Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 04, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • I'm not a Sports Guy

    But i thought this was OK. Josh being on the football team= a hilariously fun episode. It's fun because it's something we never thought Josh would do (he... doesn't look like a sports guy). And at the end when he won the game, that was a good ending. Overall, a B+ or so, it would be higher but as I said before, I just do not like sports a whole lot at all. But, that does not stop this episode from being highly enjoyable and really funny, at least it certainly does not do this for me in the slightest
  • Josh tries to be cool.

    A plot that developed amazingly, This was a lot of plot development, the first thing Josh tries to be cool, then he ends up scoring the winning touchdown for his school! I like how Megan fits in to the episode, her getting the football players sick, come to think of it she actually helped Josh to be cool getting the football players sick so he can fill in, the janitor, Zeke is a memorable guest star, he was hilarious! I like the intro when Josh was talking about cheese & Drake was talking about music. A silly episode that all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle!
  • Good episode!

    In this episode Drake wants Josh to be more cool and tells him to join the football team. Josh goes to tryouts and makes it on the team, but as the Equipment manager. Josh loves his position better than on the field with the other players getting hurt. When Josh is making brownies for the team Megan puts flour in the brownies and one of the players gets sick and can't play. The coach forces Josh to play for him so the team doesn't have to forfeit. To avoid Josh from playing against the toughest football team Drake gets the janitor who was a football star but now can't remember anything. But the plan backfires and Josh ends up playing, not to make him cool but for the team, making the winning touchdown. Good episode watch it =)

  • Josh becomes the football's team aquipment manager. But, when Josh's brownies causes a football player to get sick, Drake volunteers Josh to play. Josh doesn't want too, & Drake finds Josh a replacement. The replacement gets hurt & Josh takes his place.

    This was an OK episode. It was pretty funny, but I thought it was a little dull. Josh tries to be cool in front of people all the time, and still messes it up for him and his brother. This episode was mainly centered on Josh and his "un-coolness" problem, which I thought was good. It wasn't a bad episode, it was just kind of boring. This episode of Drake and Josh, entitled "Football" earns a 7.9 out of 10 from me because it was just kind of dull and boring, but, as always, it was still a very funny episode!
  • Kind of Funny

    Drake thinks Josh isn't cool so Drake makes him try out for the football team to try to make him more popular. However Josh gets murdered and get put as equipment manager instead. Drake tries to talk him out of it saying he was better off with his magic tricks however Josh dosen't want to quit. However when due to Megan Josh's brownies make everyone sick Josh has to play for a player. Thay try getting the janitor to play but he gets injured so Josh ends up playing anyway. Josh ends up scoring the winning goal though.

    Excellent Episode! The janitor was probably my favorite part.
  • drake tries to make josh cool to make himself look good and "help" josh at the sasme time..well he gets josh to try out for the football team and when josh makes equipment manager drake thinks his life is over until they get a lucky pass..or not

    this was an awesome ep as well..i loved every part of it..and i felt sry for josh b/c he was such a dork..but i can totally relate..my friend calls me a dork all the time and im kinda like josh..i wish i was more like drake but what can you do sometimes lol..anyways it was so funny when josh kept ruining things for drake such as the college party and going out w/ mandy..luckily drake gets a break when megan's prank on josh's brownies makes him have to play..thank goodness drake has a plan..i loved the janitor..poor guy...but still hilarious character..then yay for josh b/c he was the hero..had to love the coach as well..altho he couldnt really sing lol..and josh was cool in drake's eyes in the end..it was a good brother ep and a very hilarious one as well
  • Good but not what I expected.

    Drake tries to make Josh cool by telling him to try out for the football team. Instead, Josh gets "murdered" and he ends up being equipment manager, which isn't cool. Later, when the one of the player gets sick by Josh's brownies, the coach depends on Josh to play center. So now Drake must help Josh become cool and at the same time not actually play. A great ending to this episode, and it had some great jokes, but the one weak point of this episode was its very predictable plot. This episode was good, but I just expected a little more from the Drake and Josh series.
  • Whoo-Hoo!

    Oh. . . my . . . god this was a great episode! The jokes...the story line, it was all good! This is superior of Season 2, and the whole Drake and Josh series! Seriously. Watch it.

    First of all, the opener. It was great. WHen Josh was trying to be cool and he leans on a wall covered in wet paint. That was really good.

    Then, with both Drake and Josh, when they are in the locker room, they are all nice to each other, with Drake saying, "You're pretty cool."

    Then...the janitor. Hilarious. I forget his name, but he was the best part.

    10 out of 10.
  • Josh plays Football!

    This episode was very funny! Josh going out for football? Who thought of such a thing? Anyway, Drake convinces him to join football so that it would up his cool. But Josh doesn't like it the first day because he's always getting tackled. And he's still not cool because gets the position of Equipment Manager, which isn't exactly the coolest job on the team. Then Drake gets invited to a college party, but then gets uninvited because Josh shows up and is all spazzy and does spazzy stuff. That's the one time in first 3 seasons where you feel sorry for Drake. But, anyway, I also liked the opening with the music and cheese thing. It was hilarious! It was all a great episode and it deserves the honourable mention of the day.
  • This is one of my favorite Drake and Josh episodes.

    This is one of my favorite Drake and Josh episodes. It seems as though it has a much higher quality than most of the episodes that follow it later in the series. It's so cute and funny and I like the characters Drake and Josh play in episodes like this one. Drake is embarrassed that Josh isn't as "cool" as him, so he gets him to try out for the football team. Josh doesn't quite make it. He ends up being the equiptment manager. Josh feels proud of his positon though and takes it seriously. He loves helping out the team and decides to make them brownies. Of course, Meagan sabotages his attempt and the star player ends up sick. When Josh has to fill in for the star, he chickens out, so Drake helps him get the janitor, who was actually a football star, to take his place. Lol. This is such a hilarious episode, and I love the plot. It's so wacky and original. This episode is definately one I consider a series classic.
  • I like this plot

    This was a good episode because it made Josh a cool person. At the beginning,he made himself look like a dork when he did his magic tricks smashing the egg on the cheerleader's hand. He also cancelled the gig for Drake when he was the equipment manager,and putting his back against the wet paint. Then when Megan sabotaged his brownies for the team he was forced to play. But he got Zeke the school custodian play. When Zeke got injured,it was up to Josh now and he had to play,which made him cool in this episode.
  • kinda funny

    this episode wasen't that funny but the plot was good. it was funny when josh atempted to be cool and when he stepped against the wall. his brownie recepie was smart but megan had to get in the way. zeke was very funny i really wonder why Drake & Josh were in his candy factory. the moment at the end of the episode was touching and funny with Josh's magic trick. but i can't belive how josh ruined the gig for Drake. thank you for reading my review
  • Good episode.

    I liked this episode. I thought it was pretty funny and it had a good plot. One of their best jokes in the episode was when Josh said all the cool spots in the spanish class were taken. Perfect example of Josh trying to look cool, and having his plan come back and hit him in the face. Also, Josh scored the game-winning touchdown because one of the other team's players hit him so hard, he got knocked into the end zone. Drake didn't have much he had to do in this episode.
    All in all, this was a good episode.
  • This is about when drake make josh look cool.

    I say that this episode was okay because they way they use words like if you go out there then you will get murdered by the other school. I think that they should have like showed us the football game for this episode to be a better one. Over all this is an okay episode.