Drake & Josh

Season 1 Episode 5

First Crush

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 15, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

There's a girl at school, Kathy, that Josh really likes. He doesn't have the bravery to talk to her, however, so he gets Drake, the ultimate expert on girls, to help. But it becomes of no use when Josh accidentally tells Kathy that he can play guitar and that he would be happy to perform at her birthday party. So now Drake and Josh must pull through a tight situation when Drake is banned from where Kathy is having her birthday.moreless

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  • The most unoriginal of the first season.

    This is without a doubt the worst episode of season 1 but thats not saying much cause the first season is the only season not doesn't include a bad episode.....So "First Crush" was fairly enjoyable!
  • great

    Josh likes a girl named Kathy and tries to get her to like him; by lying and saying he can play guitar. What will happen? Will Kathy learn Josh was lying to her? Will all be forgiven?

    I didn't like Kathy a lot, she wasn't really funny and was just there really. I'm kind of confused as to why she never came back in the show, the ending seems to me that all was fixed between them. But I'm not really complaining because again, I did not like her much. This is probably one of their weaker episodes in the earlier seasons, but it still had some good parts, so because of all of this my final grade is going to be in the "B" rangemoreless
  • A cute episode.

    In this episode Josh meets a girl named Kathy at school. Josh tries to talk to her, but studders and begins to talk about spoons. Drake tells Josh to act cool and not so dorky. On another meeting Josh lies to her saying that he is a guitarist. Kathy invites Josh to play her a song at her upcoming birthday party. Drake is going to audition at a coffee place called The Brew Note. When Megan puts her pet snake, Robert, into Drake's backpack and while Drake is playing the snake comes out and gets Drake banned from the Brew Note. Josh has to find a way for him not to play the guitar but still be playing it and Drake offers to hide behind the curtain and play the guitar. Josh wears a jacket that enables Drake to play while it appears to be Josh. At the end of the song, Kathy pulls Josh, which pulls Drake out from the curtain and ruins the party. Josh goes to Kathy to apologize and with the help of Megan's lock picking kit Drake puts a gift in her locker. Kathy opens the gift and finds a portrait of herself. Josh invites Kathy to come over to his house to check out more portraits of herself. Then Josh tells Kathy to give Drake another chance at the Brew Note. Good episode. Watch it =)

  • Drake tries to get a gig at the The brew Note, but it doesn't go as planned. Josh is tongue tied around a girl he really likes and, since he couldn't think of anything to say, Josh lies about being able to play the guitar and Drake must help him out.moreless

    I really did like the episode! Just think about it; This is only the fifth episode of the series and Drake Bell and Josh Peck have already out done themselves. This episode was very funny and entertaining. This episode, "First Crush", had a lot of ups and downs for the characters and a lot of twists and turns that I wouldn't have excpeted (nay the "conjoined part"). I just can't believe that it was only the fifth episode of "Drake and Josh". The actors on the show are just outstanding and they really know how to make a television series good! This episode earns a 9.0 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • josh has a crush who he cant really speak to and accidentally lies about what he can do and finds himself in a situation; drake tries to get his band a part time gigmoreless

    this ep was so funny..i can watch it over and over and over again honestly..it is just so super hilarious..i mean it does have its serious moments and the moments u are like aw..like aw in a bad way lol..spoiler..like when megans snake ruins drakes audition and the guy throws them out and when kathy finds out about josh being a fake and when he first talks to her the next day..but other than that it was hilarious..drake pumped on coffee, josh trying to learn to play the guitar, and even with the snake..the whole ep was so awesome..i love itmoreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Goof: When Drake gives Josh the guitar to teach him, every string is in order, but in the next scene when Josh tries to play the guitar, if you look carefully BEFORE Josh breaks the strings,only one string is not broken but every other string is broken. Therefore Josh actually breaks only a single string.

    • Goof: We learn Megan is allergic to cats, however later, in the episode "Honor Council" she has a thing on her website called "Things We Do To Josh While He Sleeps" and she puts a kitten on Josh's face and then laughs because she is allergic.

    • Goof: When Josh is talking to Kathy the day after her birthday, look at his ear. In shots in front of and behind Josh, he has an earring, but in shots facing his right it isn't there.

    • Goof: When Drake and Josh are in the hall of the school, you can see that the "Wet Paint" paper is yellow, but then, when Josh gets painted, the paper is pink.

    • Goof: When Drake and his band are auditioning, Drake goes to get his pick out of his backpack, but it looks as if he went into a front smaller pocket. Then, when the snake slithers out, the big part is open. Also, even if he did go to his big pocket, wouldn't he have felt the snake in there?

    • Goof: In this episode, the door to Drake and Josh's room is in a different direction then it is in later episodes. Plus, there is no couch in the room like in the later episodes.

    • Goof: When Drake is auditioning with his band he doesn't take his backpack with him, but when he can't find his pick somebody says "backpack" and it's on stage.

    • Goof: When Josh gives Drake the picture of Kathy, he holds it up and you can see that it's a pasted picture on a piece of paper.

    • Goof: When Megan looks for her snake (Robert), Josh runs into their closet. If you look at the bottom of the closet, you can see a piece of cardboard fall back and you can see Josh's shoes.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Drake: (To Josh about playing the guitar) I can teach you three cords by Saturday. I could teach a monkey three cords.
      (next scene)
      Drake: Unbelievable! You broke every string!
      Josh: (frantic) Better call a monkey!!

    • Josh: I'm not cool, okay? Why do you think old people love me so much?

    • Josh: I told Kathy I play the guitar.
      Drake: And why lie to her?
      Josh: I don't know. It just popped out of me like some kind of hideous pimple!
      Drake: Oh. Well thank you for that pussy visual.

    • Drake: I love talking to girls.
      Josh: I love talking to Grammy.

    • Drake: Do you want to be honest, or do you want a girlfriend?
      Josh: Girlfriend, please.

    • Drake: Here, use this. (gives him a green jacket)
      Josh: Aww, green... I don´t know, it doesn´t fit me, I look fat.
      Drake: Come here. (slaps his head)
      Josh: Headache! You gave me a headache!

    • Walter: Hey, Josh. Maybe you don´t know this, but even if you see me with this stunning body. I haven't really been good with women.
      Josh: Really?
      Audrey: Ha! On our first date, your dad almost throw up.
      Walter: That´s not true! On our first date... I did throw up.

    • Kathy: So, are you coming to my party?
      Josh: Oh yes I will go. And I know exactly what to give you. What size socks are you?

    • Josh: It's like girls and I speak different languages. They speak English; I speak idiot.

    • Drake: Why are you in our room?
      Megan: I'm not!
      Drake: You are, too.
      Megan: So, what's your point? (Drake glares at Megan)
      Megan: Fine. I got a pet cat and sorta lost it.
      Drake: You're allergic to cats.
      Megan: I didn't get a cat.
      Josh: Good!
      Megan: (excited) I got a snake!
      Josh: EVIL!!!!!!!!!!! (hides in closet)
      Drake: You lost a snake-in our room!?
      Walter: SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Josh comes out)
      Megan: Guess I found him! Don´t worry, Robert! I´m coming!
      Josh: Who names a snake Robert?

    • Audrey: Did you happen to drink any coffee when you were there?
      Drake: (Hyper) No, not much, six cups, whyda ask?

  • NOTES (1)