, but to also listen to your parents once in while, because they might actually know what they're talking about. It also shows how not thinking of only yourself is a good thing.
  • Pretty good!!

    In the second episode of Drake and Josh. One of Drake's friends, Trevor, gives him a dune buggy. Drake thought that it would be in good shape but it doesn't even run. Later on, Drake and Josh are watching TV and it leads to Josh throwing a pillow at Drake which misses and knocks down a glass of soda on the TV, causing the TV to explode and not work. Josh freaks out cause he doesn't want to get in trouble, so Drake tells him to lie about what happened. When Audry, Drake's Mom, wants to watch TV and questions why its broken Josh tries to lie but confesses later then grounded for lying. Drake and Josh, mostly Josh, get the dune buggy running, but are not allowed to drive it because their parents say it too dangerous to drive and they don't even have their driver licences. Drake tries to convince Josh to drive the buggy around but Josh refuses to go. Then Trevor and Drake decide to take the buggy out on the road, only making a short distance crashing into a tree. Drake winds up in the hospital, and tries to disguise his injuries so Josh and his parents don't find out what happened. Josh soon finds out Drakes injuries when the hospital called the house saying Drake forgot his wallet. Josh talks to Drake in their room saying that he is tired of him getting away with everything. Drake tries to disagree but he realizes Josh is right. Drake then confesses to the family that he took the dune buggy out and got in an accident. Josh is excited that Drake finally gets grounded, but things don't turn out as thought. Drake turns out to be laying in bed 24/7 doing nothing but watching TV, playing guitar, and getting Josh to do what he wants.
    Good episode. watch it

  • Second episode.

    Drake and Josh get a dune buggy from their friend Trevor. Come to find out, Trevor doesn't mention that the Dune Buggy is completely dead. Drake and Josh end up fixing up the Dune Buggy and are excited to take it out for some spins. However, their parents aren't wild about the idea because neither Drake nor Josh have a driver's license.

    This episode is the second in the Drake and Josh series. It was alright and pretty average just like most of the other episodes in the series. Pretty funny, pretty dramatic. I didn't like the main plot very much.
  • drake and josh get a dune buggy to fix up; josh gets grounded for lying badly; drake gets in a dune buggy accident and gets in trouble for the first time ever

    i so loved this ep..i watch it all the time..except there was one time when i couldnt watch it..it was on after i watched an article about drakes real life car accident and it said he was in the hospital and had 2 get surgery..and even if it happens to be necessary i get sick w/ the thought so i couldnt watch the ep for a week..but im fine now and i still love the ep..it was funny everything josh had to do and drake kept bringing up that he just lied badly..lol..and then poor drake..he got in the accident and he was hurting and josh was being mean..i like when drake confessed tho..this ep was kinda serious but also funny..when drake gave that memorable heart-felt apology..lol..and then josh danced..that was funny and i still felt bad for drake..but it all got turned back around for josh..drake had the advantage again lol
  • Drake and Josh get a dune buggy from Drake's friend, Trevor. But, things go wrong when Drake takes an under-aged drive in it and crashes, sending him to the ER. In this episode, Josh tries to get Drake in trouble and Drake tries to hide his injuries.

    I thought that this episode was pretty good. I like how Josh is trying to get Drake into trouble, but keeps landing himself in his own punishment spotlight! I think both Drake Bell and Josh Peck protrayed their characters pretty well. I thought that this episode was pretty realistic. I could totally see a fifteen year old going out to drive a car under-aged. This episode was a very good lesson teacher to younger kids who want to drive under-aged. If you try it, you might just get hurt. Like Drake Bell demonstraited in this episode. Overall, this episode was pretty good. It gets an 8.9 for me!
  • The first really good episode... See review

    Drake and Josh get a dune buggy from their friend Trevor. Come to find out, Trevor doesn't mention that the Dune Buggy is completely dead. Drake and Josh end up fixing up the Dune Buggy and are excited to take it out for some spins. However, their parents aren't wild about the idea because neither Drake nor Josh have a driver's license. A good episode to say the least. Loved how Josh freaked out when he saw the Dune Buggy all destroyed again, and Trevor's stupidity was without a doubt hilarious!!! Let's just hope that all the Drake and Josh episodes in the future are as good or even better than this.
  • Pretty good!

