Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 12

Eric Punches Drake

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

After accidentally punching Drake in school, Eric becomes very popular. Meanwhile, Josh thinks that Mindy has a new boyfriend.

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  • My Favorite Episode

    Eric accidentally punches Drake and tells the whole school that he did it on purpose because he was making fun of his sister. Josh however, gets the wrong idea about his ex- Mindy, and this guy Chad. All in all, a well rounded, hilarious episode, probably the best.
  • Great episode

    This was a great episode. It is probably my favorite episode of Drake & Josh. It was very funny and it actually made me laugh out loud. In school, Eric shows Craig a kung fu move he saw in a movie and accidently punches Drake in the face. Then Eric tells everyone in school that he intentionally punched Drake because Drake was making fun of his sister. Soon everyone in school hates Drake and Eric becomes popular. In the subplot, Josh thinks Mindy has a new boyfriend. Turns out the guy Josh thought was Mindys boyfriend, was actually her cousin.moreless
  • Eric Punches Drake

    When I first heard about this episode, I thought it would be serious. Like, maybe Drake was making fun of Eric for something and Eric literally would punch him hard. When I saw the episode though it wasn't at all what I thought it would be like. Eric punches Drake by accident, and soon the whole school thinks it was because Drake was making fun of Eric's sister. But Eric and Drake know the truth. Soon Eric becomes popular and everyone thinks Drake is a jerk and a wuss. Elsewhere Josh becomes jealous with Mindy's new "boyfriend", whom he later learns was her cousin and she was just showing him around.

    In the end, Craig helps Drake prove Eric was lying because Craig is tired of Eric being too popular. He proves that Eric is a pacifist and would never hurt Drake. In the end, Eric isn't popular anymore.moreless
  • A well-written episode, but kinda unoriginal.

    Eric punches Drake, and someone starts a rumor about it. I've seen lots of shows with these kinds of episodes. There's Zoey 101 and other more. Although the story is not that original, I must say, I like this the best. The sub-plot is also unoriginal. Anyway, it had kind of the total package. There are also funny and memorable quotes, like Josh saying "Do you know the book entitled Embarassed to Death by M.Y. Dad?". The sub-plot is also cute, because I really like the Mindy and Josh pairing. It is also good one of the recurring characters gets more air time. So, great overall, just lacks originality.moreless
  • Cool

    This was silly how Eric becomes popular like wow that must be amazing news to Eric not Drake. Poor Drake is the unpopular kid and now Eric takes Drake's place. The end of this episode was amzing how Eric reaveals the truth and Drake takes the girl that Eric was going out with how amzing the end was. All I can say is that this episode was totally amazing and was totally worth watching and if you didn't see this episode you should see it because it is silly and how cool it becomes that Eric becomes popular. This episode gets a 10 out of 10.moreless
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Nathan Kress


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Jerry Trainor

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Shouldn't Drake's left eye have been blackened? When he walks by Eric and gets hit, Eric is on his left and he spins to the left before he falls.

    • It is revealed Eric is a pacifist. A pacifist is a person who refuses to fight. (This does not seem to count accidental attacks, as Eric accidentally punched Drake).

    • Craig says "Rat's Hat" then Drake says it confused. In The Amanda Show Drake played a character named Tony Pajamas who often said "Rat's Hat".

    • The squeak toy featured in this episode is Rolie Polie Olie.

    • How could the entire school believe Eric's rumor about his sister when most of the students saw Eric accidentally punch Drake?

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Eric: Okay, hardest test ever!
      Josh: I know.
      Craig: I didn't even finish!
      Josh: Yeah! Me too.
      Mindy comes.
      Josh: Can you believe that test?
      Mindy: I know, so easy right?
      Josh: Yeah, I know right?

    • (Guys help Girl up)
      Drake: Eh! (walks away with the girl)

    • Girl: You can't let him get away with that.
      Boy: Yeah, go kick his butt.
      Eric: Ok..here I go.
      Drake: Here, I'll give you my good eye.

    • Drake and Craig (singing): Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me! Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee. Sounds of the rude world heard in the day lull'd by the moonlight have all passed away. Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song (Eric walks in and joins in singing as badly as Craig)'list while I woo thee with soft melody. Gone are the cares of life's busy throngs. Beautiful dreamer awake unto me.

    • Drake: It's not bad enough Eric punched me and lied about it. No! Now, people are starting to call me twinkle puff Parker.

    • Josh: There are more important things in life than kissing girls.
      Drake: Name two.
      Josh: I can't.

    • Josh: So, today, you were just messing with my head?
      Mindy: I think you deserved it after the way you screamed at me.
      Josh: I still think that was a pretty obnoxious thing for you to do!
      Mindy: I think you acted way more obnoxious!
      Josh: Well, I'm just glad we're broken up!
      Mindy: Not as glad as I am!
      Josh: Oh, really?
      Mindy: REALLY!
      (They make out.)

    • Drake: Just tell me how to take down Eric.
      Craig: Ok, but fisrt you have to promise me something.
      Drake: What?
      Craig: I love to sing.
      Drake: (confused, steps aside) So?
      Craig: So you are like a professional singer.
      Drake: (still confused) You wanna sing a song with me?
      Craig: I've wanted this for a long time!
      Drake: ...Ok.

