Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 04, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Drake tries to make Josh cool by telling him to try out for the football team. Instead, Josh gets "murdered" and he ends up being equipment manager, which isn't cool. Later, when the one of the player gets sick by Josh's brownies, the coach depends on Josh to play center. So now Drake must help Josh become cool and at the same time not actually play.moreless

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  • I'm not a Sports Guy

    But i thought this was OK. Josh being on the football team= a hilariously fun episode. It's fun because it's something we never thought Josh would do (he... doesn't look like a sports guy). And at the end when he won the game, that was a good ending. Overall, a B+ or so, it would be higher but as I said before, I just do not like sports a whole lot at all. But, that does not stop this episode from being highly enjoyable and really funny, at least it certainly does not do this for me in the slightestmoreless
  • Josh tries to be cool.

    A plot that developed amazingly, This was a lot of plot development, the first thing Josh tries to be cool, then he ends up scoring the winning touchdown for his school! I like how Megan fits in to the episode, her getting the football players sick, come to think of it she actually helped Josh to be cool getting the football players sick so he can fill in, the janitor, Zeke is a memorable guest star, he was hilarious! I like the intro when Josh was talking about cheese & Drake was talking about music. A silly episode that all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle!moreless
  • Good episode!

    In this episode Drake wants Josh to be more cool and tells him to join the football team. Josh goes to tryouts and makes it on the team, but as the Equipment manager. Josh loves his position better than on the field with the other players getting hurt. When Josh is making brownies for the team Megan puts flour in the brownies and one of the players gets sick and can't play. The coach forces Josh to play for him so the team doesn't have to forfeit. To avoid Josh from playing against the toughest football team Drake gets the janitor who was a football star but now can't remember anything. But the plan backfires and Josh ends up playing, not to make him cool but for the team, making the winning touchdown. Good episode watch it =)

  • Josh becomes the football's team aquipment manager. But, when Josh's brownies causes a football player to get sick, Drake volunteers Josh to play. Josh doesn't want too, & Drake finds Josh a replacement. The replacement gets hurt & Josh takes his place.moreless

    This was an OK episode. It was pretty funny, but I thought it was a little dull. Josh tries to be cool in front of people all the time, and still messes it up for him and his brother. This episode was mainly centered on Josh and his "un-coolness" problem, which I thought was good. It wasn't a bad episode, it was just kind of boring. This episode of Drake and Josh, entitled "Football" earns a 7.9 out of 10 from me because it was just kind of dull and boring, but, as always, it was still a very funny episode!moreless
  • Kind of Funny

    Drake thinks Josh isn't cool so Drake makes him try out for the football team to try to make him more popular. However Josh gets murdered and get put as equipment manager instead. Drake tries to talk him out of it saying he was better off with his magic tricks however Josh dosen't want to quit. However when due to Megan Josh's brownies make everyone sick Josh has to play for a player. Thay try getting the janitor to play but he gets injured so Josh ends up playing anyway. Josh ends up scoring the winning goal though.

    Excellent Episode! The janitor was probably my favorite part.moreless
Brandon Quinn

Brandon Quinn

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Josh first gets off the painted wall, his arm is covered with paint, but afterwards, there is barely any paint left on it.

    • Goof: When Josh Is trying to be cool, and leans against the wall, you can see the bottom of the wet paint sign. It is red and white.
      When the camera closes up on the sign, it is BLACK and white.

    • Goof: They say that Josh is playing center, the center is not eligible to get the ball, unless Josh lined up at some other position, he could not be able to score the winning touchdown.

    • Goof: When Drake is showing Josh how to be cool Josh leans up against the wall with wet paint. While Josh is leaning on the wall there's a stripe painted there. Josh stops leaning and looks at the wall and there's no stripe.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • (Josh leans against a wall with wet paint. Twice.)
      Josh: Okay. How 'bout... PAINTIN' ON THE WEEKENDS?!

    • Josh: Wow, and all this time, I thought I was the cooliest!

    • Drake: Hm, Valerie!..Mandy!

    • Drake: (to Mandy, the cheerleader) Excuse me, but would you by any chance be a cheerleader?
      Mandy: Mmm, what gave it away? Was it my pompoms? My uniform?
      Drake: You know, I didn't even notice that uniform. Yeah, I was just too busy looking at your incredible eyes.
      Mandy: "Incredible eyes?" You know, you're only the fourth guy to try that line on me today?
      Drake: Yeah? How'd it work out for the first three?
      Mandy: Not as well as it's working for you.

    • Zeke: Ok, I'll do it. For 10,000 bucks.
      Drake: Done!
      Josh: Drake, we don't have 10,000 bucks!
      Drake: It's OK, he'll forget everything.

    • Zeke: Hey, it's all coming back! I'm Zeke Braxton! I'm a janitor! I'm a...(sad tone) janitor. (runs to the door) Hey, you kids owe me 10,000 bucks.

    • Zeke: Who are you?
      Drake: Hi, I´m Drake.
      Zeke: And he is..?
      Josh: I´m Josh.
      Zeke: And I am...?

    • Josh: Haha. And how I now have their costumes?
      Drake: Uniforms, Josh! Uniforms!
      Josh: Well, at least I made the team, equipment manager. But now I don´t have to stand the tackles and the fear of somebody biting my ankle.
      Drake: Sure.
      Josh: And now, if you excuse me, I have costumes to wash!

    • Coach Davis: Nichols!! What did you do?! Your brownies, look at this!
      Josh: (To Drake) Did you do something to my brownies?
      Drake: Yeah, Josh. I live to sabotage baked goods.

    • Josh: Well I guess this equipment isn't gonna manage itself!

    • Zeke: Who are you kids, and what are you doing in my chocolate factory?

    • Drake: If I was stranded on an island and could only bring 1000 things I will bring these headphones, that stereo, 997 CD's...... And a girl.

    • Drake: What happened to you?
      Josh: Football happened to me.First I got tackled, then I was trampled, and I'm pretty sure someone bit my ankle!
      Drake: So, you didn't make the team.
      Josh: Oh, I made the team.
      Drake: Really? That's so cool!
      Josh : Yeah! My brother, you are looking at Belleview High's brand-new E-QUIPMENT MANA-GER!
      (holds up a jersey)
      (Drake stares at Josh, incredulous)

    • Josh: Drake?
      Drake: What?
      Josh: Being in school at night creeps me out
      Drake: Really? I feel that way about school during the day

    • Josh: I'm not ready to die, I haven't seen Paris
      Drake: They eat snails, the people smell bad, you don't want to go there

    • Drake: Josh, you're pretty cool.
      Josh: The cooliest!?
      Drake: Don't ruin it.

    • Drake: What are you doing?
      Josh: Making brownies for the football team.
      Drake: Oh, that's cool, Josh. (Girly voice) Maybe afterwards, you can knit them some pretty sweaters!

    • Megan: Where is Josh anyway?
      Drake: Oh, I don't know, must still be at football tryouts.
      Megan: (Laughing) Come on, seriously where is he?

    • Drake: Are you reading my e-mail?
      Megan: No, wait, hold on a sec.
      Drake: Megan, reading someone's e-mail is against the law, it's a violation of privacy.
      Megan: Calm down, it's Josh's e-mail.
      Drake: Oh, cool.

    • Josh: I hated the fourth grade. It was my awkward stage.
      Drake: And...this is...?

    • Josh: (Dramatically) Students and faculty, gather around to witness the amazing Josh-o make the egg of a chicken disappear.
      Drake: (Disgusted) Just kill me.

    • Drake: Good trick, Josh, you made a cheerleader disappear.

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