    Trevor brings over his old dune buggy! Drake and Josh are excited to drive it! Unfortunately, their parents won't let them. Trevor and Drake go for a spin without his parents' knowledge. They crash and Drake gets seriously injured. He is taken to the hospital. He wants to hide his injury from his parents so they won't find out that he took the dune buggy for a ride.

    This episode was pretty good! Trevor is so funny! I also recognized Christopher Michael as the doctor. He's a recurring character in 7th Heaven. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10 from me!
  • The first episode I've seen, which is better than the Pilot...

    So this episode is about Drake and Josh getting a dune buggy but they're not allowed to drive it. Drake, however, decides to disobey his parents and sneaks the dune buggy out, but hits a tree on the way out of the driveway! Ouch!! In this episode, Josh was at his funniest in the first season. I actually liked the little dance he did in the dune buggy as he was jamming to the radio with Drake. I remember he did that same move at the 2003 R U All That. And I bet that Trevor's really do make him take brain scans every month. Lol. I think this was one of the best episodes of Drake and Josh...
  • drake and josh get a buggy

    in this episode Drake and Josh get a buggy from a friend who gets lost but it happends that he's actualy outside the door. Josh spends a long time fixing it up and then Drake gets behind the wheel and they crash ( Drake was with his friend in the buggy ). in the rest of the episode Josh trys to hurt Drake by: making his dad wrestle Drake as a demo (as Josh would say) and what not. over all I think this was defenetly in my top 10.

    This is defenetly 1 of the best episodes in all time
  • Drake and Josh get a dune buggy, but Drake soon breaks the rule to take it out.

    I thought this episode of Drake and Josh was very funny. I like how Josh can lie and gets grounded all the time but whenever Drake does it he never gets caught. Priceless. And Trevor cracked me up, this is the first time we see him, but he is funny, and I think he should be in the show more. And then Josh gets a call from the hospital, saying Drake had let his wallet the Josh decided to tell his Dad Walter to do some wrestling moves on Drake. I dont know why but I find that incredibly funny. Then when Drake admits to the family that he took the dune buggy and got into an accident, Josh gets blamed for not saying anything. And Drake gets grounded for 2 weeks but he finds it to be good. Typical funny Drake and Josh episode.
  • funny episode

    funny episode i like it. drake rides a bune buggy after hes parents told him he cant ride it but then he crashes in a tree and broke his leg now drake trys to keep it a secret from josh and his parents and everyone. but then he cant, this was a funny episode i think it was better then the pilot for some reason i also like the middle of the episode when drake acts weird because he dosent want his parents to know that he got into an accedent any way, this was a good episode of season 1
  • BO-RING!

    Really, nothing really happened in this episode, and thats why I call it kind of non-exciting and boring. So what? Drake and Josh get a dune buggy from Drake's friend Trevor, who is actually dumber than Drake. Anyway, the dune buggy needs major repairing and Josh does most of the work. Plus, what I hated is that Drake got away with everything, and got Josh into trouble about lying, breaking the TV, it was just horrible! Anyway, about Josh getting in trouble for lying, he has to do extra dirty work around the house. Ugh! Then Drake gets away with taking the dune buggy out when he wasn't supposed to with Trevor. He gets hurt when Trevor don't even get one scratch! And they flipped the dune buggy! That was twisted! Anyway, and when finally Drake gets busted for doing something wrong, Josh has to be his servant for the whole time Drake is injured! Come on!
  • Average.

    Drake and Josh,
    In this episode we find Drake and Josh getting a dumebuggy from one of their friends. Drake and Josh's parents didn't expect them to redue the car. But when they find out they did fix the car they are very shocked. They prohibit them from driving on the streets. Just to show Drake sneak the car out and total it. Drake wounds up in the hospital with only josh knowing. Josh tries to get his parents to figure it out that Drake took the car out with out permission.
  • IT was terriffic! Well, i think every thing with that cutie Drake is awesome!

    i think all of the eposides with Drake 0r anything with DRake is Terriffic it was seriously awseomne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u are soo cute Drake!! You rock my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    even though Drake disobbys his \\\"Parents\\\" he rides his Buggy anyway! can you believe it Drake getting introuble! well, he get grounded,b ut since hes hurt, he dosnt have to go to school and josh is hes servant. HE is thinking how Josh is always complaining, but he says,\\\" ya josh, being grounded is really horrible\\\" ya right, if your hurt and have your new step-brother as a servant!!!!!!!!! love you drake!
  • Drake and Josh get a dune buggy from Drake\'s friend, Trevor. It takes a lot of work to fix it up but Drake takes it out and crashes with it.