    • Josh: What, is all about this Eric thing?
      Drake: Yeah, he is making me look like a loser and a whimp. But you know what, I'm going to punch him right in his little nerdy head!
      Josh: No, you don't! (grabs him)
      Drake: Then give me a one good reason.
      Josh: Punch him is just going to make you look worse, you gotta manage the situation with intelligence.
      Drake: Kinda like you do with this new Mindy's boyfriend situation?!
      Josh: DIFFERENT!!! (crosses his arms)
      Drake: How?
      Josh: Mindy rubbing a new boyfriend in my face is an outrage, OUTRAGE!!!

    • Drake: Whassup, Blonnowitz?
      Eric: Hi, Drake. Sorry I had to teach you a lesson the other day.
      Drake: Sure you taught me a lesson, for making fun of your sister.
      Eric: ...uh, yeah...
      Drake: Next time, I will think twice when I talk about her hairy back.
      Eric: She can't help that! She has hyperactive folicules!
      Drake: That's why your parents call her: 'gorilla back'.
      Girl: Say something!
      Eric: Her name is Maureen!
      Guy: You should watch it, Parker.
      Guy 2: Yeah, before Eric gives you another black eye!
      Drake: Hey, it's not my fault his mom eats dog food.
      Eric: One time! That just happened one time!
      Drake: That's ok. Because what else a dog gonna eat, right?

    • Drake: So, you sent the blimp?
      Craig: Yeah.
      Drake: Why would you want to take down Eric? He's your best friend.
      Craig: Used to be, now he is all that "Mr. Popular Pants" and doesn't give a rat's hat about me!
      Drake: Rat's hat?
      Craig: I was the only one to be his friend, I was the one who cleaned up his tears when his iguana got diabetes! I was the-
      Drake: Ok, I get it, I get it, I get it, I get it!

    • Eric: Did you see that girl I was with?
      Drake: Yeah, what about her?
      Eric: She asked me out! Usually if I just talk to a girl like that, she calls the police!

    • Drake: Mindy's here!
      Josh: I know, I invited her.
      Drake: Yeah, but did you invite him?
      (forces Josh to look at a guy)
      Josh: Who's him?
      Drake: Her date.
      Josh: Huh? Uh, um I don't care.
      Drake: Yes you do! Now go out there and make a scene!

    • (Mindy and Josh are making out)
      Josh: Are we still broken up?
      Mindy: Oh yeah, definetly.

    • Drake: (opens the door) Aw, is it Halloween already? Aren't you a scary little witch!
      Mindy: Aww, look at your black eye. Wow, I hope it hurts.
      Drake: Shebeast!
      Mindy: Microbrain!
      Drake: Weirdface!
      Mindy: Ignoramus!
      Drake: ...What?
      Mindy: Exactly!

    • Eric: I will not go back to being on the cold loneliness of Planet Nerd!

    • Josh: Suddenly, everyone got the idea that I EAT SQUIRRELS!
      Drake: I told people at school Josh is on this new squirrel diet.
      Josh: Then the rumors got even worse!
      Drake: Then, I made up worse stuff.
      Josh: Someone told people that after I eat the squirrels, I use their fur to make my own underwear!
      Drake: It was all lies.
      Josh: Oh! The new rumor about me, and I don't get this one at all. It says that I have an extra toe growing out of my belly button!
      Drake: People will believe anything!
      Josh: For crying out loud, my belly button is toeless!

    • Josh: Oh. Hey, Craig. Where is Eric?
      Criag: He didn't come. He was afraid Drake would be angry beacause he punched him.
      Josh: Oh, he is not angry. Drake, you are not angry, right?
      Drake: Oh, no. Craig didn't hurt me.
      Craig: I am Craig!
      Drake: Pfft! It matters...

    • Drake: Hey, what movie are they seeing?
      Walter: Oh, God. You really got into a fight.
      Drake: Oh, no it was an accident-
      Walter: Don´t worry, I used to get beaten up in school every time. I used to be called "Walter the-
      Josh: Have you ever read "Embarrased to death", by M.Y. Dad?
      Walter: M.Y. Dad?
      Josh: Yes, now get out of here! (drags Walter out of the kitchen) Come on, go upstairs. Move!

    • Crazy Steve: Excuse me, Josh.
      Josh: What?
      Crazy Steve: I noticed you're stacking that candy in an angry way.
      Josh: I am angry. All right, Mindy's over there with her new boyfriend rubbing it right in my face!
      Crazy Steve: Well you know I also struggle with an anger problem.
      Josh: Ohh.
      Crazy Steve: Yes. But now I have this. (Takes out stress toy) See, whenever I get a little angry, I just give this a little squeeze and… DON'T DRINK WHILE I'M TALKING!!
      (Josh spits out the water he was drinking and Crazy Steve frantically squeezes the toy)
      Crazy Steve: See how it works?!
      Josh: Yah-huh!

    • Eric: I knew my popularity wasnt going to last.
      Drake: That's okay. You were never meant to be popular.

    • Craig: Eric is a pacifist.
      Drake: I thought he was Jewish...?
      Craig: A pacifist is someone who refuses to fight.
      Drake: (pretending to have understood) Oh, ok.
      Craig: So you have to confront him in public, and he will refuse to fight.
      Drake: Alright.
      Craig: Wich means he will lose popularity, and will come crawling back to me. And don't forget our song!
      Drake: I won't forget our song.
      Craig: Good. I'll start practicing. (sings very off-key as he hides again in the dumpster) Lalala la lala la lala. Lalala la lala la lala.
      (Drake just feels uncomfortable and walks away)

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