Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 10

Girl Power

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 15, 2005 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Mindy and Josh have been dating for a while now. Mindy tells Josh that he should come to her house so he can have dinner with the parents. As for Drake, he has a hot new girlfriend name Lucy. Drake really likes Lucy, but has a change of heart when she clobbers a football player that pushed Drake. A few days later, Josh is getting ready for Mindy's dinner, but is nervous. Drake wants to break up with Lucy because he doesn't want a girlfiend who's tougher than him. Josh tells Drake that he's just being dumb and Drake calls Lucy back and they have a date that night. Josh then goes to his dinner with the Crenshaws and screws up. Drake is glad that he's dating Lucy that night, but she thinks that she's tougher than him. Drake and Lucy then go straight into an arm wrestle. Neither one of them win. Lucy says there's only one way to settle this. They are going to wrestle. That Saturday night, Josh is up to the minute on his dinner with the Crenshaws. He is so worried about being perfect, that he freaks out when he realizes Drake's still home and pushes him directly upstairs when Lucy arrives. Drake and Lucy have their wrestling match, but Drake finds it very challenging for him, even though he's isn't losing nor winning. As for Josh, the dinner is going perfect and Mr. and Mrs. Crenshaw are very impressed. But Drake and Lucy come downstairs and wrestle their guts out. Josh immediately stops the fight and Mr. and Mrs. Crenshaw start to leave, knowing that these are not the people Mindy should be associating with. Josh yells at Drake and tells him how much Mindy means to him. Mr. and Mrs. Crenshaw then change their minds and let Josh and Mindy continue dating, seeing how much Josh cares for her. But then the parents get into a fight themselves when they argue over which gender is more superior.
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