    This was a grand episode. Drkae and Josh get a dune buggy for free from Drake\'s friend Trevor. Josh fixes it up all nice and such, and then Drake and Trevor take it out for a spin when not supposed to and crash into a tree because of a squirrel in the way. It was extra humorous in parts like when it first showed the dune buggy wrecked, when Trevor caught Drake pretending to talk to hot girl, the sound and wails or Drake and Trevor crashing into the tree, and Josh\'s face when he discovered the wrecked dune buggy. Then, I agreed with Josh. Why did their parents let \'em fix it up if they weren\'t gonna let them drive it? Oh, yeah. Remember, it was so comical, when even the doctor agreed Trevor was stupid and might need to get a brain scan. But was was totally gut splitting was when he responded with the answer of, \"No way. My parents make me get one every month!\" The doctor agreed by saying he bet they did. This was a totally awesome episode.
  • This was an okay episode.

    I wouldn't say this was the best episode. It was kinda good. This episode reveals what kind of people Drake and Josh are. Drakes a guy that gets away with everything. Josh is a guy that always does the right thing. If he did something wrong,he would get caught. In this episode,Drake gets injured because of not listening to his parents. Josh kinda took advantage of Drake being hurt though. He made his dad wrestle him.
  • noy funny

    this episodeis pretty much Drake getting hurt and limping around all day hurt totally boring. and Josh getting punished all the time. thats not common, traditinis Megan pulls a prank and rake & Josh get in troble and are grounded. Drake shoulden't of wrecked the car i can'rt belive that Drake wasen't told to fix the buggy as punishment. also what happened to the buggy its been mentioned in helens surgery but not ever shown again. it was funny when Walter was wresling Drake thank you for reading my review i hope you enjoyed it have a great tim,e i hope to see this episode again in the near future
  • drake and josh get a dune buggy

    drake and josh get a dune buggy, but their parents wont let them drive it. drake decides to drive it though, and crashes. he has bad bruises all over him. when he gets home, he tries to act like nothing happened. josh finds out, but doesnt tell. eventually, drake tells his parents though.
  • Drake and Josh got a dune buggy from Trevor. Josh got into trouble by breaking the t.v. So Josh worked so much on the dune buggy to where he got it running. Drake takes it out for a ride without his parents' permission and crashes.

    This episode was so funny. I extremley loved all the quotes. Especially when Drake said to Josh "Do I get to wear that purdy apron". To me this episode was not boring.It was funny.I loved the scene when Drake was going to take the dune buggy out for a ride.
  • The dune buggy made this episode great.

    This was a really funny episode because of the way they get in trouble for not listening to there parents. I say that Drake had the funniest parts. Josh no matter what he did he would all ways get in trouble but Drake wont that was funny. The plot was also good. Over all this was a good episode.
  • Dune Buggy turns out to be great episode!

    In this episode, Trevor gives Drake & Josh a Dune Buggy. Then they find out that it doesn't work. Later, in the living room, Drake throws a pillow at Josh. Josh takes that pillow, and throws it right back where it came from. But Drake was smart. He ducked and let pillow hit a drink glass with soda in on top of the television. Then, Drake told Josh to lie and drive away from the incident. When Josh lies, you notice he is WAY to nervous, and Mom finds out he broke the television. And then, this is the part Josh almost killed Drake hearing. Mom said, "I am not grounding you for breaking the television, I am grounding you for lying. You should know better than that." By the time Josh was done grounding and doing work around the house, the Dune Buggy is finally ready to ride. Find out the rest of the episode on Nick. This was one of my favorite episodes out of all, and I have seen a lot. I also enjoyed the one where Drake & Josh argue for a whole week about who really deserved a baseball souvenier they fought over as children.
  • Drake and Josh get a dune buggy but aren\'t allowed to drive it. Then Drake drives it without permission and crashes it, sending himself to the ER.

    I liked it. A lot. It shows that Trevor is a amasing idiot. Drake said he would never get caught , even when he got grounded, since he had bruises and broken bones, he got pizza and ice cream on demand. As I said before, I liked it. A lot. YAY!