Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 9

Foam Finger

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 08, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

When Drake and Josh remember they got in a fight several years ago at a San Diego Padres game, they realize they fought each other. Then they spend the next few days fighting over who started the fight.

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  • perfect

    What i liked: the ending, Drake and Josh making up, the revelation that Megan started the fight, Walter finding Drake in the bathroom, "Here's an eye witness. No offense", amongst other things.

    This was one of my personal favorites and i still like it. It is really funny and it had a good, interesting plot. What more could you ask for? Definitely giving this one an A+
  • Awesome great plot and comedy and everything!

    When they think about going to the Padres game, Drake and Josh remember a flashback from thier last time there eight years in the two's past. They each have thier own side of the story since Josh thought Drake hit him in the back of the head with the foam finger he bought since Josh didn't get one. In Drakes side of the story, he told how Josh was being a brat and when Drake bought the last one Josh tackeled him and they got in a fight. After both flash backs, both refused to talk to eachother and Drake tried to move out of his room but he tried several places which didn't work out. Meghan calls the person who was selling the foam fingers and gave them the correct story. They were both nice to eachother and they got along great. When Josh couldn't get the foam finger he was okay with it. Now when Megan was little them threw a cookie on the back of Josh's head. After the correct story was heard Drake and Josh forgave eachoter.

    This episode was so hilarious. It was just a fight basiacally over a foam finger and getting hit in the back of the head. The part which made me laugh the most is when Drake decided to move out of his room and sleep in other parts of the house. His best and funniest place was in Megans room when she blasted a microphone in his ear. Man this episode was hilarious is was probably one of the best episodes they've had yet. How can they make stuff like this so funny. I loved the plot and the comedy and everything about this episode. This makes me sad that the show is on thier last season. Oh well. This episdoe proves that this show is one of the best shows out there!moreless
  • Drake and Josh 'the foam finger'

    i really like this episode. it is probably one of my favorite drake and josh episodes. its funny and i like how they both have different stories and then in the end it turns out that they were both wrong and both of their stories were wrong and change in favor of themselves.

    my favorite part is their stories. i love seeing them little even though it really isn't them it is funny and the little boys even look a lot like drake and josh do now.

    i love the beginning when they are talking about the foam finger and drake is saying to his mom, oh yeah i remember beating up a kid at that game and josh is like that was me!

    i thought this was a funny episode :)moreless
  • drake and josh are fighting again, but over something that happened 8 years ago this time at a Padres game. They're mad at each other when they both tell their side of the story and megan finally gets someone to tell the story straight.moreless

    i love this ep..it starts out wonderful w/ them..and i love at the end its kinda a reference to the amanda show again w/ the bobblehead at the end when theyre like fighting over the bobblehead similar to them fighting over the shrimp..anyways it was so funny when they wanted to wring each other's necks and they fought over the strudel...and megan is a little stinker lol..then the whole foam finger thing..both of their sides of the story were hilarious...drakes was silly and i cant believe audrey believed him..then when drake was trying to find a room to sleep..the living room w/ the cans was hilarious and then the parents got tangled in the cans..then the bathroom and then megans room..oo too good..then the cornbread was hilarious when theyre like back and forth i hope u go bald i hope they cancel opera lol..then i loved when the witness came and he was funny and the story was good...and then it ended on a high note w/ them old...like 80...and theyre trying to fight each other and coming at each other as fast as they can...and then they end up on the couch and they fell asleep..too funny!!!!moreless
  • Drake & Josh discover a event that happened 8 years ago, when they 1st met at a baseball game where a fight happened between the 2. Now, not knowing who thumped who 1st, they fight & Drake moves out. Megan brings a person in from then to reveal the truth.moreless

    I LOVED THIS EPISODE! It is one of my all-time favorite episodes of this series! It is really funny and very revealing! At the beginning, Drake was already aggrivating Josh when he ate his last piece of strudle from Josh's birthday (Megan's fault) and then this whole big, dramatic fight happens between the two! This was probably one of Drake and Josh's biggest fights! It really came between the two, even more than usual. In the end, Megan becomes the master mind behind the whole entire fight. I saw that coming by the end of the episode. This episode earns a 10 out of 10 from me!moreless

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