Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 10

Girl Power

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 15, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • perfect

    What I liked- Drake telling the old lady he just made a date to fight his girlfriend, and the old lady laughing crazily, Josh meeting Mindy's Parents, the ending where they fight to prove which gender is tougher, Megan selling tickets to Drake's fight with his girlfriend, Josh wearing his underpants on the outside of his pants, amongst other things in this episode.

    Pretty good. Lots of funny parts, and I liked the introduction of Mindy's parents. Shame we do not see them again, I thought they had some funny lines. Overall a really good episode, and as such for my final grade I am going to give it an A+
  • Favorite episode of Season 3...

    Since Mindy is my favorite character, this episode is so awesome, I love the extents that Josh has to go through all of his obstacles to impress Mindy's parents, I also like how he fixes the bulb & the chandelier falls on the table, another funny moment is when he gives the parents the gifts & they're unacceptable, This is my favorite girlfriend of Drake's, the actress is amazing. Another reason why I like this episode. Then with the B plot them fighting, & it merges with the A plot, I like how Josh yells at Drake, then the parents finally accept Josh, an amazing episode.
  • drake considers breaking up with his girlfriend after she proves tougher than him and there is only one way to figure this out..have a contest to see who is tougher..josh meets mindy's parents

    i feel so empowered after watching this ep all the time and it makes me laugh from the beginning..guys..they think they have the power in the relationship but please..the girl manipulates everything to their way and just make the guy seem like he has the power..i love it..and their response on the phone is so typical..the guy always caves first..haha..girl power is right..and i totally agree w/ lucy..girls are in the army, navy, and very powerful..so girls are tougher than guys..so i am always empowered after this ep and hate men's chauvanistic way..their fight was so hilarious and lucy was so winning..and josh's dinner w/ mindy's parents was funny and so disastrous at the same time..love this ep
  • This episode of Drake and Josh was about Drake dating a girl who could beat up guys and Drake was uncomfy with that. Josh was trying to impress his girl friend Mindy's parents. At the end Josh impresses Mindy's parents enough so they can still go out.

    This was one of the Drake and Josh episodes I actually like. The reason why I like the episode was because of Lucy. Lucy in this episodes plays the part as Drake's girl friend. Drake things Lucy is goodlooking and great to date until he realzies she can beat up guys. I liked this episode because I love watching cute girls beat the crap out of guys, and during this episode Lucy beat up football palyers and I thought that was awesome. The part of the show that was boring was when Josh was trying to impress Mindy's parents, the whole episode your screaming at the televisiion just show Lucy beating up guys. So I rate this episode a 7.5 since I loved the Lucy parts.
  • 1 of 3 of my favorite Drake and Josh Episodes

    Drake starts dating this girl named Lucy, one day at the Premiere they are on a date and a football player throws a french fry and hits Lucy on the head, the football player pushes Drake and Lucy flings the football player into one of the tables. Drake gets really freaked out and almost breaks up with her, but instead they wrestle to see who is tougher. At the same time Josh is trying to impress Mindy Crenshaw's parents he goes to their house for dinner and he screws the whole thing up, he invites them over to his house not knowing that Drake will be fighting Lucy on that same night. Drake and Lucy were upstairs fighting and they crash through the bedroom door and fall down the stairs scaring the Crenshaws to death! Josh stops the fight and starts yelling at Drake about Josh and Mindy not being able to date anymore. They let Mindy and Josh continue dating and Mr Crenshaw asks Drake and Lucy what they were fighting about, Lucy explains and Mr Crenshaw says ''Well of course he is tougher than you'' and that gets Mr. and Mrs. Crenshaw into a wrestling match!
  • Josh tries to impress Mindy's parents.

    This is another of my favorite Drake & Josh episodes (gee, I wonder why *eyes icon*). Mindy's family is hilarious, though their initial reaction to Josh made me cringe. He was really trying hard to win their approval.

    I love the elderly harp player. I want one of those, gee. It did remind me of that whole backward "My daughter's relationships are more important than if I had a son" thing, though, you know? I hate that mentality.

    Anyway, it was a pretty good episode.
  • Girls aren't tougher than boys!!!

    I loved this episode, but again, it showed a girl believing she was the strongest and tougher than Drake. Yeah right!! I hate when the girls win. But anyway, I liked the episode. I hated Lucy, the girl who thought she was tougher than Drake, but I still liked the episode. And, that old grandma that laughed when Drake told her he had a date to fight his girlfriend. On the other hand, poor Josh, trying to impress Mendy's parents and didn't succeed until the end of the episode. He tried fixing their light bulb of their light in the dining room at Mendy's house. But it just had to break and fall!! Then how Drake and Lucy ruined Josh's dinner, Megan's real 'wrestling' bell, and the crowd Megan charge twenty bucks for to watch the 'show'. But I liked the end the most when Mendy's mom and dad started fighting. I thought parents were supposed to give a good example!!
  • boring

    this episode was quite boring. i hadd its good parts and its funny parts but through it it was boring. the plot needs tuneing. i enjoyed the violence but I\'m usure stunt ddoubles were used. the tantrum that Josh threw at the endf was funny but he got lucky. at the end a huge fight between everyone. :Lucy may of been funny and ttough but she got annoying. i enjoyed megands part evewn though sjhe had a small one. again guliblejosh makes many mistakes at the house of the chrenshaws incluuding destroying the shandelire thank you for reading my review
  • Funny and shows that some girls are as tough or tougher than guys.

    I liked this episode because it shows that girls can be just as tough or tougher than guys. Just because girls seem to be or are supposed to be weaker than guys, it\'s not always true. This episode reveals this and I think it is a very good episode. If a girl grows up with just brothers, more than likely, she\'s gonna be a tough girl. Guys should realize this. And just because we\'re girls doesn\'t mean that we don\'t like video games, sports, or roller coasters and such. As I said before, this episode reveals this and I think it is worth watching.
  • Nice!

    Girl Power! Great Episode! Who agrees!? The part where drakes girlfriend and him fight is so funny! Oh boy I love this In fact it so makes my top ten! As a spongebob fantic that is a B I G D E A L! Realy big really big man! My rating is the least I could give it all Right!? I Am a huge fan of sitcoms and love all episodes in sitcoms But girl power really takes the cake! it is like a cartoon with all the visual humor! Oh Yeah! This so so totally good! Bye! Love it!
  • Two problems happening at the same time what are the effects of that.

    This was a very funny episode. I say that Drake and Josh having different problems but on the same day can turn out to settle there problems maybe not Drakes. This episode was a very differnt one from all the other ones. Talking problems out for Josh can solve his problems but not Drake he has to have a fight to solve his problems. Overall this was a very fuuny episode.
  • One Of The Funniest

    In my opinion, this is one of the funniest episodes.

    Josh meets Mindy's parents for the first time and things don't go too well. So he arranges an elegant dinner date so he can impress them.

    Drake has issues with his latest girlfriend Lucy. She believes she is tougher than he is so she arranges a wrestling match to prove it.

    But the wrestling match just so happens to be going on at the same time and place as Josh's dinner...Let's just say things get out of hand!