Drake & Josh

Season 1 Episode 2

Dune Buggy

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 18, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In the beginning of the episode, Drake walks from the kitchen into the living room and we see Josh on his laptop and we hear the Amanda Show in the background.

    • Scottie's brother, Trevor, is played by the same actor who played Spaulding on Moody's Point, which is a show within a show on The Amanda Show.

    • Goof: After Drake and Trevor flip in the dune buggy, Drake has a lot of scratches, bruises, and can't walk well. If Trevor was in the dune buggy with him, wouldn't he have gotten hurt too?

    • Goof: After Josh falls out the buggy there is a shot of him lying on the floor in which the crashmat he landed on is visible under the buggy.

    • Goof: When Drake and Josh first get into the dune buggy, there is a person under it, meaning the buggy was not running.

    • Goof: Don't you think the doctor at the hospital would've called Drake's parents while he was at the hospital? Also, who's going to pay the hospital bill?

  • Quotes

    • Drake: So got this thing running yet?
      Josh: Not yet but close. Give me a hand will ya?
      Drake: Where do these two wires go to?
      Josh: (Wires connect and triggers the horn to blare in Josh's ear) (sarcastically): Um, I think maybe it's the horn!

    • Josh: What are we going to do? Mom and Dad is going to kill us!
      Drake: No they won't... They're gonna kill you!
      Josh: Well... You're the one who ducked... you... Ducker!

    • Drake: (after being attacked by Walter) Why did you make him attack me?
      Josh: Because it's about time you stop getting away with everything.
      Drake: What are you talking about?
      Josh: You broke the TV, you talked me into lying about it, you took out the dune buggy when weren't supposed to, and you wrecked it!
      Drake: What are you talking about?
      Josh: I got a call from the emergency room. You left your wallet there.
      Drake: (Dumbfounded) Oh.

    • Audrey: (after finding out Josh uses Walter to attack Drake) You made your father wrestle him?
      Walter: When you knew Drake was hurt?

    • Drake: Mom & Dad home yet?
      Josh: Nope. Why?
      Drake: Let's take the dune buggy for a quick spin before they get back.
      Josh: Don't you remember? We're not allowed.
      Drake: That's why I said before they get back!

    • Drake: Dude. There is a very easy way out of this.
      Josh: What?
      Drake: Lie.
      Josh: Lie?
      Drake: Lie.
      Josh: Lie.
      Drake: Yeah. If Mom and Dad ask about the TV, you don't know what happened.
      Josh: But-but that's not the truth.
      Drake: Which is why they call it lying.
      Josh: I don't know. Lying. It seems so wrong.
      Drake: You wanna get grounded?
      Josh: But it feels so right.

    • Josh: (About the TV) Man, Mom and Dad are gonna kill us!
      Drake: No, they're not... they're gonna kill you!
      Josh: You're the one who ducked, you... ducker!

    • Josh: We can drive to the Zippy Mart whenever we want.
      Drake: We can drive girls to the Zippy Mart.
      Josh: Yes, 'cause girls love convenience stores.

    • Drake: You didn't get grounded for lying, You got grounded cause you lied badly.

    • Josh: (After he breaks the TV by pouring root beer in it) I drink root beer. You don't see me exploding!

    • Drake: Come on, hop in.
      Trevor: Alright. (jumps on top of Drake)
      Drake: I meant in the passenger's seat!
      Trevor: I dunno....you have a comfy lap.

    • Drake: Do you know where else this would sound awesome?
      Trevor: In the shower?
      Drake: (bewildered) No!! On the road!!
      Trevor: Better!

    • Audrey: Boys, where's the remote?
      Josh: Unh! I-I don't know, I think it's lost. Why-why don't you read a book?
      Audrey: (Turns page) I already took Algebra.

    • Audrey: You hurt him wrestling!
      Walter: I did?

    • Audrey: Josh!
      Josh: (Sobbing) It was the pillow; I threw it on the soda, with the spilling on the TV, and the (Imitates short-circut noises) and KA-BOOM!

    • Drake: Once again, you weren't punished for lying.
      Josh: I know, (Mocking) I was punished for lying badly. Sing a new song, would you?

    • Josh: You wanna get grounded?
      Drake: Do I get to wear that pretty apron?

    • Drake: You said it runs.
      Trevor: Oh, you meant the Dune Buggy?

    • Josh: Wow!I never had a dune buggy before! Oh, we gonna buggy it out!

    • Josh: So am I grounded for breaking the TV?
      Audrey: No.
      Josh: Oh!
      Audrey: You're grounded for lying to me.
      Josh: Oh.

    • Doctor: I'm a little worried about you though, you might want to get a brain scan.
      Trevor: No thanks, my folks make me get one every month.
      Doctor: Yes, I bet they do.

    • Walter: Drake, can you carry Megan upstairs for me?
      Drake: But she's heavy.
      Walter: I've seen you carry her upstairs a dozen times.
      (Walter gives Megan to Drake)
      Audrey: Drake, are you crying?
      Walter: What's wrong.
      Drake: She's just so cute, can't we keep her down here just so we can look at her?

    • Drake: What are you smiling about?
      Josh: The great Drake, grounded, for two weeks. I love it!
      Drake: Yeah? me too.
      Josh: Eh?
      Drake: Two weeks, layin' in bed, no school, playin' a little guitar, watching a little TV, you bringing me pizzas. Yeah, bein' grounded is baaad.

    • Drake: It's not buggy time.
      Josh: It's dead buggy time.

    • Josh: But it's not the truth.
      Drake: That's why they call it lying.

  • Notes

    • This is the last episode to be produced of season 1.

    • During the scene where Drake and Josh are in the living room you can hear the sound coming off the TV which is a "Tony Pajamas" skit on The Amanda Show which featured Drake Bell and Josh Peck.

    • The song that Drake and Josh heard in the dune buggy was "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", by Good Charlotte.

    • The teaser of this episode shows Josh talking about how irresponsible Drake is and how he gets away with everything. Then, Drake hits Josh on the head with a pillow while Josh is playing with the TV. Josh steals the pillow and throws it at Drake, who ducks. Root beer spills on the TV and causes it to defuse.
      The tag of this episode shows Drake trying carry a bunch of things and dropping all of them.

    • Taran Killam played Spaulding on the skit "Moody's Point" on "The Amanda Show."

  • Allusions

    • Music: "Life Styles of the Rich and Famous"

      When Drake and Josh turn on the radio of the dune buggy "Life Styles of the Rich and Famous" by Good Charlotte plays.